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I've started a Wordpress blog...

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So, as the title suggests, I have started a Dice Masters related Wordpress blog, and it can found here:

I have been self-consciously procrastinating about sharing on here all weekend. Goodness knows why - in all my years of gaming I have honestly found this community to be one of the more open minded & friendly of them all.

But those 'fight or flight' chimpy niggles creep in and create self-doubt and a flighty fear of scrutiny nonetheless. What if some consider it bad etiquette to promote your own blog? What if some think your writing's dreadful? What if you create a bad impression of yourself? (Saturday's post could be interpreted as a bit...negative maybe) and so on, and so on...

When all is said and done - I like you guys, and want you to like me too - and for three days now that meant I hid my little blog away fearing the worse.

Tonight though the current Mrs Six put me straight. "Fortune favours the bold" she said to me. "Why write the bloody stuff for no one to ever see it" (while sipping Earl Grey and eating crumpets, of course)

She's right of course, so I've bitten the bullet, here's the share. I'm hoping that some of you will be interested in seeing a bit of the perspective from a guy who's recently spread his wings into competitive play in growing scene across the Atlantic. Dave in particular inspired me with his recent post promoting his website - thanks Dave!

Feedback welcome; I hope you like my little endeavour.
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  1. IsaacBV's Avatar
    I look forward to seeing what you put together-please let us know here when you update your blog. TRP should be the hub of the community, and when the community speaks we want to give you a platform to do so!
  2. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    Thanks man. What would be best to let you know - forum post? TRP Blog Post?