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"Green With Envy" Event Report - The Destination in Louisville, KY

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On March 12th, The Destination in Louisville, KY hosted "Green With Envy". This was a constructed event with a nice lime twist: all of the characters and non-basic actions had to be Uncommon (green striped). Even though this limited the field of cards that could be used to 287, there were some interesting teams in the event. I'll give a quick blow-by-blow of MY day at the event, and highlight the top teams.

First, my team. I thought about taking an all green version of my "Take Your Medicine" team (focusing on Injection Fairy Lily and Vicious Struggle), or perhaps my "Hey Ho! Let's Go(lem)!" team (which used all three Golems, along with Sangan and Mystical Elf to prep those Fabricated big guys). In the end, I went with "Obie Swarm Kenobi".

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When I tested this team, I had a pretty good success rate by following this strategy: first turn, buy Red Tornado OR some Kobolds/Goblins (rolls depending). Second turn, do the thing I couldn't do on the first. Once Red Tornado and some Swarmers hit the field, it was only a matter of ramping up by buying more Swarmers until I could purchase big Obie. The helmets could be purchased easily to protect my Swarm from Green Goliath, Johnny Storm, or Cloudkill. Once Obelisk hit the field, however, it would only be a matter of time. I could force a block with Goblin Attack Force, attack only with Obie, pump him up with Cone of Cold, then Distract him back (if needed) to deal all that damage directly to my opponent. In most of my pre-event games, I was able to get the win after one swing with the Big Blue Tormentor.

My first game at the tournament was against Joe. He brought a very snazzy Human Torch team. While I was able to get my Kobold and Goblin ramp working, I had trouble getting Red Tornado into the field. Once "Uncle RT" did get there, things started spinning up for my team. By that point, Joe had me hurting pretty badly from pings from Johnny Storm and his revolving door of Pepper Potts and Giant Spiders. I was finally able to purchase Obelisk, and get him in the field on his low side. I made a very poor play, however, and Obie got KO'd. As the game was nearing the time limit, I missed the character face on Obelisk to get him back into the field. The game went to turns, and Joe was able to remove my Red Tornado from the field. At this point, my bag was clogged with Sidekicks that I couldn't churn through. I did manage to get Obelisk back one more time, but missed the character faces yet again. The game ended with him in the lead on life, and I was 0-1 on the day.

My second game was against Sean (or, as he's known around these TRP parts, @chebyu ). He brought a very nice Lily/Hulk team (;3x136bff). I'm not ashamed at all to admit this... he flat outplayed me. When the game started, I quickly picked up two of his three Vicious Struggle dice. I started my normal Swarmnado ramp purchasing, but was unable to get my Swarm established before his Manticore hit the field. I was able to hang with him using VS, with both of us staying tied all the way down under 10. While I was spending my time putting out fires, he was building up his force. Eventually, he had fielded Hulk, a very angry Red Dragon (with very bad breath), several sidekicks, and the Manticore. I, meanwhile, only had one behatted Goblin. Even with VS active, he was able to swing for lethal, taking me to 0-2. Sean, meanwhile, was able to finish in the top 3 of the day with some great play and that fantastic team.

My third game was against a new player to Dice Masters named Ben. He was using a light control team based around Villains (Black Manta, Lyssa Drak, and Joker). For someone who only had a handful of games under his belt, he played very well. He fielded Mister Sinister and Black Manta, forcing me to use my Distraction to keep from KO'ing any of his villains. My team finally started working as intended, and by the fifth turn I was "rolling all the dice" with my Swarmnado. I picked up Obelisk, and shot in the for the kill... but not before I had been knocked back down into single digits on my life.

For my fourth (and final) round, I played the most dreaded opponent known to The Destination: Bobby Byeround. Say what you will about ol' Bobby, he keeps losing but he keeps trying. I finished our "game" in time to buy some extra packs of War of Light (from which I managed to pull a Super Rare Lantern Battery). I also managed to snap a picture of some of the players.

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The scores were tallied, and prizes (from the Blue Dragon OP kit along with packs of War of Light) were awarded. Sean, who was my second opponent of the day, took third place. Second place went to Kurt, who went 3-1 with this team:;3x33jl.

First place went to the only 4-0 player for this event, Steve (TRP user @vash989 ). When you play very well with a very good team... good things happen. Here is the championship team from the "Green With Envy" event:;3x137bff
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All in all, it was another great day of Dice Masters. Sometimes, we caught up in all the talk of WKOs and PDCs and Nationals and Worlds... but events like this at your FLGS are the heart and soul of this game. I would recommend that anyone who has never gone to play at an event like this give it a shot. Anyone who goes to play at these types of events all the time... well, keep doing it. Even losing my first two games of the day, I can't imagine a much more enjoyable Saturday afternoon.

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  1. chebyu's Avatar
    This was a fun event! I loved Jon's Swarmnado theme. I'm going to have to have him name the next team I make I really enjoyed the theme and format. It's been great getting to know other Dice Masters at The Destination. It's been well worth the drive for us. We're looking forward to the next event!
  2. mccory9's Avatar
    I still hate you all but I'll be back in a couple weeks. I owe Bobby another beatdown.
  3. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Sounds like a great time was had by all!