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Character Review: Cyclops

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  1. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Cyclops 'Field Leader' is a requirement for many of my teams. My favorite to use during OP's...

    &quot;Field the Burn&quot; team:

    Mutate 666 x3 - 'supply chain'
    African Priestess x3 - 'air support'
    Ariel/Kwannon the Assassin/Biophysicist/Tsarina (x3 each) - 'boots on the ground'
    Johnny Storm - 'sniper'
    Field Leader - 'commander'
  2. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    Finally getting a AVX Starter for fun I made an original X-Men deck and came up with this.

    Angel - Air Transport 4
    Beast - Genetic Expert 2
    Cerebro - Supercomputer 3
    Cyclops - Field Leader 3
    Iceman - Too Cool For Words 4
    Marvel Girl - Telekinetic 3
    Professor X - Recruitmenting Young Mutants 1
    Thrown Car

    The only thing I'd change is swap one Angel dice for a Beast, but I don't have more Beast die.
  3. Chris imported's Avatar
    HAH - this team is awesome, Stephen!