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The First Team Brew Switcharoo Challenge!

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Hello everyone! For the past several weeks, I've been conducting an experiment. I've taken ten random cards (eight characters and non-basic actions, and two Basic Actions) to form the basis of a team. Then, by swapping only four cards, I've created a team that ranges from only slightly worse to much, much better than bringing nothing at all. Of course, there is one curveball I've not mentioned, and that is the randomly selected rule that guides the build.

Since the beginning of my article series, I've often wondered: how would my swaps measure up against the swaps of everyone else who reads The Reserve Pool? So, let me present the very first TEAM BREW SWITCHAROO CHALLENGE! The game is simple. I will give the starting ten cards, and the rule. Everyone will take a week to brew the teams and, using, send me the link to the finished product at Next Saturday, I will list some of the best teams and maybe even be able to have a test match between two of our favorites.

So, without further ado, let's see what we are working with. Using the excellent (and aforementioned) site, I've randomly chosen our starting point:;3x29avx

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Please note: since retrobox has yet to add Faerun Under Siege, I've decided that we will only use cards from the sets up through Amazing Spider-Man. That'll keep everyone on a level playing field.

In order to choose the rule, I've decided to reach out to the spectral plane. I visited my Friendly Local Gaming Shop (The Destination in Louisville KY *cheap plug*) with an Ouija board. The store itself was built on the ruins of a Mayan temple. They really did come up this far north... I swear! Don't bother double checking. I consulted the spirits, and was advised by the mystic energies that "Swaps can only be made in-set".

That'll certainly make things interesting. Let's do a little review to see what direction things will take. We have several sets represented here: Uncanny X-Men (Bishop), Age of Ultron (Vision), Justice League (Blue Beetle and Black Manta), Battle for Faerun (Orc), Avengers vs X-Men (Vibranium Shield and the Inner Rage BAC), YuGiOh (Baby Dragon), and War of Light (Bleez and the Fighting BAC). There are no shortages for swap-rotunites here.

We know what the bones of the team are. What will everyone build? I think the best teams will be able to use the framework of the random team with some new (off the beaten path) cards. Remember, only four swaps can be made, and the swaps must be made from the same set as the card that is being swapped out.

The challenge is set. Please email those teams to Who will come up with the best team? Who will be able to look at the starting point and see the most amazing combo ever, just waiting to be unleashed. Get those teams in, and join us next week to see what everyone was able to brew!
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