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Down Under Dicers - Hello! Some information about Australia.

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Greetings folks!
I have always enjoyed the discussions and content created by the people here that I have decided to contribute in some form as well, hence, the blog. So, welcome to DUD or Down Under Dicers! (name is work in progress). Also, forgive me for the bad editing, I'm new at this.

What is it?
It will mostly be a blog discussing fun formats a TO could do to spice up your local scene. Other times I will be looking at Dicemasters in general from an Australian perspective. Rarely, I will be ranting at something Dicemasters related (*cough* why no Australia Nationals this year Wizkids?).

My name is Zack and started playing Dicemasters in June 2015. I’ve always been a gamer, played video games growing up and then moving to boardgames. I have never played or been actively involved in a TCG/CCG and my love for this game came directly from my love of playing boardgames (and Tom Vasel’s review of the game).

Let me start by doing some background on the Australia Dicemasters scene. I also intend this to be a reference point for new players to direct them to places where Dicemasters is active.

Facebook Groups

At this point there are a number of Facebook groups where Australian players do trades or share events coming up. The main group is Dice Masters Australia. Some of the states have their own group as well Dicemasters NSW, Dicemasters Melbourne, Dice Masters - Perth and Dice Masters Canberra.

Of course these are only the groups I am aware of.

Next up we look at FLGS that host Dicemasters events. Now, obviously these are not all the stores in Australia doing DM events, just the ones I am aware of.

We will do this by states:

Sydney, NSW
There are two stores currently running events, Good Games Epping (this is my local store which I help out as a TO) and Good Games Hurstville.

Good Games Epping tries to run an event every week with varying numbers (between 3-8 people most times)

Good Games Hurstville is currently running rainbow drafts once a month. This was the venue of the 2015 Nationals.

Canberra, ACT

As far as I am aware, only one store does regular events, Three D6 and they appear to be doing drafts once a month.

Perth, WA

It appears only one store is regularly hosting events, Gamagori. I believe this is the local store TRP user Bestia.

Melbourne, VIC

By far the largest scene in Australia in my opinion with three stores hosting events.

Tezza’s Games and Guf Werribee are based out west of Melbourne. I have been to Tezza’s Games once and from what I can tell they have a player base of 6.

In my opinion, the largest competitive scene in Australia belongs to Next Level Games in Ringwood. I had the pleasure to attend one of their constructed events where everyone played fairly high level teams. They do weekly events and consistently attract 8 to 10 players.

Other states
Not known, please comment if you are from Australia and know of a store who host DM events.

That’s it for this week, thank you for reading!

I welcome any and all feedback. Thanks!


  1. pk2317's Avatar
    Glad to hear from our international players!
  2. agentj's Avatar
    Awesome to hear about dm from other countries. Have a strong love for Australia do to a friend that moved to the states so his dad could work at NASA for a year or so. Wonder whatever happened to Joel?
  3. zeon20's Avatar
    I'm curious what the meta from down under is like? Is it riddle with gobbys, tsarinas, hulks, jinzos, rings, bards, guys, burn, or some other crazy team combo we havent seen before lol.
  4. cerzy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zeon20
    I'm curious what the meta from down under is like? Is it riddle with gobbys, tsarinas, hulks, jinzos, rings, bards, guys, burn, or some other crazy team combo we havent seen before lol.
    Surprisingly, there is nothing like that. I mean, you do occasionally get one person who uses gobby/tsarina. I think for the most part, most of the current active players only started playing after AVX ran out here. So you don't typically see AVX cards.

    For reference, last year's nationals had about 11 people. Out of those, only one person had Tsarina and no one used gobby.