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Dr.Strange love or how I learned to stop worrying and love The Hulk. A WKO blog

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For those only interested in reading about the tournament ctrl+f Dice Dojo.

Friday - was a 7 hour bus trip into Chicago. Got in late, wasn't even fully settled into my motel 'til about 10:30. Ordered pizza and crashed. Absolutely boring day nothing to read here.

- I went out to do some site seeing. Chicago is a beautiful city with lots of interesting places to go, so I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see. We went down to lake Michigan and found "my lucky gnome". It was some weird graffiti on the beach, and I don't know if I would have qualified without it. Did some research and it was apparently put there by a game named Juan, for his girlfriend. Thanks Juan, you're probably totally dreamy. After that it was off to Lou Malnati's for some lunch. The appetizer was actually better than the pizza. The Museum of Surgical Science sounded like the best possible thing to look at after lunch, so I check it out. Lots of cool stuff, and I learned quite a bit about the history of medicine. I never thought about it until looking at some older medical equipment, but back in the day surgery and wood working were practically the same thing. Chisels, saws, hammers, all there. I'd say this museum was probably the most interesting thing I saw in Chicago this weekend. Then we made the horrific discovery that most museums close at 5, wtf Chicago? So on the look out for more random cool things we accidentally stumble into a Bernie Sanders march - he was apparently either just in town or was there that Saturday. Berns were felt. The rest of the night went slower than I thought it would, but I knew I wanted a decent rest before the WKO so not much else too interesting.

Sunday - Started my morning right with a bowl of Cheerios from the free breakfast the motel offered while making last minute team decisions (Antihero vs Hellblazer and Green Goliath vs Jade Giant). Then it was off to play some Dice Master. I settled on Antihero and Green Goliath. This is what I piloted Sunday.;3x135bff
I also knew it was time to retire my blue bag from AVX, I've used the starter bag from AVX in every game I've played since the set came out and the glue is starting to fall apart. I had my opponent's sign it. I tried taking multiple pictures but the signatures just weren't showing on camera. As it turns out blue ink on blue vomit bag makes a really hard to photograph thing. In fact it barely looks signed unless you hold a light to it.

Dice Dojo time. During registration I ran into some people I know from the Kansas city area, had some friendly banter. Felt some hype build up. At this point I'm doing a little bit of scoping but not too much. I see a ton of Guys and I'm feeling ok about my odds, not the best but I feel like I might make it. Pairings go up and it's...

Round 1 - Not The Guy You're Looking For Round 1 I played against fellow TRP poster @KennedyHawk who happens to be the nicest guy on Earth. His team is an almost a standard Guy team. We've seen them. They have Guy in them. They go fast...or not. His start was somehow slower than mine, and I'm the guy that has to ramp up to do anything. He adapts pretty well and goes with a Red Dragon purchase. This game ends up being this weird back and forth of control elements where I never manage to roll lethal damage somehow. We go to time basically watching each other's life totals slowly go down. When I play I write down not only life total changes but how those life total changes happen. The interesting thing is that somehow Red Dragon globals dealt me 4 damage, he dealt me 4 from combat, and I took 1 life loss for energy leaving me at 11 right up until the last turn after time. My last turn of time consists of looking at life totals, seeing I have to just make a huge push and hope he doesn't have it. I drop him to 8. He needs to deal 3 to tie, 4 to win. The sad thing is in order to do this I have to put a Red Dragon in his prep, I know that his bag has 3 Guys, a spider, and some Miris. His bag is filled with things that kill me and very little chaff. He draws the chaff and rolls nothing but energy from the dragon - my lucky gnome. Probably the best game of the day. 1-0, moving on up in the world.

Somehow in moving from round 1 to round 2 I managed to lose the bag with all my character dice in it. It took 3 minutes of looking, talking to judges, and we almost agreed that the best option was to drop since if I can't play I can't play but then...

Round 2 -After The Great Dice Scare We found the bag. It was behind my chair and pushed back slightly. This means I managed to drop it at the table I was playing at and then slide back or kick it or something but we found it right on time. That is honestly the most memorable part of this match. Outside of that, I don't even remember what my opponent was running. His name was Chris, and he seemed to really fear losing life to Jinzo for some reason as once I had Jinzo down he just kinda stopped doing anything. So I'll use this to give some player advice - life is a resource. You can spend it. You should spend it if it means getting ahead. It's much better than not actively building a board state. I know that Jinzo is really good because 2 life can go a long way to my ability to have lethal - but Jinzo is even better if you never pay 2 and just let me play with myself. At that point its a non-game. I will win every time if you just flat out refuse to pay life to Jinzo.
2-0, looking good.

Round 3 - Five Guys Burgers And Fries My opponent is a gentleman named Jason and he was running a pretty strange Guy build. Instead of being all in on killing you he ran a contingency plan that had Sinistro and some removal - effectively causing you to be punished for efficiency. He also had a Hulk which created some really bizarre board states and board resets. This was a forth with no back to it, he pummeled my face until I was down to 5, we make it to turns, and I have to find lethal somehow - thankfully it's also about the time I started rebuilding my board for the third time this game. He pokes me for 2, putting me at 3 leaving some threats on the board since I could have easily answered them with blocks and swung back. Me at 3, him at 18. I field a Hulk and a Jinzo at cost, Polymorph his Hulk off the board and shoot my own for the clear. A close game, and a well earned victory.

Round 4 - Stop!... Hammer Time My round for opponent was Liz, and she was piloting a Jocasta + Mjolnir thing with Mr.Sinister and the like. I have Antihero, Human Paladin, and Hulk. Easy life is easy.

Round 5 - The Other Guy Put More Effort Into His Write Up For This Match Than I Did For This Entire Blog I played @Pocolius in Round 5. He made a post where you can read my terrible inability to do math when it matters. In fact, I will purposefully skip out on most details so that you go and read his post because it's really well written. If you choose not to read his then the game ended at some point, and right up until then it was a really close back and forth game. Really well played on his part and easily my second favorite match of the day. One of the most gracious guys I've played and I'd be happy to play against him again sometime. If you're going to lose it should be against the guy that goes 6-0 in Swiss.

Round 6 - A Tale Of Two Bens Last round of Swiss and I think I might need to win to get in because the probability of 2 people going 4-1-1. My opponent is playing some kind of death and taxes team with McRook, and Black Widow. There is a PXG and a Red Dragon, obvious plan is obvious, get a Jinzo on the table for pressure, then get a Hulk and clean house. However, the quality of my rolls started to dip right in the mid point of the game and he managed to leverage some subpar rolls into a lot of damage. I eventually get a Hulk up and running for the win, but he got me down to 4 and I think if I gave him another turn he had a fair chance of beating me. Such an oddly close game for a match I thought was going to be easy when I sat at the table. Not going to lie, I am a bit arrogant like that at times. On the plus side, 5-1 and I'm in like Flynn.

If I recall Ben is one of the Iowa City crew so he's not too far from me. I met @Gabe after the match. I'd talked to him on TRP before and was kinda excited to meet him just because he always seemed like a really cool guy.

Top 8
I Played Against The Guy That Eventually Won The Tournament So You Can Probably Guess How This Ends Kyle, the Colossus ramp player that eventually won the tournament was a polite individual and not the first to note that I play with my zones in a weird spot. I am going to get all ranty and stuff here. I will cover the games we played, but I want to address some things so this might get a bit off topic and weird in places.

First off I don't have a Dice Masters play mat, never did, and I learned to play without a mat so the zones are just kinda where I feel they should naturally be at. This means I usually play with my used on the right and my prep on the left. Like 4 players took note of this. Its a weird habit, if you ever feel I should flip zones around just let me know and I will. It's no biggie.

Game 1, I figure his build is slow enough that I can use my life for energies and over-ramp with my PXGs. I do, and the extra energy pays off. This is one of those games that is just pretty slow paced and not too exciting. Not much to talk about and it kind of goes the way it does, and it takes a lot of time to play out. Of the 50 minutes given for best of 3, I think we had 16 minutes left after game 1 (take note because I have a rant after game 2). His Iron Fists don't stop Hulk, he just makes the games go slower because I have to exert more energy. Interestingly Colossus kinda also triggers Hulk a bunch too. It's just a really weird match up of trigger resolutions. This is really important because it shapes a rant I have to go into after game 2. It ends with a really offensive polymorph to clear blocks for a lethal swing and we're off to game 2.

Game 2 plays out a lot differently than game 1 and goes to time naturally because we straight up didn't have time to play control v control. You can skip the first 16 minutes of this game because it goes exactly as you'd think it goes. There is a judge call in there that is kinda important too but I'll address that in a bit. We go to time. The judge checks to see what we should do when time is called, we get our 5 turns. We play it out to no definitive end - but he is up by 1 life after turns.. He gets the win. It is now 1-1.

#NoSalt, but from playing many other games at a competitive level this ruling strikes me as weird so I ask the judge and he says that WizKids does not have very well defined rules for this situations. I am up 1 game and he wins game 2 on a technicality that exists to make sure matches can actually end. Not saying the judge is wrong, he made a ruling based on what information was given. In every other game I've played this would have resulted in me winning 1-0 and advancing. Not saying that that is 100% how it should be done for every game or that that is the thing that would be best for Dice Masters. I just find it weird is all.

The judge now decides that we need to play a game 3, we've went to time and turns, and the judge is saying we get a 15 minute game 3. This also strikes me as really weird. This game also suffers all the issues game 2 had. If 16 minutes weren't enough for a conclusive end, 15 isn't going to be either. We get to turns on game 3. We're actually well over a half hour after the round should be over, still playing because of game 3 and 10 extra turns between 2 games. Time ends, and turns happen. I get the second to last turn rolling a ton of everything (everything I've purchased over the course of the game that wasn't in the field basically + some ramped into sidekicks) among which is 2 Hulk dice and if either comes up a face I have lethal. No dice. I @KennedyHawk it and straight brick on rolls. I am now out of the tournament. 1-2 in the quarter finals.

So the judge call that I think was biffed in game 2? Colossus triggers a bunch, Hulk triggers a bunch, and Iron Fist is reducing damage from 3 to 2. After all triggers from characters triggering from Colossus resolve, all Hulk triggers have to resolve - we can agree with this so far. The judge ruled that every Hulk trigger's damage would be reduced even though Iron Fist would have been KOed after x triggers (with a trigger left to resolve) because all the Hulk triggers resolve damage simultaneously instead of being individually resolved triggers. This prevents me from winning a game. I don't actually agree with the judge's ruling here, but it happened. Between the way time was handled and the way that situation was handled my top 8 was a head scratcher. The flip side of that is I at least lost to the guy that won the tournament. PDC deja vu, lost 1 round in swiss, lost to the guy that won in the cut.

Congrats to everyone that top 8ed, congrats to Kyle for winning, and thanks to Dice Dojo for holding the event. I know the last two paragraphs sound a bit angsty, but they're not intended to. I have nothing against anyone and had a lot of fun playing in the event.

Monday Woke up, got ready. Ate Portillo's, went to the rock 'n' roll McDonalds because we noticed it was right across the street. Then it was a 7 hour bus trip home. Not much of a day, but whatever.

Food wise: Lou Malnati > Giordano's. Portillo's is pretty cool but the cake shake is a thing I overhyped in my mind, it just tastes like a cake and loses most of the shake flavor. Chicago style hot dogs > what we have in Iowa. Tomatoes > ketchup. 6 dollars is probably too much for a gyro. Next time I'm in Chicago I need to try Pizzeria Uno and Dak. I meant to eat at Dak but just didn't have the time for it.

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  1. KennedyHawk's Avatar
    @Scum we had a great match, I was hoping for a rematch.

    The timed rules were weird. Even with an agro team my Top 4 match went to time in Game 2.

    I really hate the way rules work as it gives a strong advantage to the final striking player.

    I really think we should advocate for Wizkids to post some official rules on how to handle situations like these. It'd be much easier on the judge if he didn't have to look on the fly and not find anything conclusive.

    Hopefully we rematch in the future

    Great write up
  2. Pocolius's Avatar
    @Scum - I'm glad I pointed out that your character dice were by your chair in Round 2 so that Round 5 match could happen. There are some weird rulings in that Top 8 game, so I'm not really sure how it should have gone. Hopefully WizKids has something set in stone at Nationals.
  3. Scum's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pocolius
    @Scum - I'm glad I pointed out that your character dice were by your chair in Round 2 so that Round 5 match could happen. There are some weird rulings in that Top 8 game, so I'm not really sure how it should have gone. Hopefully WizKids has something set in stone at Nationals.
    There are not enough possible thanks for me to give for that.

    The top 8 game was really weird. It's not that I think the judge should have handled it differently, rather I want WizKids to be more clear with end of round procedures. It seems too important to have so little information on.
  4. pk2317's Avatar
    @Scum : The judge was right on one thing and wrong on the other

    Here is the official Wizkids ruling on ties in matches:
    Ties in Matches: After the additional 5 turns, during Swiss rounds, incomplete games end in a tie. During single elimination rounds, after the additional 5 turns a winner must be determined. To determine the winner, the player who has won the most games in the match wins. If both players have won the same number of games, then the player with the higher life total in the current game wins. If players have the same amount of wins and the same amount of life in the current game, then the game continues until one player has a higher life total than his or her opponent. In this case, the player with the higher life total wins. If players have the same amount of wins but have not started a new game, then they must play an a tiebreaker game. A tiebreaker game consists of 5 turns after which the player with the higher life total wins. If both players have the same life total after 5 turns, then the game continues and concludes as outlined above.
    However I would say he was correct on the Iron Fist ruling, based on this WKRF ruling:

    The triggering all happens simultaneously before any results from said triggering occurs.
  5. Scum's Avatar
    Interesting on the Iron Fist ruling. I will have to rethink that one a bit. It seems counter-intuitive as it implies the Hulk triggers resolve at once instead of one after the other.

    As for missing top 4 because of the judge calls, I'm not worried about it. I got what I went for. I appreciate the clarity for next time and I'd like more judges to know that ruling too.
  6. TonyLe's Avatar
    Could this be an effect of combat damage not resolving until end of combat? Meaning, as long as Iron Fist is active going into combat that his effect may apply throughout the entire combat phase, even though he has taken lethal damage over and over from Hulks ability, thus only being KO-ed when the dust settles and combat is over?
  7. Scum's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TonyLe
    Could this be an effect of combat damage not resolving until end of combat? Meaning, as long as Iron Fist is active going into combat that his effect may apply throughout the entire combat phase, even though he has taken lethal damage over and over from Hulks ability, thus only being KO-ed when the dust settles and combat is over?
    No. The things that triggered Hulk were all EOT Colossus triggers. The thing that is confusing is that the ruling means that the Hulk triggers all resolve at the same time instead of me getting to resolve them one at a time. That is the entire ruling in a nutshell.