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D&D Cube

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Like others, I too am a big fan of D&D DM. I've never actually played Dungeons and Dragons, but as far as Dice Masters sets go, it's my favorite. So I'm very excited to FINALLY be able to put together this cube. We've played it 4 times now, and it is awesome!

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Here's the spreadsheet:

By the numbers:

120 cards
40 unique characters/actions

26 adventurers
75 monsters
35 good characters
40 evil characters
30 neutral characters
55 equippable characters
8 pieces of gear
15 dragons
15 non basic actions

0- 6
1- 33
2- 22
3- 18
4- 19
5- 2
6- 5

15 swarm
5 other ramp
12 churn
16 discounts
4 energy fix
12 damage to character
15 damage to player
7 board sweep
23 blocker control
14 damage prevention
17 targeted removal
9 pro action dice
2 anti action dice
3 blanks text
7 buffs others
20 adventurer hate
2 opponent oppression

I love the amount of blocker manipulation in this cube!

Here is a video of my son and I drafting:

Here is the game from that draft:

Keeping the number of unique cards to 40 resulted in half of the cards not making it in. That was tough. Ultimately, some things had to go, and unfortunately Fiends and Fabricate got the axe. Although I do plan to include those in future cubes.

The second tab in that spreadsheet is a random card generator. I use it to create a 30 card sealed pool. Kind of a litmus test if you will. (And it's fun to play around with.)

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  1. ReggaeTroll's Avatar
    Great post. I come from a magic background and learned to love cube drafting. It's challenging for veterans and a great way to teach new people about the game.

    I'm planning to build 2 cubes (DnD and Marvel) and these kind of resources are awesome help for building them.
  2. vonVile's Avatar
    Thanx, for posting this. I was confused as hell about how a Cube was designed and the articles on didn't help and looks like now the site is dead. With your cube template I was able to understand it much better.

    PS - Where did you get the dice roller device?
  3. SarkhanMad's Avatar