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Dealing with Doubles: An Iron Man Squad

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I established the premise of this series in an earlier post, but before I talk about my next build I want to make something clear: This is not a series of posts outlining the best common/uncommon decks available to the game. Although I think this and the other builds I share are decent, you must remember each deck was not created in isolation. I wasn't motivated to build one great common/uncommon deck; I tasked myself to build as many quality decks as possible to introduce new players to the game. Before I started building decks, I meticulously recorded the total number of cards and dice I had for each character so I could see what characters/dice I should or could feature often.

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Which brings me to a deck I built featuring one of Marvel's most popular characters to make a splash on the big screen: Iron Man.

Dice Masters offers many different versions of Iron Man to choose from, however I chose his Age of Ultron common version simply because of numbers. Since I was building around Iron Man, this gave me an opportunity to thin out my Pepper Potts doubles, as she's practically useless in every deck that doesn't feature Tony Stark.

This deck makes use of a number of Age of Ultron cards for various reasons. I'm not a huge fan of Maria Hill, however there's some potential for her in this deck. Nick Fury and Black Panther provide the punch in this deck, particularly if paired with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to maximize their Avengers affiliation.

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It's not the strongest deck in the world by any means, but the plethora of cheap purchase costs should provide robust playing opportunities.

What substitutions would you make to make this an even stronger common/uncommon deck? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Squid7201's Avatar
    Not to be a dweeb, but Black Panther is a fist character.
  2. Mactavius's Avatar
    Thanks Squid. That's why you're supposed to wait 15 minutes before posting and reread your post to make sure you didn't mess anything up. I tweaked the post to fix your catch.