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In with the New | Faerun under Siege

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Well, everybody. A new set is out, but it would seem that Dice Anon is on hiatus for the time, so I think I'll be trying on their mantle and introducing you to the full set of dice we'll be playing with for Faerun Under Siege. Here, I'm going to rate all the cards and dice brought in with the new set and putting in a few details as to how and why they earned their ratings. We've had less than a week with the cards, so these are all going to be first impressions, but the important thing is that you get a sense for how these cards play out and their role in the game.
All cards will be introduced by name. If you'd like to follow along with a refresher as to their stats and effects, you can check The Reserve Pool Wiki or follow the list I used to compile this list on

WARNING: All scores are purely the impression of the cool guy writing this blog and do not necessarily reflect the views of the community. Some scores are going to be highly controversial, so keep in mind, I'm the guy who thinks PXG and Polymorph are poor includes on the majority of teams.

Before I begin, I'll be rating dice for both the draft and unlimited formats. In draft, dice will have less competition and so have higher average scores, but may also be marked down for lacking support. In Unlimited, the competition will be far more fierce, but weight will be given to the combos that can reasonably be pulled off with the wide array of complimentary cards.

All scores will be given on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 representing Vixen's common and 10 being "Gobby"-tier. Without further ado, let's get into the meat of things:

Starting with the Basic Actions, we have

Draft - 4 | At a low cost, it's well within the economic means of any player and can be fairly effective control. Knockouts are going to be very important in this set with Experience being the driving factor behind that, so being able to follow that up by sending slain monsters to the used pile as well can prove quite the advantage.
Unlimited - 3 | It may not cost much, but it's not generating any advantage and most of the time, your opponent is going to be churning too effectively for this to slow them down by a significant margin. It may find use on teams that can control the opponent's engine with characters like Jinzo, but seldom is it really going to be the value card you're looking for.

Draft - 6 | Once more a cheap die, Barkskin can be invaluable for saving your Adventurers from being KO'd in combat and make sure they make it out alive with some experince for their trouble. Since you can't use this when it's not your turn, you're not going to be able to save your monsters, but it's still good value, especially if you can pull off the double burst face.
Unlimited - 2 | There are extremely limited times when your opponent is going to KO singular characters of yours, on your turn, with damage. Simply put, this card does almost nothing for you and should be avoided unless you drastically need combat tricks or to shield an opposing Hulk from your opponent's pings.

Blink - Transmutation:
Draft - 5 | It's going to be a powerful card for Draft, but it runs into the PXG problem of benefitting your opponent just as much as you, so it scores average. Unless you're running a heavy mask team to make use of its global or weenie rushing, there's going to be little way to generate advantage with this card even though it will be a heavily deciding factor in wall-offs.
Unlimited - 9 | For its global alone it has incredible utility. Distraction has reigned as a top tier BAC from day 1 and now with a better die and cheaper cost, Distraction is looking to be directly usurped by this incredible BAC. In Unlimited, you can build around this card to make the most of it, making it an infinitely better value proposition.

Chainmail Armor:
Draft - 5.5 | It's useful for protecting your gear-able monsters from knockouts both by boosting their defenses and protecting them from the wide variety of "when fielded" damage abilities. Also, since it's gear, once it hits the field it's a fairly permanent investment. However, denying your opponent Experience can only get you so far, so I can only rate it so highly.
Unlimited - 1.5 | While not garbage, even I can't think of a way to use this effectively outside of a monster/adventurer heavy format. You might be able to use this to protect Human Paladins from damage and Storms, but not much else. Worst case scenario, this is the BAC you bring when you only need 1 BAC and don't want to give your opponent another option for dice to buy.

Draft - 7 | reasonably cost, this BAC can pay dividends if you invest in characters that can weather the hit and is an alternative way around wall-offs if you can make sure that you keep energy on hand to pay in case your opponent tries to use it against you. Also, laying this on top of a breath weapon can decimate your opponent's field for even easier pickings.
Unlimited - 6 | It's not going to be as meta as something like Blink - Transmutation, but breath weapon on a die that also puts strain on your opponent's resources can be absolutely devastating at any point in the game. The problem it runs into is that it doesn't do any one job particularly well, having low damage and preventable blocker evasion and these problems are likely going to see Cloudkill give its spot to more dedicated cards like Villainous Pact or Delayed Fireball.

Delayed Fireball:
Draft - 8 | You want to end a wall off and kill your opponent's adventurers to prevent them from gaining their coveted experience? Here's your answer. Better yet, their are multiple ways to counter this BAC in set, so you can effectively build against it to protect yourself from your opponent inevitably buying it. For that reason, this BAC gets very high marks. If it were even one energy less than its current 5-cost, it would be pushing the bounds of OP.
Unlimited - 8.5 | While not perfect for every scenario, it still does its job with aplomb. Clearing the field is always good, but clearing your opponent's field on their turn is even better, opening up the whole next turn for you to field and waltz your guys across the table. Sure there's a decent amount of anti-action hate going around to deal with Puzzles and Rings of all natures, but even so its utility is too big to ignore (especially since it makes the perfect counter to Guy Gardner who's been basking in the limelight as the best budget play since before Faerun Under Siege released.

Flaming Sword:
Draft - 6.5 | Any and all damage that is dealt before combat has the chance to save your adventurers and kill monsters for an experience Advantage and Flaming sword can help with that. Not only does it give slight ping damage, but it also provides bonus stats to keep your guys alive and hitting harder should your opponent not want to risk their characters in the defense. Best yet, it kills off NPCs the moment they engage, protecting the equipped character from nasty combat tricks that can be pulled off at last moment.
Unlimited - 2 | Better than Chainmail Armor doesn't mean a lot when your competition is at the bottom of the barrel. Giving attack and damage effects boosts Flaming Sword slightly, but there's simply not that many legitimate uses for gear in the current meta-game.

Mordenkainen's Sword:
Draft - 3.5 | It's expensive and doesn't do that much that often, but if you can use it on unblocked characters or to score experience for a field of adventurers, it may have been a worthwhile play. The biggest advantage it has, however, is the mindgames you can play with your opponent on how you're going to use it. This should heavily affect how your opponent blocks and play into your advantage. That said, it does nothing when you're on the defense and a fair portion of the time it will simply brick, especially if your opponent is fielding their NPC's effectively. It's simply too unreliable to rate very well. (ignore its global, it's bad)
Unlimited - 3 | It serves a similar function as before, but now with a few support options like rare Umber Hulk. However, it also loses the majority of its experience dynamic, making it a niche pump action, but failing in its value proposition to already overlooked dice like Ambush or Teamwork. (keep ignoring its bad global)

Power Word Kill:
Draft - 3.5 | Knockouts are powerful in FuS since they can bring experience. Power Word Kill is not powerful since it is limited and incredibly expensive. No one actually used Finger of Death in BfF and no one should actually use Power word Kill unless they are running an undead strategy due to the global's synergy with the Energy Drain Mechanic.
Unlimited - 2 | The global is too niche to make for a good card and a 5-cost action that KO's a single die just isn't going to cut it in umlimited.

Shocking Grasp:
Draft - 7 | For dealing 1 damage to characters only, this BAC actually has a TON of potential in drafts. It can provide that one extra damage you need to get your experience KO, it can kill off a character poised to slay your adventurer before it gets a chance to deprive it of its end of turn experience boost. It can ping one of your own NPC's to provide double prep. It's simply too versatile to overlook and fits very well within the draft meta of FuS. Just make sure you're landing killing blows with this card, otherwise you're missing out on more than half its value.
Unlimited - 4 | It still has some versatility, but in a format where damage knockouts simply aren't in vogue and you likely won't be able to leverage its power as a swing ping for prep, it falls flat. Most of the time Magic Missile's global is going to be a superior alternative and there's not much more to it than that.

With our lineup of BAC's down, it's time to move on to the set at large. We'll be keeping up with the alphabetical sorting, but ignoring subtile in liue of rarity on all non-starter card. Additionally, explanations will be cut down some to help cope with volume

Bahamut C:
Draft - 5.5 | Mediocre stats and an expensive breath weapon make for a difficult character to love, but his overcrush on top of that makes it worthwhile. The breath weapon ban is just icing on the cake in a format where dragons can literally rule the roost.
Unlimited - 3 | He's simply outshined by the meta dragons of the day. He might make an apearance on Monster Teamwork teams, but probably nowhere else.

Bahamut U:
Draft - 3 | Blind counter anything is likely a bad idea when it also counters yourself, though the breath weapon is enough to carry him a little.
Unlimited - 1.5 | There are just better options. Don't play this guy unless you don't have the common and think dragon teams will show up at your local competition.

Bahamut R:
Draft - 3.5 | Basically the same as the uncommon, but without wiping the field of other dragons (yours and your opponents) letting him squeeze onto a few more teams.
Unlimited - 1 | Lacking the wipe hurts the utility even more in unlimited and makes the rare basically unplayable in comparison to the other dragons.

Balor C:
Draft - 4 | Fiends may be a powerful archetype now, but with some ofe their best support sequestered in the starter Glabrezu and BfF Pit Fiend, it's difficult to make the big guys work. Gate effects also make for a "rich get richer" scenario that only helps if the game goes on for a while.
Unlimited - 5 | Opening up the proper Fiend support makes all Fiends that much better, and while they face stiffer competition, their tribalism can make for insane stat sticks. Balor weighs in at a 4-cost purchase with a buffed Dark Magician Girl's stats and the ability to get another for free every time he's fielded, sign me up.

Balor U:
Draft - 6 | The lower cost and ability to Gate Orcus or whichever fiends you have left makes this Balor that much stronger. Even with only Hell Hound to back him up, his stats and effect make him worthwhile.
Unlimited - 6.5 | Same as before, but a 3-cost and able to Gate Orcus or any other Fiend, now you're cooking with brimstone.

Balor R:
Draft - 5 | Less utilitarian, you have to rely on your other demons to Gate for him. Considering the other gating demons aren't quite value in draft, his uncommon is the way to go.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Having to rely on other demons to do the gating simply slows you down. It has interesting potential, but isn't quite as powerful as outright gating a bigger dude.

Beholder C:
Draft - 9 | Massive stats, super low costs, incredible utility, and no setup required... What were they thinking when they printed this card? I don't like first picking commons, but it may just be worth it (not to mention the global's synergy with Potion).
Unlimited - 9.5 | With a much wider variety of quality globals to choose from and still incredibly standout stats, this card is just too good to ignore.

Beholder U:
Draft - 8.5 | You know all thos incredible BAC's we just talked about? Now they're back for round 2 with Mr. Monster 2016 giving you the eyes to boot.
Unlimited - 9 | More actions means more problems and with an action heavy atmosphere, Beholder still works as an uncommon. The reason he scores slightly lower on both categories is that 2 globals, now, 100% of the time is worth slightly more than two actions, next turn, maybe, if you have them in your used pile.

Beholder SR:
Draft - 8 | Still incredible, but requiring more setup and more luck to work out for you. That said, in conjunction with Shocking Grasp, you can pull off some awfully clutch plays.
Unlimited - 8.5 | I have always wanted a card that shows people how viable Crush Card Virus can be and this is it. Combine with Solomon Grundy to really make your opponent tear their hair out. It still loses because of the more niche and luck reliant nature, but by god does it make a fun SR and that's how I want my SR's to work.

Draft - 9001 | Okay, just because you can't draft him doesn't mean I can't score him.
Unlimited - 2 | Outside of D&D, he's basically a vanilla card and while his stats aren't bad for a vanilla card, he's effectively a downgrade of Balor so you really shouldn't even bother with him.

Black Dragon C:
Draft - 5 | He supports alignement based play, has great stats and pretty good breath weapon? I like it, but he's still too expensive.
Unlimited - 4 | I can see Black Dragon carving a role for himself as the boss monster of Evil alignment teams and now they've got a tone of extra support I'm convinced they can do something at least.

Black Dragon U:
Draft - 5 | More versatile and able to deal direct damage, but relying on a blind counter, this Black Dragon holds his own.
Unlimited - 2.5 | without a bunch of adventurers to rely on, I'd call him a strict downgrade since there are better dragons to run if you just want the breath weapon.

Black Dragon R:
Draft - 4 | More expensive breath weapon while supporting more dragons? Forshame! It's still a blind counter, but with an in-built anti synergy since his breath weapon costs too much to reliably combo with other dragons and breath weapon should be killing the blockers not leaving them alive to be foiled by his effect.
Unlimited - 1.5 |Same as the uncommon, but even worse since he has anti-synergy instead of incidental damage.

Blink Dog C:
Draft - 5 | Decent enough stats for his costs, he deals extra damage to his blockers for an aggro playstyle that works fairly well without any support. the more dice you can pickup, the stronger this little guy becomes.
Unlimited - 4.5 | He'd be a 2 if not for the rare Unicorn making any sort of Good character that's cheap fairly incredible value. This is enhanced by the fact that unlike adventurers, Blink Dogs contribute to Monster Teamwork for massive stat sticks.

Blink Dog U:
Draft - 4 | Same stats but an inability to be targeted by character abilities or spells? I don't see why this is a worthwhile tradeoff to the agrro effect of the other Blink Dog unless you're very worried about character effect knockouts granting your opponent experience.
Unlimited - 3 | losing out on the effect in unlimited is kinda a big deal since that makes them vulnerable to sidekick block combat tricks and they're also removed from the environment of many character abilities that would target them.

Blink Dog R:
Draft - 4.5 | You can pull off some incidental damage if you're lucky, but the extra cost probably isn't worth it and it's very easy to chump block Blink Dogs.
Unlimited - 4 | It still hurts that you can fall prey to sidekick combat tricks, but at least now you're gaining something for your trouble with the coin toss damage on death.

Bronze Dragon C:
Draft - 6 | A cheaper and more defensive Bahamut, I'll drink to that. Breath weapon IS going to be a thing in this set, so grabbing one of only 2 dice that can prevent Breath Weapon in draft is probably a smart choice.
Unlimited - 5 | Now one of 3 dice that can stop Breath Weapon, Bronze Dragon still has that limited utility, though Breath weapon is also less common.

Bronze Dragon S1:
Unlimited - 4 | Do you like Copper Dragon on your Unicorn team but want more offensive stats? Here you go... That's it, move along. Go on, shoo.

Bronze Dragon S2:
Unlimited - 5.5 | Same as the non-starter, but cheaper and without the evil dragon hate. Considering most breath weapons come from Evil dragons, it's not a big difference, but that one energy may be important to you elsewhere.

Bronze Dragon S3:
Unlimited - 4 | It's anti-breath weapon, sure, but it's also a 6-cost that's blind countering. Also, letting your opponent control things like whether or not they breath weapon is rarely a good idea.

Bugbear Ambusher C:
Draft - 4 | Bad stats on an interesting but niche removal ability don't quite make this guy a good idea. It is a pure KO, but the lack of control is difficult to stomach and you'll only occassionally get value out of it.
Unlimited - 2 | Vulture does basically this and more. The only time I'd see this guy getting play is in conjunction with an aura debuff like rare Venom or common Dr. Doom to keep Bugbear from KO'ing chaff.

Bugbear Ambusher U:
Draft - 2 | More expensive, worse ability, even more niche. Draft at your own peril.
Unlimited - 1 | Combat tricks can be useful sometimes... Even dreadfully inefficient ones.

Bugbear Ambusher SR:
Draft - 6 | Stronger removal at a big risk, this guy is basically a coked up version of rare Catwoman from JuL waiting to pounce. Being able to hit anything your opponent fields can be a very strong ability, but being sent to the used pile is a big enough detriment that it realy makes you think about whether or not it's worth it.
Unlimited - 5 | It's not a combat trick, but it's a gamble with a big payoff. dealing 3+ damage to any character your opponent field can save your hide, especially since you pay nothing on a successful roll. The problem is this guy goes directly to used if he misses, so make sure you're not risking him without cause (Again, this is really fun design for a SR).

Clay Golem C:
Draft - 6.5 | Walling up feeds directly into the fabricate ability, which also allows you to take advantage of your key "when fielded" abilities for free. Also, this guy stops ping damage if you can pay for his fielding cost, pretty great value.
Unlimited - 6 | Fabricate on its own is enough reason to consider him, but he also helps outlast slow burn teams. Most trickily, he can prevent self burns like Silver Surfer's global, so bringing him may allow you to generate advantage from self-detriment effects.

Clay Golem U:
Draft - 7 | Same as before, but now instead of saving you life, he saves your other characters. This can keep you from feeding your opponent experience and save your adventurers from deadly fights so they can take that experience with them. A very solid character indeed.
Unlimited - 5 | Experience is not a big thing in unlimited, but you can use him to prevent damage to opposing hulks or to stop key characters from losing fights you want them to win, so he's still not just a fabricate machine.

Clay Golem R:
Draft - 6.5 | This guy walls up hard and is basically only going to be purchased by fabricate. Despit that, he is still worthwhile since he makes you a defensive monster, able to weather most breath weapons and boosts your guys by half the damage of a delayed fireball. Very important given the utility that card can give you or your opponent.
Unlimited - 4.5 | I never liked Groot's SR in unlimited and I don't think I'll like this Clay Golem any more.

Cockatrice C:
Draft - 6 | Very inefficient, but able to outright kill things when fielded for instant Experience, this guy makes for great fabricate fodder on adventurer teams.
Unlimited - 2 | It may be a pure knockout, but it's wildly inefficient and highly limited. This is not a value card.

Cockatrice S1:
Unlimited - 2 | ... Literally a clone of the common... WizKids pls

Cockatrice S2:
Unlimited - 1.5 | Unreliable sidekick control that also hits you... Remind me again why you're not running Manticore instead? Okay fine, it may work decently with Human Torch and rare Harley Quinn

Cockatrice S3:
Unlimited - 1 | This is a trash version of rare Nightcrawler, Cockatrice are just bad out of set...

Deck of Many Things:
Draft - 10 | This card is actually a 1, but it's a super rare and just too cool to pass up. Draft this.
Unlimited - 0.5 | It may rely on luck, but with proper bag manipulation-- who am I kidding, this card is just bad , no matter how cool it is.

Displacer Beast C:
Draft - 4.5 | Surprisingly cheap for the heavy stats you get in exchange, that's the only real benefit. It's unlikely your opponent will bother targeting these dice if it means taking a hit as big as their direct attack.
Unlimited - 6 | Their stats count for little as is, but with a Unicorn on board, they become beatsticks the likes of which would cow even the mighty Iron Man. With their effect, those stats become even stronger as your opponent has less ways to effectively deal with them.

Displacer Beast U:
Draft - 6 | Slightly more expensive, but also able to drag your opponent's key characters into the fray for some very favorable blocks.
Unlimited - 7 | This is a force multiplyer and can absolutely devastate strategies that rely on buff characters to augment their forces. No Unicorn required!

Displacer Beast R:
Draft - 5.5 | In Chess, this is called a fork. Your opponent has no good move. No matter how they block, you get to punish them for it by manipulating the board.
Unlimited - 8 | Maybe a little niche, but absolutely crushing when used effectively. This combos especially well with something like Stealth Ops to make Displacer Beast unblockable and then sub in your full level 3 beatstick. Even Mera doesn't counter this guy!

Drizzt C:
Draft - 4 | He's a big meaty adventurer with slight growth on a blind counter. What more do you want?
Unlimited - 2 | He's a big meaty adventurer without a realistic effect and inefficient stats. I want more.

Drizzt U:
Draft - 5 | He's a big meaty Adventurer with the possibility for a bit of unblockable damage. That's what I wanted.
Unlimited - 1.5 | He's a big meaty adventurer with an even less realistic effect. I just don't want him.

Drizzt SR:
Draft - 5.5 | He's a big meaty Adventurer that actually gets things done and becomes experienced. I wanted him badly until I realized he was a blind counter.
Unlimited - 3 | He's a big meaty adventurer with an effect that might come up in unlimited. I still don't want him.

Dwarf Wizard C:
Draft - 7.5 | Direct damage in a set with pretty good draft actions and on an adventurer? Now we're talking! Combine with multiple Shocking Grasps/Cloudkills for best effect.
Unlimited - 3 | Weak Direct damage on a mediocre condition without any guaranteed of experience, he just doesn't measure up as well.

Dwarf Wizard U:
Draft - 3 | His effect isn't good, especially since his stats can't back it up. Don't bother unless you're machine gunning your Shocking Grasps as fast as you can. He's just there for adventurer padding
Unlimited - 2 | We've seen plenty of guys that grow with actions, none of them were worthwhile and neither is this Dwarf.

Dwarf Wizard R:
Draft - 6 | Not incredible, but definitely workable and versatile enough to counter a lot of good dice.
Unlimited - 9.5 | Versatile counter card Extraordinaire! Turning off Lantern Ring for a character, neutering Guy Gardner, saying no to Jinzo, ignoring Gobby, this guy does it all! If you're having trouble with any specific character, this tubby little mage has got your back and at a bargain price to boot. Draft this guy just to play him in unlimited, he's worth it!

Elf Thief C:
Draft - 6 | Free to field, gear equippable, expendable without giving up experience, and solid "when fielded" ability, this guy has a lot going for him except for his stats and lack of Adventurer keyword. He's definitely good, but he's better when you know your opponent will have energy for you to steal, so consider running him with value globals like Blink - Transmutation. Also, These thieves are perfect Fabricate fodder.
Unlimited - 8.5 | The ability to remove your opponent's resources is wholly new and on a cheap body, Elf Thief is perfectly suited for the task. The lack of stats and Adventurer status are unimportant and don't hinder its meta effectiveness in the slightest. Bring a Lantern Ring for extra shenanigans.

Elf Thief U:
Draft - 4.5 | Same basic principle, but slightly more damage to your opponent while also more niche and difficult to pull off and losing the cost advantage for both purchasing and fielding.
Unlimited - 7.5 | The extra cost may just make it not worth it, but if you run it alongside PXG, your opponent is bound to feed you masks. (Still bring that Ring.)

Elf Thief R:
Draft - 3 | The extra cost is really starting to hurt. Only use this if you have all the good globals on board.
Unlimited - 4.5 | A one-turn Jinzo with less than half the stats and more than half the costs? It's good for something, maybe, but not meta play.

Erinyes C:
Draft - 3.5 Only decent if you have no other options for Fiends as she's too erratic and costly for what she offers.
Unlimited - 3 | Basically the worst Fiend, she's still decent if you don't have enough cards to run the archtype properly.

Erinyes U:
Draft - 5.5 | Summoning Fiends is a big deal since getting them on the field can be difficult. However, passing over their incredible "when fielded" effects can hurt and somewhat nerfs this powerful demoness.
Unlimited - 5 | If you're having trouble keeping Hell Hound in place, she's the perfect solution since Hell Hound doesn't really care about level and is mostly there to keep your Fiends discounted.

Erinyes R:
Draft - 6.5 | At a cheaper cost, this girl makes sure you're churning out fiends like it's your job. Just remember, if your bag is all fiends, you won't be able to pay to field them all, so it's wise to know when to say no to her ability.
Unlimited - 6.5 | Super cheap fiend that keeps you drawing fiends? That's more like it!

Flesh Golem All:
He's a mini clay golem, basically worse aross the board, suffering from lower stats, weaker effects, and a worse energy type. Just subtract 1 from all the Clay Golem ratings. Yes, really.

Gelatinous Cube C:
Draft - 2 | Capture a sidekick with an inefficient die and provide your opponent even more incentive to KO this monster. This is basically a decoy to stop your opponent from using removal on your more important characters.
Unlimited - 1.5 | It's competition is a lot fiercer, but it's also not experience fodder, so it only loses a little.

Gelatinous Cube U:
Draft - 5 | Capture a gear with an inefficient die if that gear is unattached. Now we're getting somewhere. You're probably going to have to kill the Gear's bearer before you can field this, but if you can capture a value piece of gear like an uncommon Ring or Flaming Sword this could be real long term value. (still a target)
Unlimited - 0.5 | There's basically no gear in Unlimited and it's stat are only marginally better than common Vixen, he's lucky to have eeked out that half point.

Gelatinous Cube R:
Draft - 4 | Strictly better than the common since capturing a sidekick is worst case scenario, we have some potential for lucky plays but nothing spectacular.
Unlimited - 5 | You have much better odds of capturing something tasty in unlimited since your opponent is likely controlling their bag and purchases better. Not bad, but still too luck based to be good.

Ghost C:
Draft - 4 | This can keep you from being overrun by heavily experienced Adventurers, but it's not quite enough since it's half off rounded DOWN.
Unlimited - 1.5 | No experience to speak of in Unlimited makes this a no go.

Ghost U:
Draft - 6 | This keeps the removing experience theme, but can take a character all the way down to 0 experience and also incorporates blocker evasion.
Unlimited - 2 | May have slightly more utility since some people use Human Paladin to block in last ditch scenarios.

Ghost R:
Draft - 5 | An AoE version of the uncommon, this one only hits good adventurers and it hits your own, making it harder to draft with while being better than the common.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Face it, your never removing experience in an unlimited game. Run this guy because you like undead teams, not because you're competitive or want to blind counter that one guy who's still dreaming about his adventurer team stomping the unlimited tournament.

Giant Spider C:
Draft - 7 | Swarm and weenie blocker? This guy is what I'm talking about. He may be expensive swarm, but he's worth it to foil your opponents NPC combat tricks.
Unlimited - 5.5 | We've seen from Orcs that 3-cost Swarm isn't quite meta, but I still think that in the right setting it could work.

Giant Spider U:
Draft - 7 | Essentialy a free breath weapon 1, this is a bad character to run with dragons since you're not getting any use out of its effect, but he's great to clear away blockers from your big guys, especially if you're worried about feeding your opponent energy. The global is also good for scoring experience, so watch out.
Unlimited - 8 | Since there's so many ways around sidekicks already, the spider isn't really up here for that. Instead, it's here because of that global that can force your opponent into some absolutely nasty situations, very good ability if you build a team around it.

Giant Spider R:
Draft - 4 | Deathtouch? Eh, it's not nearly as useful in Dice Masters due to the KO/prep mechanics. Could be useful as an Adventurer killer if you don't draft good stats.
Unlimited - 4 | With blocker evasion what it is, getting him to land on the right target is going to be your biggest trick. Aslo, it isn't a pure KO since it has to deal damage first. It's usable, sure, but not very well.

Glabrezu C:
Draft - 4 | Slightly better than common Erinyes, but only because of his higher consistency. Honestly, they're basically the same character. Selfish gates suck if you're not a beatstick...
Unlimited - 3.5 | Millimeters ahead of Erinyes, but still ahead.

Glabrezu S1:
Unlimited - 5 | Quite good for Fiend teams, but outclassed by the common Pit Fiend both in terms of fielding cost and cost reduction. With just Pit Fiend and Hell Hound, you should have enough reductions to get your big guys without this particular Glabrezu.

Glabrezu S2:
Unlimited - 7.5 | Fiends suffer one problem, their big stats mean nothing if they don't get the chance to fight. As such, they're particularly vulnerable to AoE damage that Glabrezu completely negates on a cheap body that gets cheap as you stack on discounts. Basically mandatory for a functioning Fiend build.

Glabrezu S3:
Unlimited - 4.5 | Having problems with Millennium Puzzle taking out your Hell Hound? This is the Glabrezu for you. That's all. Pretty much nothing else. However, while that is a legitimate issue worth countering, you should do so by buying another Hell Hound, not by wasting your Glabrezu slot.

Gnome Ranger C:
Draft - 8 | Do you want to die to a Delayed Fireball? Didn't think so, take this guy. Oh, he also has good stats and gets bigger with experience. Good luck even though you won't need it.
Unlimited - 4 | Do you want to die to a Delayed Fireball? Didn't think so, but you should really take something else that covers more action dice than just Delayed fireball... It's a harsh meta out there...

Gnome Ranger S1:
Unlimited - 3.5 | Removal is removal, but you're rarely going to see good use out of this guy. Run Human Torch like the big kids.

Gnome Ranger S2:
Unlimited - 4 | Even with the stats, these Gnomes are just not that useful. Single preps and pings are not what make meta characters.

Gnome Ranger S3:
Unlimited - 7.5 | Now you're trying! The reverse Guy Gardner shapes up to really boost your combat capabilities by buffing all your other attacking characters. I approve and suspect this little guy will make it onto some meta rush teams, especially bolt focused Lantern Ring teams.

Goblin C:
Draft - 8.5 | My little Kobold's all grown up! Getting enough dice is going to be the hard part since this little balle of fury is going to be highly sought after. Just make sure you get some gear to help protect him lest you feed your opponent easy experience to direct damage.
Unlimited - 8 | Kobolds already see play, and with none of their weaknesses, I'm sure Goblin will too. This will be especially true on teams that run Big Entrance for reasons other than rush down and will make for fantastic fist Lantern Ring teams that also pack a punch.

Goblin U:
Draft - 8 | The cost increase is just slightly worse than the stat bonus, but take note: This doesn't make the character weaker, just less versatile.
Unlimited - 5 | The extra stats are too unlikely... I'd slightly prefer the extra utility of the Giant Spider than the higher base stats of the Goblin for my Swarm slot.

Goblin R:
Draft - 8.5 Extra stats may not be worth it, but resurecting dice sure is. Additionally, this makes your opponent not want to KO your attackers, leading to another Fork for them to deal with.
Unlimited - 7 | While still not totally work the extra cost, the added ability make it that much better for weenie fist Lantern Ring mayhem.

Gorgon C:
Draft - 6.5 | Less reliable than Cockatrice, but much better stats, I give the advantage to the Gorgon for unlimited targeting giving you the ability to deal with nasty threats that Cockatrice can't touch.
Unlimited - 3 | Just use Storm - Wind Rider, the extra stats aren't worth the lost utility.

Gorgon U:
Draft - 3 | There are only 3 humanoid characters in the set, definitely not worth the massive cost to blind counter.
Unlimited - 1.5 | There's even less out of set, just bad.

Grogon R:
Draft - 6.5 | Deathtouch with great stats and possible burn damage attached? I can dig it.
Unlimited - 4 | It's still not a good effect for unlimited, just barely passable.

Half-Elf Bard C:
Draft - 6 | Displacer Beast level stats and the ability to keep your freindly good characters around after combat to share in the spoils is a pretty good package. It's mainly for Good adventurer support, but can still be used on anything from Displacer Beasts to Bahamut.
Unlimited - 2 | You just aren't going to get the experience to use this experience in the first place, don't bother with this version.

Half-Elf Bard S1:
Unlimited - 3 |If you're running an adventurer team in unlimited, either the meta is vastly different than it is today, or you're not trying to be competitive. Either way, I judge this as a near useless ability. (Props on the low cost, though.)

Half-Elf Bard S2:
Unlimited - 8 | Protection from character abilities, even untargeted ones. Now this is something special, though it doesn't protect itself so it's not quite perfect.

Half-Elf Bard S3:
Unlimited - 10 | Yes. 10. This character is just as broken as an AvX SR. Take a moment, that's fine. A starter character from FuS is just as powerful as "Gobby." Has it sunk in yet? Yeah, anyone who's anyone is GOING to run this in combat damage team. I'm not even going to discuss the fact that it should technically stack per attacking Bard die as I am almost certain that's going to get nerfed as soon as people realize how completely busted this makes the game. Instead, I'm just going to sit back and watch the fireworks as this guy pumps all your sidekicks for +5/+5 and you swing for game with about 25 damage left over... yeah

Half-Orc Barbarian C:
Draft - 6 | This is another of those fork characters. This bad boy is going to be cracking heads and if your opponent can't survive blocking him, he's going to have another of his characters taken out for his troubles. If he doesn't block it, he eats the full hit to the face and with even a few experience, that's going to HURT.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Cleave has some fun applications with overcrush attached, but he's still only so useful since your opponent gets to decide how blocks happen.

Half-Orc Barbarian U:
Draft - 3.5 | The poor stats make it difficult for you to proc the ability in the first place, making him essentially vanilla until it gets enough experience at which point it's a "rich get richer" scenario.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Bad stats and a bad ability, this is not the character to take into unlimited.

Half-Orc Barbarian R:
Draft - 5 | Now this is pretty Okay. This basically doubles his attack in pitched combat and can score you KO's on monsters for your observing/surviving adventurers to reap.
Unlimited - 3.5 | I'd argue this is a slightly nerfed death touch ability with a counterattack against characters with Fast, so stll worth playing is specific scenarios.

Hammer of Thunderbolts SR:
Draft - 6 | Good KO prospects on an action die make this decent for your adventurers, but the lack of lightning adventurers seems to lend this to burn teams better than Experience focused builds. That said, it fits in very well with Dwarves and Storm Giants, so by that measure it's an incredibly thematic die.
Unlimited - 8 | Lantern Ring teams across the world are crying out for their artifact to be returned to them. However, when it is, they do not reassemble into the Miri monstrosities of old, but rather into conglomerations of Green Goblins, Human Torches, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to best make use of this hammer's might. Seriously though, good removal and better burn (especially when bought with Red Dragon).

Hell Hound C:
Draft - 8 | This guy MAKES Fiends a thing. If you can't get your hands on this mutt, don't even bother. With the purchase and fielding cost reductions, this is the entryway into an archetype that's fairly strong and can do great things for you if you manage to snag the right cards.
Unlimited - 8.5 | Fiends won't be top tier, but they'll be strong and just like in draft, this guy is their core. Without him, Fiends are going to be starved for energy no matter how lucky your gate rolls are, so make sure you have him on board for any Fiend team you plan to run.

Hell Hound S1:
Unlimited - 4 | You might call it an unfair comparison, but he's strictly worse than vanilla guy gardner from a stat perspective. The affiliations really don't sweeten the pot enough to make him worthwhile, so he just falls flat.

Hell Hound S2:
Unlimited - 6 | Fist burn? Oh yeah! This is perfect for a Lantern Ring fist team, but lacking the purchasing cost reduction of fellow fiend characters hurts the viability and leads to other more value dice stealing his spot on the best team for the gimmick.

Hell Hound S3:
Unlimited - 7.5 | I love this effect, it's basically a free Black Canary SR with slightly worse stats and costs. That said, the lower efficiency on the die is an investment in the future for the turn when you let loose your OTK and combine all your blocker evasion into one gloriois sprint over your opponent's defenses. I still rate a proper fiend team as the best potential that Hell Hound has, but this puppy comes in hot on its heels.

Hill Giant C:
Draft - 4 | It has an effect that does good things for you if you built a certain way. However, you're paying through the nose for what's likely only going to be around 3 damage, so it's really not worth the exorbitant investment. Maybe in combination with Cloudkill, but even then I'd be dubious.
Unlimited - 2 | With even more competition and less effective evil characters, the value proposition drops even lower. It's really the 4-cost asking price that sinks it, though.

Hill Giant S1:
Unlimited - 0.5 | A Ghost Rider by any other name would be as bad.

Hill Giant S2:
Unlimited - 6.5 | This is the Blade Knight I always wanted. Yes he has absurd costs, but Wererat takes care of most of them and leaves you with a shining paragon of early beatdown. Send 2 or 3 of these bad boys swinging at your opponent early on and watch their life crumble before you.

Hill Giant S3:
Unlimited - 1.5 | No one uses Ring of Magnetism's common and no one will use this Hill Giant.

Human Fighter C:
Draft - 4 | A discount on all your equipable characters is a pretty fantastic thing, too bad it also discounts your opponents characters as well...
Unlimited - 8.5 | Now that you can be fairly sure your opponent won't be bringing many equipable characters, you can feel free to bogart the discount for yourself. This means value characters like Half-Elf Bard, Goblins, and Gnome Ranger are that one energy cheaper as long as you have the Fighter out, so buy like crazy and if you happen to have Big Entrance, buy some more!

Human Fighter U:
Draft - 2 | With only two evil adventurers in the whole set and both of them being rares, this ability falls flat where it really should shine...
Unlimited - 2 | He's a less than meaty adventurer for cheap, you know I don't want him.

Human Fighter R:
Draft - 8 | Contrary to the uncommon, this ability is fantastic as you're going to be guzzling down experience on this character no matter what you kill on your opponent's side. Kee him out long enough and avoid ghosts and you're going to have a behemoth on your team.
Unlimited - 2 | Hes a Less than meaty adventurer for cheap, stop asking.

Intellect Devourer C:
Draft - 5 | It's a squishy monster for your opponent to kill, but it offers some fancy utility to stop your opponent's globals before he even gets a chance to use them against you, so definitely a utility pick.
Unlimited - 6 | Players have the tendency to save their double energy faces and spend their sidekicks, so this guy has a chance for higher value. However, you opponent can see that play coming from a mile away and adjust their habits if they're thinking in the moment, so don't bank on this value. Suffice it to say, Elf Thief probably does it better.

Intellect Devourer U:
Draft - 3 | Your opponent likely won't be able to ramp hard enough to have a lot of wilds to hold for your turn, so the utility is limited already, never mind the extra cost to purchase.
Unlimited - 5 | Wilds are the creme of the crop, but if your opponent chooses to spend them when they see this guy coming, it's not going to do you a lot of good. The best way to use him is to surprise your opponent buy purchasing and then fielding him with something like Transfer Power.

Intellect Devourer R:
Draft - 2.5 | The value goes lower and lower as your reliance on your opponent to stockpile rises with the purchasing cost. Rarely will this card work out for you.
Unlimited - 6 | If you can surprise your opponent, they're toast. If nothing else, you can put them in a fork and essentially force them to spend down their energy or gamble on you not drawing/rolling this guy. Mind games seem so appropriate to the character...

Iron Golem C & R:
Just a big version of Clay Golem with a higher fabricate die total. The extra die cost slightly outweighs the stronger effects, so take the same ratings as Clay Golem with half a point removed.

Iron Golem U:
Draft - 6.5 | At such a high cost, he has basically no versatility. There's very little direct damage in set, so you're not going to be able to block much other than combat damage and even then not in particularly big numbers unless you get overrun. The only real use for this guy in set is to survive a Delayed Fireball wipe and sponge one damage off each character that hits you in combat that turn. Since all combat damage is dealt simultaneously, he can still block a big dude and redirect damage onto himself past his defense total, just so long as it's one damage per source die. It's a last ditch effort, but it may save you, especially if your opponent didn't do the math.
Unlimited - 7.5 | He's still effective at weenie soaking, but now he also gets a ton of burn to counter, most notably Lantern Ring. Each character is a different source for him to help absorb, so you can take a lot more characters swinging in.

Lich C:
Draft - 6 | Expensive to purchase, this guy is a combat killer. That double energy drain means that he's always going to be level three and his opponents are always going to be level 1, so you get some pretty fantastic stat values. Aside from that, he makes a mean blocker and can take just about any and everything in set in a straight up fight. (Bing a flaming Sword to add insult to injury)
Unlimited - 4 | Combat is less important out of draft and out of set, so his energy drain becomes much less useful. It still has a place in gimmick teams and will shred anything it comes in contact with if you have a rare Vibe out, but it's just a gimmick in the end.

Lich U:
Draft - 7.5 | Stupid expensive, but stupid worthwhile if you can set it up. This monster will demolish opposing boards if you have an evil slant, but ramping up to himis going to be the real issue. I'd recommend him if you can grab any sort of evil ramp like Goblins or Fiends and just go to town on the field.
Unlimited - 2 | This guy falls from grace REAL fast when he doesn't have a board full of alignments to banish. Such is the curse of unlimited.

Lich R:
Draft - 3 | You basically can't run him if you' plan on adventuring since you're going to be faceing a major anti-synergy. However, if you haven't picked up any of the value adventurers, you might consider this an alternative to the paltry ghosts.
Unlimited - 2 | I just like the undead enough to give these liches pity points...

Lizardfolk C:
Draft - 7.5 | there are plenty of ways around NPC's already, but swarm is too powerful to ignore. More energy is the difference between an uncommon lich and Hill Giant, so make the most of what ramp is available in your draft.
Unlimited - 6 | Being Spiders with combat stats and tricks is a worthwhile advantage to have, especially since weenies are hot stuff due to the broken Bard.

Lizardfolk U:
Draft - 4 | Only grab these guys to get more dice for the common or rare. Their secondary effect is a prett awful anti-synergy and there's no reason to use these guys over their superior brethren.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Okay if you're not attacking with them, at which point they're overcost and poorly statted... Stick to the better Swarm providers unless you literally only have uncommon lizardfolk card and dice.

Lizardfolk R:
Draft - 7 | Oh boy! Dice that get free stats? I just wish they didn't have to give up swarm for the privilege... Either way, there's enough good gear in the set to make these guys worthwile beatsticks, especially if you cn pick up a Human Fighter to discount them all.
Unlimited - 5 | The wider variety of gear on offer doesn't really help their case as it's all difficult to justify in the meta. They still work as beatsticks, but you'll need some way to get them over and after investing in both them and the gear to suit them, you may find yourself behind in the game.

Lolth C:
Draft - 2.5 | Minor paid for burn on a specific trigger is not worth Lolth's price of admission.
Unlimited - 1 | Her purchasing cost alone should be justification enough for this score.

Lolth U:
Draft - 3 | Lower cost, lower potential, slightly higher score, still bad.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Her purchasing cost is lower, so her score is higher. Them's the rules.

Lolth R:
Draft - 3 | Lolth is a cool character, not a good character. Her stats don't justify her costs, her effects are lackluster and niche, and she has pretty much no team she fits into. Life would be better for Lolth if she would just convert to being a fiend... Oh well, her loss.
Unlimited - 1 | Her effect is worse, so her score is worse. Them's also the rules.

Oni C:
Draft - 4 | Well, it's Booster Gold with a "useful" effect and no detriment, so it's clearly not trash tier.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Not Booster Gold bad can only get you so far. Just use Quicksilver if you want this effect, he's chaeper to field with very similar stats. Or Carrion Crawler if you need it to be a monster. I suppose 'll give it an extra half point for working with Wererat buffs...

Oni U:
Draft - 8 | Immediate Fireball defusal, tossing gear into the used pile no muss, no fuss, the ability to reach into the prep area to screw with actions? This is just too good to be true. Get this guy and keep him around before he vanishes in a puff of reality!
Unlimited - 6.5 | It's not a particularly new or inventive effect at its core, but the Oni being able to affect the prep area makes it worthy of note even among the standard cast of action dice haters.

Oni R:
Draft - 6 | A restricted thousand dragon global on legs is value enough when there aren't any dragon globals to discount your dice. Just remember that you only get discounts on BAC's that haven't been purchased before.
Unlimited - 2 | Just use a dragon. I'll admit, I never expected I'd be saying those words.

Orcus C:
Draft - 6 | He may not benefit from his own effect, but it's still a massive cost reduction that can completely make up for the lack of cost reductions in the draft format by replacing Glabrezu and Pit Fiend. For use with the selfish gating Balor.
Unlimited - 4 | There are simply better options for Fiend discounts in unlimited.

Orcus U:
Draft - 7 | Missing out on your fiends gates can be painful, but being included in Hell Hound's discount makes it well worth it given the fielding cost reduction and subsequent 5-cost price for a Thor-tier die. For use with non Gate Erinyes'.
Unlimited - 5 | There are still better options for Orcus waiting for us.

Orcus R:
Draft - 8 | Orcus and Balor, sitting in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G! First come combat, then comes Fiends, then comes all the slaughtering. Seriously though, this guy is STRONG! This is gating directly to the field on a combat trigger, not when fielded, making for an absolutely crazy boss monster. For use with unselfish Gate Balor and Giant Spider global.
Unlimited - 8 | Purchasing this guy for 4 with a TFC 3 is just too much for most players to handle. Once you slap him down, he's going to be bringing in a Balor every other turn, so your opponent is basically doomed. He is the king of Fiends as well as the lord of Undeath.

Potion C:
Draft - 5 | A bit expensive, but it can absolutely destroy your opponent if used at the right time with their next draw sufficiently scattered. Also works quite well with the Beholder global since timing is so vital.
Unlimited - 5 | With bag amangement what it is, this could be very hit or miss. I rate it this highly because it's largely dependent upon the individual meta matchups whether or not it will be useful.

Potion U:
Draft - 6 | The ability to save adventurers or kill monsters in the midst of combat is fantastic. This is going to be your best friend when it comes to manipulating experience or the key to pushing for lethal Not only does this work well with Beholder, but also the swapping Displacer Beast and Panther Drizzt for their abilities to sneak through with the ring buffing them (assuming the panther token counts as a character die)
Unlimited - 3.5 | With experience being less useful and other buffing action dice outshining this one, the Potion doesn't make the same mark it does in-set.

Potion R:
Draft - 8.5 | Who at WizKids is okaying these dice!? This potion performs the same role as the uncommon by pulling combat tricks for experience gains and knockout avoidance, while costing half the price and having a 2/3 chance at being double effective. This is positively bonkers and is even more insane with a Beholder global to set it aside if your opponent decides to block shrewdly and let guys in for damage.
Unlimited - 7 | It's still incredible value for its cost, but now combat is less prevalent. It still makes Guy into an unkillable beast and it still helps you keep big beaters from succumbing to horde blocks, but it's not as powerful as it is in a format when combat is king and Knockouts can tip the favor of the entire game with the experience mechanic.

Ring C:
Draft - 3.5 | As always, we come back to the PXG effect, except the die isn't as good as it was for Blink - Transmutation. The global is great, but it doesn't help you unles you're set up to take advantage of it since your opponent has the exact same access to it as you do. Honestly, it's best to avoid drafting this and just let your opponent bring the global for you since the die itself is so poor.
Unlimited - 8.5 | Energy fixing can be crucial in speed builds, so having the ability to trade out energy for the type you need can be asbolutely clutch. The die will be completely neglected 99 times out of 100, but that global could be the difference between life and death.

Ring U:
Draft - 9 | Gear is great because it's a one time investment and this is the epitome of that fact. Once you get this ring on the field, you're going to be able to use it to target down your opponent's weak monsters every time you attack in order to ensure maximum Experience gains. Its double burst face attests to how high WizKids expects your experience to climb while you have this rung under your control. This is a very viable first pick and will carry Adventurer teams to glorious victory.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Because of the low quantity of equipable dice making a show in unlimited and the delayed nature of its effect, it's just not a good fit for unlimited. It has no global to make of for the failing of the die and so doesn't really do much in the unlimited format.

Ring SR:
Draft - 6 | The global isn't the key to this reing being powerful for draft, but rather the regenerate ability allowing characters to stay on the field through the combat and share in the spoils of Experience that follow. Because of this, it's heavily slanted towards Adventurer teams, but even the Might Orcus can make great use of this die to stick around and summoning more demons through his combat, regardless of who may oppose him.
Unlimited - 9 | With a superior die and the same global, it wouldn't be fair to rate this the same as the common ring. That said, it's only actually better if you put it on somebody, so don't go out there expecting to win just because your Ring has a red stripe on it as opposed to your opponent's grey.

Robe of the Archmagi SR:
Draft - 5.5 | This is a one-time use SR Ring that also protects from move effects like being unblocked or Polymorph. This is tempered by the fact that it doesn't have the global and cannot be equipped to Orcus (Orcus is sad). As such I rate it better for equipping as it's more consistent, reliable, and effective for keeping your guy fielded; but overall slightly worse for the lack of the global and the Max 1..
Unlimited - ? | Depending on how it is ruled, this card could be completely incredible or roughly unusable in competitive play... Due to it not actually having the equip keyword, it may be able to be equiped to non-gearable characters at which point it would be incredible as currently the only parameter is that the target not be monster affiliated. However, I suspect WizKids just means that this gear is unable to be shifted at the start of each round, not that it can equip to non-gearable targets. until they explain, my verdict is out. (3)

Rust Monster C:
Draft - 3 | sending gear off the pitch isn't bad and he has the coveted TFC-0, but no reasonable opponent is going to leave their gear unattached with this bugger skulking about.
Unlimited - 1.5 | No gear means no effect means no value means bad.

Rust Monster U:
Draft - 4 | This at least gets the equipped gear out of your hair for a turn and hopefully cycling, making it a superior Rust Monster, even if it doesn't send to used.
Unlimited - 1.5 | See above.

Rust Monster R:
Draft - 5 | The best of both worlds with the drawbacks of both as well, it still comes out ahead. It might not work, your opponent might play around it, but it hits equipped characters and sends things to Used. I approve.
Unlimited - 1 | See above. (also higher cost = lower score, see rules.)

Storm Giant C:
Draft - 5 | A big die with the capacity to burn or gather you some experience? I'm in. Makes me think of what Frost Giant would be if it wasn't bad.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Oh, that's right, Storm Giant is bad too, but has some utility in set. Now I remember.

Storm Giant U:
Draft - 6 | Churn and burn, it's like they're writing this for me! This works even better with swarm dice in the mix as you'll be swarming that much harder. I would definitely recommend it as an end-game beastick/anti-wall monster.
Unlimited - 3.5 | We can churn better via other methods, but I still like the ability and the burn it can bring.

Storm Giant R:
Draft - 6.5 | You usually get what you pay for. Not so in this case. This Giant is cheaper and stronger since it doesn't rely on a when fielded trigger. Pair this bad boy up with a Ring to change your bolt to a mask after the proc and Distract him back with Blink Transmutation, instant combo! (PXG effect be darned.)
Unlimited - 4.5 | This guy is begging to be used with the Lanter ring, and if it weren't for his high costs, I might actually do that. As it stands I still think Blue Dragon hold the Lantern Ring team's beater slot.

Talisman of Ultimate Evil SR:
Draft - 7.5 | despite it's high cost, both to purchase and to use, it's incredibly effective at dealing with threats and procuring Experience for you. ditching some NPC's for next turn can kill off a pesky Lich and his entourage of Deathtouching Giant Spider, making this an excellent value prospect. I shudder to think what you could do with this if combined with the SR Beholder.
Unlimited - 8.5 | Because it deals pure knockouts and may trigger your own KO effects like Solomon Grundy, this die is invaluable removal. Being able to clear most of your opponent's field at the cost of some sidekicks is incredible. Finally, the dream of the SR Beholder combo becomes a lot more realistic in the unlimited format. Think about it... *shudder*

White Dragon C:
Draft - 5 | That effect text could use some work, but it's still good enough. Effectively it's part Storm Part dragon, all overcost, but with some much needed breath weapon so you can make allowances just this once.
Unlimited - 2.5 | You're not starved for breath weapon enough to make this appealing and it doesn't have a useful secondary effect out of set. Pick a different dragon.

White Dragon S1:
Unlimited - 3 | Unless you need the shield energy type or more 4 cost dragons, Green Dragon is flat out better.

White Dragon S2:
Unlimited - 6 | Cloudkill on legs, this dragon keeps buffed sidekicks out of the picture as well as any other level 1 characters on the opposing board. Consider pairing with the rare Miri Riam that no one ever talks about for a sneak attack full field swing.

White Dragon S3:
Unlimited - 3 | Pretty lackluster with a secondary effect that likely will never proc. It's only real claim to fame is its Breath Weapon 2 and once again, Green Dragon did it better.

Wraith C:
Draft - 5 | Targeted experience control on a decently cost and statted die is nothing to scoff at in this set. Having energy drain on top of that is just a bonus.
Unlimited - 3.5 | Targeted experience control on any die is something to scoff at, though having Energy Drain is still a plus that few can claim.

Warith U:
Draft - 7 | Never let your opponent get out of hand. Kill off all his adventurers and their experience with them. Even Drizzt will have problems dealing with Wraiths backed by another chump blocker.
Unlimited - 2 | Worse effect given the sparsity of Experience tokens as is, with a higher cost. That's a negative ghost rider...

Wraith R:
Draft - 4 | Basically a worse version of the common with the caveat that it can be used more effectively if it survives combats (which it likely wont since it just fought an experienced Adventurer).
Unlimited - 3 | Still worse, but still has energy drain as well, so not that much worse.

That concludes all of Faerun under Siege. I know you all have your own ideas of how these cards will play together, so let me know which of my ratings you agree with and which are completely off base. Thank you all for reading along, and have a nice day!
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  1. Jwannabe's Avatar
    Thanks for all the work you put into this Necromanticer! My next deck build will be half elf bard deck with guy gardner and team work. My opponents will all forfeit due to math exhaustion.
  2. Squid7201's Avatar
    I can see the common or SR Ring being huge for Guy Gardener teams. It can guarantee a buy of 4 GG's on turn 2, which reduces the amount of luck needed for a Guy team.
  3. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Squid7201
    I can see the common or SR Ring being huge for Guy Gardener teams. It can guarantee a buy of 4 GG's on turn 2, which reduces the amount of luck needed for a Guy team.
    Definitely, however, it's going to be downright unfair in the mirror match if both teams bring it. That effectively boils the game down to who can roll less sidekicks and more character faces. Even so, it's fantastic for the build and really helps smooth over the highest variance problem.
  4. pk2317's Avatar
    Super awesome article @Necromanticer (that I'm avoiding reading yet until I write my own). Very glad to see you writing again!
  5. Joepancreas's Avatar
    This is a great write up. Thanks a lot for putting the work into it.
  6. KennedyHawk's Avatar
    Awesome write up.

    I'd be tempted to put Giant Spider even higher for draft and unlimited. He's a great a cheap way to tie up side kicks with efficient fielding cost. In draft he's a great way to force your opponents monsters to block, send in a high damage attacker and make sure your adventurer's get the XP they need.

    Great write up!

    Also I don't know if we know whether or not Gnome Ranger takes care of DBF. I sure hope it does.
  7. jigsawhc's Avatar
    Elf Thief C in draft was not that great for me. I had 0 times where my opponent had energy sitting out there for me to steal when I fielded him. There were a few cases where my opponent had energy left over but the timing and my rolls never combined to get some stealing. And I was running with Cloudkill so I was expecting more energy saving. Still, I'd try it again because I think it would be fun to try and steal their energy.
  8. KennedyHawk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jigsawhc
    Elf Thief C in draft was not that great for me. I had 0 times where my opponent had energy sitting out there for me to steal when I fielded him. There were a few cases where my opponent had energy left over but the timing and my rolls never combined to get some stealing. And I was running with Cloudkill so I was expecting more energy saving. Still, I'd try it again because I think it would be fun to try and steal their energy.
    Same problem at both of our local drafts, we used in set actions only and there's just so few globals that people actually save energy for. In constructed he seems like a house but in sealed he feels like a trap card.
  9. Jauron's Avatar
    Not sure how I missed this before but I see it now! Thanks for all your hard work on this.