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Here we are again, everybody. A new set is upon us and no cohesive breakdown of the set has been released, so I feel it's time once again to take a look at the aggregate of dice that we now have access to and assess their relative values. I'm going to be rating all the cards and dice brought in with the new set and putting in a few details as to how and why they earned their ratings. We've had less than a week with the cards, so these are all going to be first impressions, but the important thing is that you get a sense for how these cards play out and their role in the game.
All cards will be introduced by name. If you'd like to follow along with a refresher as to their stats and effects, you can check The Reserve Pool Wiki or follow the list I used to compile this list on

WARNING: All scores are purely the impression of the cool guy writing this blog and do not necessarily reflect the views of the community. Some scores are going to be highly controversial, so keep in mind, I'm the guy who thinks PXG and Polymorph are poor includes on the majority of teams.

Before I begin, I'll be rating dice for both the draft and unlimited formats. In draft, dice will have less competition and so have higher average scores, but may also be marked down for lacking support. In Unlimited, the competition will be far more fierce, but weight will be given to the combos that can reasonably be pulled off with the wide array of complimentary cards.

All scores will be given on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 representing Vixen's common and 10 being "Gobby"-tier. Without further ado, let's :

Starting with the Basic Actions, we have --

Brave Sacrifice:
Draft - 3 | It is a decently purchasable die and it provides some removal for Ally characters, but it doesn't really give much utility outside of that. Most Ally characters don't care about their level much, so the global is both a blind counter and requires a combo, while the die itself simply provides too little stats for its cost.
Unlimited - 2 | Not only are Allies a lot less common in unlimited play, but sidekick removal is also easier to come by. This combines to make Brave Sacrifice very difficult to use in the vast majority of situations. It's best use is going to be as a combat trick die, used on sidekick focused teams when you don't want to give your opponent a good option to buy.

Call to Action:
Draft - 5 | Anger Issues without the Overcrush and costing 1 less is still worthwhile. Oftentimes, the best way to use Anger Issues is to slap it on an unblocked character, so the price reduction for the same +3 damage bonus is definitely a worthwhile trade-off and means this action die is definitely able to see play in a draft environment.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Out of set there are simply too many powerful attack boosting dice such as Ambush, Teamwork, or Ready to Rocket that do more than this. Lacking the Anger Issues global is also very damaging and sets this action back even further in terms of utility which is arguably the most important role for your BAC's to fill.

Dark Avenger:
Draft - 8 | This is essentially a 2-cost Power Bolt with an extra burn global and faction integration that might make it useless to your opponent. Across the board we're seeing major value for your energy investment, avoidance of the PXG effect, extra utility, at the cost of faction investment. This is a very good deal and is going to be a great addition to your draft team if you get a decent core of the Bat-Family.
Unlimited - 7 | Everything remains true from draft, except for two things: Now you're almost guaranteed to have exclusive use of this BAC, but you are also require to build the Bat-Family in unlimited. Taken alongside a value character like Oracle, that's a decent value proposition and having a discounted Power Bolt can lead to very interesting team setups as well. Bonus points if you include the Elf Wizard to purchase and cycle these things even faster.

End of Days:
Draft - 1 | While not strictly true, I'd essentially rate this die as unplayable in draft. It is the most expensive BAC ever to be released and it's also the heaviest double-edged sword. You get one character left alive on your field and your opponent does too, good luck making good use of the field with both your boss characters sitting around unsupported. The only utility this really has is to allow for an Overcrush character to bash over a single blocker for game or to set up a lot of your own "when fielded" abilities provided you survive til your next turn (not great odds).
Unlimited - 3 | While it's still terrible, you can at least build to take advantage of how terrible it is. Not only can you set up a fair deal of price reduction, but you can also pick and choose character that will synergize with this effect like Solomon Grundy or regenerating characters. I'd be interested to see what you could do with a Raven - Rachel Roth and a Teen Titans team and this thing. The biggest problem is that you let your opponent roll their field back into play before you get a chance to re-field all your KO'd characters. This means that you're essentially naked until your next turn, inviting your opponent to OTK you with his freshly rolled board.

Kryptonite Threat:
Draft - 3.5 | While this is a very utilitarian effect, it simply costs too much to be decent in a draft environment. If I'm forgoing a pair of Dark Avenger dice, I want to be getting my money's worth and that's just not the case here. Worse yet, if you don't get the burst faces, the value falls lower and you are left with what's essentially a temporary KO for 4 energy. Not quite worth it.
Unlimited - 1.5 | With a broader selection of BAC's to choose from, this die loses what little remained of its value. Stopping a character from blocking is already available as a global or as character abilities for far cheaper than this and the single prep only replaces itself with the die you would have drawn anyway had you not bought Kryptonite Threat. Leave this in your binder and bring your A-game to the constructed table.

Man of Steel:
Draft - 4.5 | "Reducing damage isn't a big deal and the life-gain doesn't make up for that fact," is what I would have said were Iron Will not yet in the game. Now we have a very real synergy to take advantage of by using this die to protect our characters' shield from pinging and keep them ready to absorb massive blows in combat. The life-gain also helps make it more value in draft since you should be cycling this die fairly regularly.
Unlimited - 2.5 | While Iron Will is likely going to be a decent mechanic in draft, it's still too new to build around in unlimited. As such, the main utility of this die falls away and my initial sentiment is now supported. This die just doesn't help you win enough to be worth the trouble.

To the Rescue:
Draft - 3.5 | The thing to remeber about BAC's is that they are worth 2 energy or their action face. As such, if an action face is giving you energy savings of 2 or less, it's inefficient and shouldn't be on the team. The odds of this die saving you 3+ energy are extremely poor most of the time as you have to be fielding a single 3-fielding cost character or or multiple Super-Family dice, neither of which can be relied upon outside of the turn after a big combat, at which point you also have to be drawing this die at the right time. It's just too situational to be good.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Here we run into the same problem, except that Super-Family dice are significantly less common. I only rate it this high because cheap BAC's have utility with characters that trigger on the use of action dice like Blue Dragon, but otherwise this is just not a good die to bring.

Too Big to Fly:
Draft - 6 | The ability to snipe your opponent's biggest characters is nice (if a bit expensive), but the global is where this BAC really shines. Having the ability to buff your unblocked characters or boost characters over the blocking characters is always a good thing and having that option to build this card into a drafted fist team means you are likely going to be able to leverage this over your opponent quite regularly.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Pure knockouts are always valued and most of the characters you want gone are going to be big 5+ beatsticks like Jinzo or Hulk. Additionally, that global loses none of its effectiveness. However, the biggest reason you bring this BAC is Because you're planning to use buff weenie characters to swarm your opponent such as Guy Gardner or Half-Elf Bard since you'll be immune to this die when your opponent can use it and be able to take advantage when it's your turn.

Trusted Friend:
Draft - 6.5 | Remember what I just said about action dice, energy, and inefficiency? This is what I was talking about. If you every buy the die outside of having two floating energy you couldn't otherwise spend, you have made a grievous mistake. That said, this action is still fantastic for its global. Being able to manipulate affiliations is extremely useful and will enable many cards that would otherwise be blind counters to reach their full effectiveness with consistency.
Unlimited - 4 | It's still useful to manipulate affiliations, but with a lower density of abilities that interact with these affiliations, it's going to be less useful. That said, it'll also be more one-sided since your opponent won't have built with this global in mind, allowing you to command full use over its effectiveness and essentially bring 1 BAC for your opponent to use instead of 2.

Vigilante Justice:
Draft - 7 | This is essentially Fighting from War of Light with more cost and significantly higher utility as it will trigger outside of the attack step. However, it also allows you to build against it by ignoring the Bat-Family in its quest for retribution. That means you can make great use of this with the proper build and in combination with Dark Avenger, the Bat-Family is really looking to make great use of its BAC's (understandable given Batman's affinity for gadgets). Taking losses in combat is a much better value proposition with this effect active and the war of attrition can get lop-sided quite quickly. ( I can't wait to see this play out with the rare Mr. Mxyzptlk)
Unlimited - 9 | Let me introduce you to your Golems' new best friend. With Fabricate, you're going to be able to pull off multiple pure KO's at little cost to you and significant benefit. BEWD becomes a stone cold killer, the SR Beholder becomes a true monster, Mr. Sinister certainly is, the possibilities are endless and on a super cheap die I can guarantee this card will see very interesting combo-focused play. The fact that Bat-Family characters will be rare is just icing on the cake.


Alfred Pennyworth C:
Draft - 4 | This card gets points for being cheap and costing nothing to field. Otherwise, it's pretty much worthless. Slapping on extra defense points until the end of the turn does nothing for his value and while Ally has become a truly supported mechanic rather than a thematic nod as is ASM, his ability does nothing to advance that cause.
Unlimited - 1.5 | In unlimited you have access to many more 2-cost characters and many more value Allies. Alfred just doesn't cut the mustard and that makes him a bad butler.

Alfred Pennyworth U:
Draft - 8 | This guy is basically invulnerable as a defensive wall so long as you have any sidekicks in your used pile. This gives you massive utility when it comes to walling up and also synergizes with the value BAC's of the set by being of the Bat-Family. Unless your opponent is packing some way around or over your field, Alfred is going to be a really powerful defensive character.
Unlimited - 8.5 | "Alfred, prepare the Golems!" "Yes, master Wayne..." Fabricate is already a powerful mechanic and Alfred gives it to you on a silver platter. Combine this with Vigilante Justice and cackle with glee like the mad scientist that you are! Also doubles as a defensive wall against breath weapons and other such removal options, feel free to laugh at Hulk.

Alfred Pennyworth R:
Draft - 2.5 | More expensive and with the same measly Batman/Ally support... I don't see where they were going with this. Take it for your collection, not the field.
Unlimited - 1 | The extra cost is just too much to ignore. Alfred may be tough as nails, but he's still not the Ally you want on your team.

Bane C:
Draft - 6 | While not incredible value for his stats, a consistently strong beatstick with room for growth is more than acceptable in the draft environment. His global, on the other hand, is where his strength lies. This is a very effective removal ability that is extra effective against defensive characters that you can accept the damage from. However, it suffers horribly from the PXG effect in that it's very difficult to use better than your opponent unless you build with it in mind which you can't do in draft.
Unlimited - 8 | The die will likely be overlooked, but the global is strong enough to make Bane very playable. Just make sure to work in some defenses against it or accept that your opponent is going to do unto others as you would do unto him.

Bane U:
Draft - 4 | The extra cost hurts a lot and the strict affiliation ability doesn't do him any favors. Stick with the consistent option and bring this guy only if you don't plan on fielding him.
Unlimited - 7.5 | A worse die with the same global that carries the character. It's still value enough to see play irregardless of the poor energy efficiency on the die.

Bane R:
Draft - 6 | Extra costs may be bad, but burn damage is oh-so-good! Especially since he has a global that's going to be dealing damage here and there as well as allowing him to proc his ability, this Bane has major value even with the double-edged global.
Unlimited - 8 | This Bane falls more in-line with the common since it's effect is good enough to make up for its cost. It's a shame we couldn't get a 5-cost burn Bane, but the global is the important part so it still works out.

Batcave C:
Draft - 7.5 | Wait... I can just decide to keep my dice and return them all to the field for free? Yes, please! This is the backup button that makes End of Days viable. It may be an expensive combo, but it's more than good enough to be worthwhile in a wall-off. Even without the combo potential it's still a great answer to all sorts of removal and works especially well if you bring that removal in your BAC's or globals.
Unlimited - 9 | I keep mentioning Fabricate synergies and with good reason. With this card you can fabricate away your entire field and then just bring them all right back out in time to tussle. Combined with Vigilante Justice, this combo is truly sickening and I'm psycked to get my hands on this incredibly value common.

Batcave U:
Draft - 6 | In draft, used piles can get pretty massive, especially if you're filling up with a bunch of low-cost characters. This die takes advantage of that fact and allows you to swarm forth after big purchases. It does rely on your rolls and gives your opponent the ability to veto one of the characters, but it's still very useful to have.
Unlimited - 2.5 | In unlimited, the used pile rarely gets clogged and if it does, you're likely dead in the water already. This die may help make your comeback, but it seems like it won't be enough to really swing the momentum you need. (Props to anyone with the stones to use this with Manticore or Vibe for burn damage.)

Batcave SR:
Draft - 5 | Subtitle jokes aside, this card is incredible for stocking up on Dark Avengers to unleash. That said, it lacks the utility, versatility, and immediate benefit of the other two versions, so I'd rank it as the least effective of them for the draft format.
Unlimited - 6 | Discounts are always great and with a variety of 4-cost dice stuck in the awkward zone between 1 and 2 dragon globals, Batcave can help fill the gap. However, it's limited to BAC's, so leave your Lantern Ring at home (but bring your Blue Dragon for consistent procs).

Batgirl C:
Draft - 7.5 | Silver Sable is smiling from across the Marvel/DC divide at this plucky little hero. 3+ unblockable damage is nothing to scoff at in draft and the ability to splash her onto any team and make good use with few dice makes this girl a very value draft pick indeed.
Unlimited - 6 | I still like the unblockability and she seems like a great upgrade from Kitty Pryde, but Kitty doesn't see play these days outside of being splashed for her global, so I don't see Batgirl taking Unlimited by storm, either.

Batgirl U:
Draft - 5 | The cheaper cost does not make up for her significantly worse effect. It's still nice to have blocker evasion (especially with Alfred cloging up your pushes), but it's not consistent enough to make her worthwhile. At least she can't be chump blocked (and she does run circles around Bane).
Unlimited - 3 | With less Allies and Villains around, she loses out even more vs. her common. It's just too much to ask that a blind counter be particularly viable.

Batgirl SR:
Draft - 8 | Mini-Hulk in draft, that's what I'm talking about! She's cheap enough to be a first turn buy and can absolutely wipe your opponent's field of sidekicks with any sort of damage effect. Her non-targeting ability may not be a selling point in draft, but removal is always worthwhile when every turn could be your last.
Unlimited - 9.5 | Mini-Hulk that doesn't target! I want it so badly... Bring along any sort of ping or AoE ability and watch your opponent's field melt. I really want to see Vibe or the AoE Blue Dragon team up with Batgirl to eviscerate any would-be blockers.

Batman C:
Draft - 4 | This is a Bane-tier die for 4, but without any globals. I rate it decent for a beatstick, but it doesn't have any wow-factor other than it refreshes its damage when it comes back into play so it can weather slightly higher AoE damage which isn't really a thing in WF drafts.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Being a beatstick just doesn't cut it in unlimited, even though there is a lot of burn to proc him with.

Batman S1:
Unlimited - 2.5 | He has potential to be a cheap beattick, but we already established that wasn't enough in unlimited. He also has a blind counter global that isn't very effective out of set in case you wanted another reason to ignore him.

Batman S2:
Unlimited - 3 | This beatstick has some minor removal... wooo... Still better than non-removal beatsticks, but not by much.

Batman S3:
Unlimited - 1.5 | More blind counters and more costs equals a worse characters. I don't know what Batman has against the Super-Family, but he needs to get over himself.

Bat Mite:
Unlimited - 3 | I don't see what this guy does that Alfred doesn't do better and more cheaply. It's a cool character to play around with, but not a competitive one.

Bizarro C:
Draft - 3 | He certainly is... There aren't many weak characters with global abilities in-set, so his ability is largely useless, but he feels like he should be usefull somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Now his cost has become overbearing and most global characters are never fielded in the first place, leading to an even more useless ability.

Bizarro U:
Draft - 4.5 | Now we have a usable ability. It's still a blind counter, but being able to block multiple dice is a very worthwhile effect and having blocker evasion (no matter how slight) is worthwhile on those stats.
Unlimited - 3 | We again run into the problem of him having no characters to interact with as most global characters never see the field in the first place (but if the do, extra blocks and evasion will be more useful than a when fielded ping).

Bizarro R:
Draft - 6.5 | This is a game-ender. It may only get +2 or +4, but on an Overcrushing die, that's enough to smash your opponent to bits. Grab him as your boss monster and consider letting global characters wheel to help get them on your opponents' teams ( I love the extra layer of strategy this adds to drafting).
Unlimited - 7 | Beatsticks for 7 rarely fair well in unlimited, but with Overcrush and massive self buffs, I can see this guy doing work on certain teams. The density of globals in unlimited is high enough to reliably have a 9+ Overcrusher on board, leading to a very value character if you can afford him as your boss monster.

Black Lantern Anti-Monitor:
Draft - 7 | Direct loss of life and very efficient beatstick stats make this guy a great choice to top off your team with. Your opponent can't accept a hit from him and can't chump block lest they get bled to death, leading to some very consistent damage and consistancy is key in draft.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Loss of life is still good, but with much more competition, he doesn't quite measure up. I'd run him with Stealth Ops for 9 guaranteed damage and call it a day.

Black Lantern Firestorm:
Draft - 4 | Decent enough stats, but with a blind counter that affects less than a quart of character dice isn't too great. Maybe if it was per die, but even then I wouldn't love it.
Unlimited - 2.5 | There's just no good reason to build this guy over the fantastic Firestorm common already available to you. Burn smarter and harder.

Black Lantern Green Arrow:
Draft - 5 | Decent stats on a decent ability work well together, but the max: 1 actually hurts the Black Lanterns for the first time ever, here. If you could grab multiples, he'd be great; as is, he remains average.
Unlimited - 6.5 | Not today, Lantern Ring. Combine with Vicious Struggle for absolutely devastating results and significant OTK protection. Best yet, this gets around damage triggers by forcing loss of life. Consider running alongside the regular Green Arrow for repeated "when fielded" shots.

Black Lantern Martian Manhunter:
Draft - 2.5 | Poor stats and minor burn makes me sad to see Martian Manhunter in this state. His regular versions are almost all better that this and it's painful to watch one of my favorite characters from JL hit rock bottom.
Unlimited - 2 | Friends don't let friends use Black Lantern Martian Manhunter.

Brainiac C:
Draft - 3.5 | Very expensive for what only adds up to a mediocre ability isn't really that good. It's great to be able to pull out and assassinate specific characters like a reverse Toad, but it still forces you to send a character out to do your bidding and provides a very useless body to sit around.
Unlimited - 2 | There's a global for this on very good character dice, use the Ultron Drones.

Brainiac U:
Draft - 4 | This is incredible when combined with Overcrush like Bizarro and also allows you to take away a lot of the control your opponent has over combat. However, it's also quite expensive and does nothing for you on its own without beaters to throw at your opponent.
Unlimited - 3 | It's useful to take control away from your opponent, though there's very little you can do with any 6-cost character that doesn't win you the game themself.

Brainiac R:
Draft - 1.5 | Trash-tier stats and a blind counter Storm effect? That simply isn't going to cut it.
Unlimited - 0.5 | Since he doesn't cost 6, I can't quite put him at the Vixen-tier, but boy is he cutting it close.

Bruce Wayne C:
Draft - 3.5 | If you had a consistent way of getting Batman dice in draft, this would be a lot better. As it stands, he's worthless without a Batman to bring out, so the value is strongly tied into how many Batman dice you can draft.
Unlimited - 6 | Normally, teaming up with a specific character means that you're likely to score fairly low in unlimited due to relying on the value of another character. Not so, here since Batman can be a very value member of the team. Specifically, Batman - Bruce Wayne of Earth in conjunction with With Great Power... makes for a devastating combo and allows you to churn out consistent hits of 5+ damage.

Bruce Wayne U:
Draft - 4.5 | Same as before, but more expensive and with a far greater effect. The level difference is very good as is, but the extra removal makes it all worthwhile. You still have to subject yourself to the number of Batmen you can grab, but otherwise this is a very good die to grab.
Unlimited - 7 | That level 2 face having 2 extra damage makes a big difference and allows you to pick a different BAC to pair with Batman such as Call to Action or the utility Vicious Struggle.

Bruce Wayne R:
Draft - 5.5 | It just gets better and better. Seriously, this effect is just fantastic! If you didn't have to rely on blindly pulling enough Batmen, this would be a top-tier draft choice and may be even if you can only grab 2 dice with some way to get them through for damage.
Unlimited - 7.5 | More levels and outright removal of problem character dice like Hulk or Golems make this the cream of the crop for Bruce Wayne's and fits the bill perfectly for Batman + BEWD combo potential.

Carmine Falcone C:
Draft - 7.5 | Decent stats, but quite cheap and with a a burn ability that can very easily get damage over on your opponent. It's especially good because it allows you to dictate the pace of the game by holding influence over whether you and your opponent field sidekicks, essentially pressuring your opponent into a pair of bad decisions: field sidekicks and get burned or don't field sidekicks and take forever to churn.
Unlimited - 6.5 | Burn is easy enough to come by in unlimited, but Carmine fits perfectly onto a Villainous Burn team by allowing you to constantly KO and refield him for decent burn. Sadly, he doesn't have the stats or damage potential to unseat Gobby, but it's still a decent option for a budget player who wants to run the team and a fist option that provides more burn than Ultron Drones.

Carmine Falcone U:
Draft - 4 | Sidekicks deal no combat damage? I... I don't really know how to rate this... It's some interesting anti-Ally fluff, but Allies aren't really meant to be dealing combat damage so much as being nusiances. Stopping them from dealing combat damage is definitely not worth the extra cost, so that leaves this guy in a weird state of having an interesting ability that doesn't really do much.
Unlimited - 5 | Sidekicks will always be a threat in unlimited since they have the potential to be the fastest win condition possible because you start with 8 of them. Countering sidekicks is useful, though they still haven't seen the revival I was expecting Half-Elf Bard to bring them, it's still a blind counter to an admittedly niche strategy, so I can't rate this any higher.

Carmine Falcone R:
Draft - 6 | Returning to the very decent cost as well as countering the strongest archtype in WF draft is a very workable setup for ol' Falcone. The problem is that it generally precludes you from building the Bat-Family as well, so you have much less options when building. That said, Villains don't have enough support in WF to work in and of themselves, so splash him into a team with other characters to get the job done.
Unlimited - 2 | While decent enough as a low-ish cost vanilla Villain, his ability is effectively blank text in unlimited. Those stats just don't work well enough to make him worthwhile and I would be very surprised to see this guy see any play anywhere in unlimited.

Catwoman C:
Draft - 3 | Trash stats with a mediocre ability does not make for a value draft character. This is doubly true when you're unlikely to get multiple dice since she's a starter character, avoid unless you direly need the removal/burn potential or more Bat-Family characters.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Trash stats with a mediocre ability won't get you nearly as far in unlimited, making her essentially worthless to anyone who isn't hardcore dedicated to the Bat-Family affiliation.

Catwoman S1:
Unlimited- 0.1 | Go back and look at the vanilla Guy Gardner for tips on how to make a vanilla 2-drop. Even the awful vanilla Dex-Starr has higher potential than Catwoman. If she didn't have that affiliation, I'd slap her with the Vixen-tier in a heartbeat...

Catwoman S2:
Unlimited - 0.5 | At least she has some utility now, even though she costs 50% extra for the privilege.

Catwoman S3:
Unlimited - 0 | That's it, she gets the full-Vixen rating. This ability is going to be completely useless in 99% of circumstances and in that remaining 1%, it's nearly useless. If you're going to clear the board, use a character that can capitalize effectively, not this failed feline femme fattale.

Clark Kent C:
Draft - 2.5 | Here we have a similar problem as with Bruce Wayne, but now we have a significantly more difficult trigger and a slightly more useful die. Being able to get those free Supermen onto the field cheaply is nice, but it's almost never going to happen the way you want it to in draft.
Unlimited - 3 | Now you have a lot more options to set up Clark's demise, but you also have a lot more competition for character slots. What's more, there isn't a single "value" Superman to combo with Clark, so you end up getting a big expensive die out to no real end. (Note: This will proc "When fielded" effects like Human Torch, unlike the other searchers.)

Clark Kent U:
Draft - 5 | This is probably going to be the only useful Clark Kent in draft solely because he gives you a somewhat feasible way to purchase and field Superman in a draft setting. You're going to be paying a hefty chunk of life for the privilege, but if you can get Superman doing work for you, it may be worth it in the end.
Unlimited - 2.5 | You're purchased Superman. Now what? There's just no end-game for this ability unless you're running some kind of Teamwork Super-Family build and that kind of niche potential isn't going to score very highly in the competitive arena of unlimited.

Clark Kent R:
Draft - 3 | Functionally identical to the common except he searches the bag, not the prep.
Unlimited - 3 | See above.

Commissioner Gordon C:
Draft - 4 | High level Gordon dice aren't exactly the best value and again, Batman should not be your focus in a draft setting since he's a starter character. Aside from annoying amounts of John Stewart, I've never seen someone be able to draft reasonable amounts of starter characters, so I'd steer clear of Batman support.
Unlimited - 5 | More support for the Bruce Wayne + Yellow Lantern Batman gimmick is A-Okay in my book. Also, the global can be very useful for triggering characters like Hulk and can be made on-sided with Golems.

Commissioner Gordon U:
Draft - 2 | If you want to support your batman Drafts, sending him to the prep area instead of calling him onto the field is a bad way to go about it. Skip this one in lieu of the common or Bruce Wayne.
Unlimited - 2 | I can't see why I'd want this Gordon instead of Bruce Wayne. The global is interesting, but his ability isn't worth it and both his other versiona have markedly better abilities with the same global.

Commissioner Gordon R:
Draft - 5 | If you can get the dice to make this useful, a guaranteed level 3 Batman on the field for 2 fists is very good value indeed. Also, despite the higher purchasing cost, the added consistency gives Gordon a fighting chance to compete with Bruce Wayne for supporting the Bat.
Unlimited - 5 | I want to like this, but the synergy that Bruce Wayne has in unlimited towers too high over the extra costs for Gordon to really give him a run for his money.

Dick Grayson C:
Draft - 2.5 | If he was called Batman, there'd be a whirlwind of changes to be made for the scores here in draft, but since he doesn't count as Batman, he has no natural support and doesn't provide enough to be worth his costs.
Unlimited - 2 | The global is useful, nothing else about him is.

Dick Grayson U:
Draft - 3 | His level 1 stats may be bad, but free bodies to replace the old ones never hurts. That said, the costs on this guy are still too high to warrant picking him up unless you really want a Bat-Family beater.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Higher costs for nearly worthless utility. Nope.

Dick Grayson R:
Draft - 6 | Now you've got yourself a boss monster for your Bat-Family team. It may cost a ton, but if you can manage to KO your own characters, you're going to be able to devastate your opponent. (One of the few characters that can benefit from End of Days.)
Unlimited - 5 | Having a boss monster with such high costs on an unproven archtype would normally be the death knell for a character, but with enough support cards, this guy becomes a one man win-condition, providing his own global to fuel his rage. Consider running with mass KO potential such as End of Days and Talisman of Ultimate Evil.

Doomsday C:
Draft - 6 | A very value Villain beater, this guy gives you incredible stats at a bargain price so long as you can accompany him with a villainous escort.
Unlimited - 5 | I don't think villain teams really need cheap beaters, that's not what they tend to do, but it could work marvelously with a Villainous Pact/Teamwork setup.

Doosmady U:
Draft - 5 | Weirdly enough, this character actually has very decent synergy with Iron Will Superman, Steel, and Supergirl (possibly Lois Lane). He can't KO them, allowing you to keep them around while blasting your opponent's characters off the field to the used pile. It's a blind counter, sure, but there's a decent number of usable Super-Family characters in this draft, so I wouldn't count him out.
Unlimited - 2.5 | I'm rating him as I would a vanilla character with his stats. That ability is never going to be used and he's just not worth it at the price of a non-rare Jinzo.

Doomsday R:
Draft - 2.5 | This boss monster doesn't want to die and he's going to make your opponent pay to take him out. However, that's not a reasonable ability for a 6-cost to rely on as their sole source of value, leading me to say nay to this Doomsday.
Unlimited - 2 | Would you rather have this or Jinzo? I thought as much.

General Zod C:
Draft - 3.5 | The boss-tier stats are nice, but fast doesn't really do a lot and the non-basic actions in set are either bad or continuous, meaning you won't be using them very often. I wouldn't bother with this version unless you wanted a late-game villain to top off your list.
Unlimited - 3 | Out of set, bob-basic actions are fantastic, however, his buff when you use them still is not... You'll probably be better off using something simple like Angel rather than trying to make General Zod work out for you.

General Zod U:
Draft - 5 | Even if you won't be using non-basic action dice too often, the ability to instantly steal another characters ability is too good to rate poorly.
Unlimited - 8.5 | Expensive, but worth it. General Zod can allow you to double up on Blue Dragon breath weapon and blocker removal when you use Millennium Puzzle, double your "once per turn" effects and globals on characters like Wasp or Colossus, and take advantage of useful characters your opponent has out like Hulk or Magneto. The utility is nearly endless!

General Zod R:
Draft - 3 | If Kryptonite was better, this would be better. Since Kryptonite isn't very good, this isn't very good.
Unlimited - 6 | I loved Beholder for allowing me to save my Prismatic Sprays for when I needed them, but General Zod allows me to never stop Spraying in the first place. The character damage is fine, but it's his ability to keep my opponent CC'd that really makes him work.

Harley Quinn C:
Draft - 6 Finally becoming a bit independent of Joker, Harely is a staple for any sort of Villain team in draft. Villains have notoriously bad fielding costs and helping with that goes a long way towards making the archtype viable. (She still seems to have self-esteem issues, though)
Unlimited - 7.5 | Cheap-ish villain support is great. I love any and everything that allows me to field my characters for less, so this Harley is definitely a character I'd like to take along for the ride.

Harley Quinn U:
Draft - 3 | Harley dice are not good dice. Buying more of them should be a means to an end, not your goal. Unless you're luckily getting discounted Jokers, don't waste your energy here.
Unlimited - 2 | See above.

Harley Quinn R:
Draft - 2 | Batman dice are not a problem in draft, unblockable Jokers are rare and difficult to set up. The only way to make this girl work is with the uncommon Joker, Dark Avengers, and a Bat-Family character. This is not a setup you're going to be able to make very easily in the draft environment.
Unlimited - 3 | Making Joker unblockable is nice, but none of the Jokers are value enough to make it worthwhile. This is doubly true since the common Joker from JL already does this for himself forming a great pair with the common Harley from the same set.

Harvey Bullock C:
Draft - 4 | Awful stats are a black mark on an fairly random character, but life-gain is very handy to have in draft, so consider splashing him in just for the off chance to heal up some life now and again.
Unlimited - 1.5 | There are better ways to gain life than resorting to doughnutty RNG.

Harvey Bullock S1:
Unlimited - 0.5 | Awful stats and vanilla, but still better than Catwoman.

Harvey Bullock S2:
Unlimited - 1 | It's random nonsense, but it's burn, so he's not useless...

Harvey Bullock S3:
Unlimited - 0.5 | 2 burn damage > drawing and rolling 1 die. "Bird in the hand..." and whatnot.

The Joker C:
Draft - 6 | Prep when attacking with burn on Villainous tribalism, I like it. It's not incredibly, but if you build well, it can pay serious dividends over the course of the game.
Unlimited - 3.5 | In unlimited, you need a lot more than paltry prep and strict tribalism to be worthwhile and The Joker just lacks the stats to compete in the big leagues.

The Joker U:
Draft - 6 | As I mentioned before, this Joker has remarkable synergy with the Dark Avenger BAC. If you can get him working his magic, you can quite quickly burn your opponent to death given enough luck.
Unlimited - 6 | Bag manipulation is strong enough to make this work. It's a bit expensive, but I can see various shenanigans that involve emptying your used pile and bag then buying a BAC and swinging to use it immediately (villainous Pact, anyone?).

The Joker R:
Draft - 2.5 | Bad stats on an incredibly luck reliant ability are not Harley's idea of a good time. Leave this one in the pod unless you want the rare for your collection.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Stricter competition hurts him even more and with bag manipulation being what it is, his effect is even less likely to go off.

Kal-L C:
Draft - 6 | Normally boss monsters aren't worth their weight in energy. That's not the case when you have a consistent way of getting them in for damage and Kal-L does that. It costs a pretty penny, but you can effectively guarantee 5+ damage against most teams. The global, also makes for a very nice perk.
Unlimited - 6 | Other 6-costs can get your whole team across for damage, Kal-L just doesn't. That said, his global makes him more than worthwile and allows for some trick plays that were initally only available with Ant-Man and Wonder Girl.

Kal-L U:
Draft - 4.5 | Exact same as before, but loses a bit of utility for lacking the global.
Unlimited - 2 | Exact same as before, but losing all utility for lacking the global.

Kal-L R:
Draft - 4 | Defensive board clear is very good, but there's no way to force your opponent into committing to a swing for you to devastate them with, meaning this Kal-L ends up being over cost until your opponent tries to push for game.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Clearing your opponent's field on their turn is one of the best things you can do in the game. However, without hidden information, this ends up being a 7-cost character that suggests to your opponent that they shouldn't attack until they have lethal. Go with a Hulk and have done with it.

Krypto C:
Draft - 3 | Stop relying on Superman in your drafts, especially for starter characters.
Unlimited - 4.5 | If not for the common Clark Kent, this would rate significantly lower, but getting a free die with your other free die is decent enough for me to rate.

Krypto S1:
Unlimited - 3 | This is the common Green Goblin with less stats and no sidekick buff. Comparing things to AvX may be unfair in context, but unlimited knows no context and Krypto will know no play.

Krypto S2:
Unlimited - 2 | Fast is not enough of a value ability to make Krypto work. This is doubly true since there's already a 3-cost Hawkeye with Fast, superior stats, and the coveted Avengers affiliation trumping Krypto on pretty much every turn.

Krypto S3:
Unlimited - 5 | In Super-Family setups, Krypto actually becomes a value beater with a built-in Teamwork effect. However, without any inherent way to get him in for damage, he still doesn't stand out in unlimited.

Kryptonite C:
Draft - 4.5 | Mini-Spray is usable now that it's a 2-cost rather than Web Shooters. It also has a blind counter mechanic that adds a small bit of utility in draft by stopping Super-Family blockers.
Unlimited - 5 | Mini-Spray is a lot more useful when you have a line-up of characters that can use and support action dice, while it also loses its secondary utility entirely.

Kryptonite U:
Draft - 3 | This can work on a few characters or to slightly mitigate stats, but it's not enough value to really warrant a slot.
Unlimited - 4 | There are many other abilities that can do this better, but there's also a lot of ways to take advantage of this such as AoE Blue Dragon and Power Word Kill's global.

Kryptonite R:
Draft - 1 | Why? Unless you're entirely glass cannon characters, this doesn't do anything for you. (Maybe it lets you sneak in KO's with Kal-L's global.)
Unlimited - 1 | This is pretty much only useful for triggering action dice abilities and killing characters via stat swapping abilities.

Lex Luthor C:
Draft - 6 | Surprisingly useful in matchups where your opponent has an energy focus and extremely useful for blocking or even attacking in conjunction with Kal-L's global.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Extremely painful for Lantern Ring teams to deal with and most people generally build with an energy bias already, meaning you're rarely missing out on the utility of this card.

Lex Luthor U:
Draft - 6 | Very capable of saving your hide from a variety of nasty threats such as burners or combat damage. Specifically, it can completely quash overcrushers or blocker evaders like the boss monsters of the set. Staying alive is generally a good strategy. (Vulnerable to being popped by soft-burn before it can be useful.)
Unlimited - 3.5 | With a greater variety of possible burn effects and less big boosted beaters, Lex loses a fair bit of utility.

Lex Luthor SR:
Draft - 3 | Non-combat damage is probably not going to be the killer for you in draft unless your opponent has dedicated to Dark Avenger burn. Don't rely on this to save you.
Unlimited - 6 | I want to love this, but there are too many field-swarm teams and removal options for Lex to really save you. Even when you do come up against a heavy burner, they're guaranteed to have a way around Lex, especially if they start incorporating all the "lose life" effects from this set.

Lois Lane C:
Draft - 2 | Is: a cheap ally. Isn't: good in any other respect.
Unlimited - 1.5 | See above.

Lois Lance U:
Draft - 4 | Tribal buffing is good, though the Super-Family may not be the best affiliation to take advantage of it.
Unlimited - 2 | The extra cost hurts a lot, though she does boost her affiliated teamates.

Lois Lane R:
Draft - 3 | Relying on luck to get your characters Iron Will is not a good strategy. However, this could work decently well with the uncommon Doomsday if you get those lucky level 1 faces.
Unlimited - 2 | Relying on luck and affiliations doesn't recommend her to me, but she's still better than a vanilla Ally.

Mr. Freeze C:
Draft - 5 | I like the stats, but the ability doesn't really seem terribly useful. I'd prefer it if it applied to characters that were KO'd rather than non KO'd. Still a very value villain die.
Unlimited - 6 | Anti-Hulk tech if ever there was some, he will completely negate Hulk's ability on your turn if you can force them into combat together and not kill the big man. Run with Ultron Drones on Villain teams.

Mr. Freeze U:
Draft - 6 | Pseudo-capture on a value villain die. I'm all about this. It gets rid of problem characters long enough for you to do your thing and get some work done on your opponent.
Unlimited - 7.5 | The list of characters this is usable against is fantastic. It's basically a grown up version of the Ultron Drone rare with an easier, but less controlled trigger.

Mr. Freeze R:
Draft - 6.5 | Keeping your opponent from using one of their value dice is amazing, allowing you to effectively "unpurchase" one of their dice so long as you have Mr. Freeze active.
Unlimited - 4.5 | It's still a fun and usable effect, but it's much more difficult to keep a character consistently active in unlimited, making Mr. Freeze's rare that much more difficult to use.

Mr. Mxyzptlk C:
Draft - 6 | This can only be rated average as it's only as effective as the dice on the field. If your opponent has a Superman for you to copy, that's great value. If Mr. Mxyzptlk is the strongest die on the field, the ability is awful. That said, he scores slightly above average for being able to nerf your opponents character dice into sidekicks and boost your own sidekicks into boss monsters.
Unlimited - 7 | With a greater variety of character to choose from, the value here grows as well. However, a 5-cost character is going to need a really standout character to become value, so consider running him with max:1 characters like Obelisk or Black Lantern Anti-Monitor.

Mr. Mxyzptlk U:
Draft - 3 | No one used Prismatic Spray's uncommon and they won't use it on legs either. Admittedly, if you can field this before fielding an overcrush character, it becomes instant value, but that's too rare to count on.
Unlimited - 2.5 |See above.

Mr. Mxyzptlk R:
Draft - 7 | In a format where there are multiple high-value BAC's floating around, this can be a really devastating die for your opponent to face. Bring along Dark Avenger with some Bat-Family members and watch your opponent squirm.
Unlimited - 4 | I love the potential, but it's not quite enough to be great. There's few BAC's that see play and actually help you on your opponent's turn, so the ability is going to be wasted more often than not.

Nightwing C:
Draft - 6 | Removal on an aggressive attack ability is very useful. The stats hurt the utility here, but not badly enough to lower his rating. Make sure you draft enough masks to make this work for you.
Unlimited - 5 | Thos stats really let him down and the chances of you having a diverse field of masks is very slim. That said, he makes great support for a Zombie Gladiator team if that's what you're into.

Nightwing U:
Draft - 4 | A vanilla uncommon? That's weird, but his stats don't make the case for it. Looking back at Spider-Girl from ASM tells me all I need to know about the lack of value vanilla Nightwing brings to the table.
Unlimited - 2 | Vanilla beaters are not good in unlimited. Don't bother.

Nightwing R:
Draft - 9.5 | Untargeted removal on a cheap aggressive die is amazing! This guy has the ability to smear your opponent's field into red paste before they even get a chance to declare blocks. Draft as many of these dudes as you can and enjoy spamming him to victory.
Unlimited - 8.5 | He's still very strong, but ping damage alone isn't enough to make a character take the true top-tier. Play him with mask support or just to counter setups like Ring of Magnetism and allow for versatility in your removal.

Oracle C:
Draft - 6.5 | Action dice are going to be a big thing in set, so hating on them can be very useful. Also, Oracle has incredible stats and makes for a true monster in conjunction with Kal-L's global. Grab her if you want a super cheap die that provides utility and beatstick potential.
Unlimited - 5 | Action dice are always going to be useful, but blind countering them with a small energy tax probably isn't the best way to go about countering them. Not only will players have extra energy and ramp in unlimited, but you're also going to be unable to make as good use out of Oracle's defensive stats because of the lack of straight up fighting.

Oracle S1:
Unlimited - 4 | Painfully absent from draft, this oracle is simply a stop-gap solution to early swarm teams. By the time she hits the field, your opponent probably has made most of their purchase and the number of dice she counters is too small to be helpful throughout the game. That said, she can be crippling to teams who take to long to purchase their weenies (but you shouldn't rely on your opponent making mistakes).

Oracle S2:
Unlimited - 8 | Doubling the price of globals is incredible and makes a great case for PXG not being completely busted anymore. Combine with Doomcaliber Knight and PXG for a setup that I actually approve of since it gives you advantage over your opponent... I feel dirty, but maybe PXG isn't the worst thing after all.

Oracle S3:
Unlimited - 8.5 | Remember Lex Luthor? This is his big sister. +3 TFC to all your opponent's purchased characters is insane! Weenie teams around the world are cyring out in agony as their wallets are torn from their grasps and Lantern Rings are drained of their light as their energy trickle away. Unless your opponent finds a way around this fast, they're going to be in for a very bad time, indeed.

The Penguin C:
Draft - 5.5 | Not a value die, but positively evil if you can manage to get enough Villains in your draft. Being able to tax your opponent for every body they put on the board is very worthwhile, but being a common, many people will be looking at this bad-bird and thinking the same thing, raising the value of Villains as a whole.
Unlimited - 6 | While nice for dedicated Villain teams, it's a bit too slow to be able to work as intended. It doesn't get out in time to floodgate the board and instead only serves as minor attrition should the game drag on.

The Penguin U:
Draft - 6.5 | Better cost, decent ability, and still very potent support for the Villain archtype makes this Penguin a winner in my book. If he didn't blast your own sidekicks as soon as your drop them off, he'd be even better, but alas.
Unlimited - 6 | More support for the Manticore lockout never hurt anyone.

The Penguin R:
Draft - 3.5 | Pure stats on an already defensive die just does not cut it for a draft character, especially since he loses his Villain tribalism. However, add Kal-L's global to the mix and suddenly you have a surprise beatstick bashing down your opponent's door.
Unlimited - 3 | No utility effect means bad things for this foul fellow.

Poison Ivy C:
Draft - 7 | I don't have to love the ability to love her stats, but I do anyway. Deathtouch has always been best for defensive characters able to soak the hits before meting out their revenge, and Poison Ivy does that brilliantly. Kal-L also helps to bring her to the next level as a true threat to your opponent's life. Also, she completely wrecks the Iron Will mechanic so she gets even more bonus points for that!
Unlimited - 6.5 | I love any Villain that actually brings good stats to the table and with the utility that Poison Ivy also has on offer, I have to give her a decent rating. Sadly, I can't go higher since she relies on others to gimmick her into being a powerhouse and relying on uncommon combat to get her effect off.

Poison Ivy U:
Draft - 7.5 | Deathouch is nice, but clearing blockers before swinging with a 6/3 is even better. Play alongside the Common Penguin for a dastardly duo that can keep your opponent burning or churning at a disadvantage.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Sidekick-hate is just not in vogue for unlimited and if that role does open up, I'll be damned if I let anyone steal the limelight from my beloved Carrion Crawler...

Poison Ivy R:
Draft - 8.5 | Value die, free breath weapon, cheap as chips, what's not to love!? Looking at Poison Ivy and back at the uncommon Loki from AoU gives me hope that WizKids is learning from their mistakes and making sure to print decent cards for the newer sets as well.
Unlimited - 8 | Free breath weapon is not to be underestimated, especially when it can stack with itself. There may be many other ways to skin that cat, but Poison Ivy still does it remarkably well and with a unique flair all her own.

Power Girl C:
Draft - 4 | While I don't hate her, I feel like this is a lot of faffing about for very little payoff, doubly so after just looking at a way to do this same effect way more consistently and on a significantly better die. Still, killing off walls is important and Supergirl does that, so yay.
Unlimited - 2 | Spectre has many superior effects than this and he never sees play so I doubt Power Girl will either.

Power Girl S1:
Unlimited - 4.5 |Conditional She-Hulk-lite is what we're dealing with here and I can see it being used on a Super-Family build so I actually kinda like it.

Power Girl S2:
Unlimited - 2.5 | Ramp is not the reason you buy 6-cost characters and if it is, I think you should reevaluate your priorities in Dice Masters.

Power Girl S3:
Unlimited - 3 | Life-gain is useful, but not at such a high cost and with the affiliation gimmick smothering it. Just use Iron Man like a sensible gimmick player.

The Riddler C:
Draft - 5 | Riddler? I hardly even know her! Joking aside, it seems like The Riddler is trying to be Poison Ivy, but failing and throwing a tantrum when he does. Killing your own sidekicks is only going to be okay if you really plan on pushing for game this or next turn. Otherwise you just dumped your churn into your used pile and have no recourse for the turns to come. (Bonus points for the Ally-hate.)
Unlimited - 2.5 | Indiscriminate sidekick slaughter on a mediocre body is not ideal. If it were more focused it'd be nice, but it's still a tech card to consider to cycle your own MJ's or counter opposing Ally-swarm if that becomes a thing.

The Riddler U:
Draft - 6.5 | Burn for free on a defensive die. Yes, yes indeed. Not only will this hurt your opponent fairly consistently, but it becomes more effective as they get more dice, allowing The Riddler to keep up with the pace.
Unlimited - 4 | He burns too slowly for the meta. If this was a 3-cost, I could see it working, but having to ramp up to him makes sure he's coming out to late to really pay for himself.

The Riddler R:
Draft - 5.5 | The middle of the road Riddler, he burns, but gives your opponent control of how much. He also is a very good counter to Dark Avenger which in and of itself is a selling point in draft. Best of all, his mere presence on your team may cause your opponent to forgo action dice in fear of the burn without you ever having to buy him.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Mini-Jinzo without global-hate is nothing to write home about. Skip him unless you love the Villain theme and are scared of Power Bolt.

Robin C:
Draft - 6 | Haven't I seen this ability before? Irregardless, it seems we have another character reliant on pulling in those Batman dice. If they weren't all so useful I'd say forget the archtype and let your opponents try their luck while you focus elsewhere, but it's clear that Batman can't be ignored and Robin is one of many reasons why.
Unlimited - 6 | Surprisingly decent stats make him an expectedly decent add for any Batman team you may even be considering running.

Robin U:
Draft - 3 | Why is this considered a useful effect? For 1 more energy you can get a consistent purchase cost and +3/+3 stats. I'll let you decide which synergy is stronger.
Unlimited - 2 | Cheap vanilla character are not a thing. Ant-Man hasn't seen play in ages and I can guarantee that he'll come back before Robin sees real play.

Robin R:
Draft - 4.5 | Blocking in draft is very useful. Relying on a starter die to have an effect is not.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Not vanilla, but still very limited utility makes for a poor card nonetheless. Batman synergies are great, just not for these last two Robins'.

Scarecrow C:
Draft - 2.5 | Bad die with over cost stats and a blind counter. Not much more needs saying other than to acquiesce that this ability could be devastating if your opponent has a big villain like Doomsady or Bizarro for you to take over. Just remember, if you take control of a character, Scarecrow can't attack alongside your new-found friend.
Unlimited - 3 | There's a lot of gimmicks that can use and abuse controlling your opponent's characters, but I just don't see how this is any better than Millennium Rod which is already woefully under-utilized.

Scarecrow U:
Draft - 6 | Clearing walls just got that much easier. You still have to rely on your opponent to field enough of them to be worthwhile, but with value Allies like Alfred walling up, this could be a very devastating blow if played at the right time. (REMEMBER: Characters that are controlling other characters cannot attack! This may or may not have cost me a draft.)
Unlimited - 3.5 | Wall clearing only amounts to so much and this is only mildly more effective than a simple breath weapon so don't get too excited.

Scarecrow R:
Draft - 3.5 | The lower cost is useful, but with so few ways to trigger him outside of the attack step, he really loses out in terms of utility. That said, this would be devastating alongside End of Days, but building around a 6-cost BAC isn't worth it.
Unlimited - 8.5 | Cheap control with BEWD and the option for Villain Retaliation makes this Scarcrow a hot commodity. I want to say it'd be fantastic, but I also fell in love with the rare Ultron Drone and the meta let me down in that respect, so hopefully the full on "take control" that Scarecrow offers will be enough to vindicate me here. (Bonus points for being Fabricate sized.)

Steel C:
Draft - 3 | Bad stats make me want to steer clear, but making all of your globals greater tools of advantage is tempting. I think the fact that he's so weak with no protection eventually puts him too far down to rate decently.
Unlimited - 5 | It's a lot better now that there are more globals, but I just don't see why you'd use him over Oracle unless you really wanted a Super-Family team.

Steel S1:
Unlimited - 5 | I'd rate this as a significatly worse Iron Man die, though considering Iron Man is one of my top-rated characters, that's still pretty okay. I just don't think Iron Will is all it's cracked up to be or worth the poor stats.

Steel S2:
Unlimited - 2 | Not only can they die to the slightest AoE, but now you can't even target them with your own globals to squeeze extra utility out of your dice. I just can't stand when WizKids slaps this ability on characters like it's supposed to be a good thing.

Steel 3:
Unlimited - 2.5 Great... now you just gave Jade Giant 2 KO's for the price of 1... Congratulations, you played yourself! (Disclaimer: has limited utility against certain problem characters like Blue Dragon. Combine with Ring of Magnetism for a chance at decent outcomes)

Supergirl C:
Draft - 5.5 | Surprised? So am I. I really like her stats and her ability, while limited, actually synergizes with her very well. The Kal-L global is incredible with her since you turn her into a beatstick and your opponent has to pay energy and life to mitigate the problem. Overall it provides a nice fork to force your opponent into and I'm all about that.
Unlimited - 3 | Now your opponent cares a lot less about your 6-cost stat stick since they're sitting pretty on a Hulk that's blowing her up every turn.

Supergirl U:
Draft - 4.5 | Iron Will should really be relegated to offensive characters. That said, she retains the stat swap potential and Iron will does work very well once she's been flipped, so consider her if you have Kal-L already.
Unlimited - 2.5 | I just don't see what you're supposed to do with her. There's no natural synergy for Iron Will aside from board bombing with End of Days and that's really not a good idea.

Supergirl R:
Draft - 6 | Now we're cooking with fire. Being able to stop weenie hoards from running over you is very good and with limited blocker removal is set added on top of her Iron will makes her a very difficult character to get around.
Unlimited - 5 | Anything that stops Guy Gardner and Miri Riam is at least decent. It's a niche, but very reasonable response to Guy Rushes and can devastate any weenie team that didn't bring proper blocker evasion such as Relentless or Falcon.

Superman C:
Draft - 4 | I've said it before and I'll say it again, don't use 6+ cost characters for ramp. That said, Iron Will and good stats provide him enough leeway to be usable. He also has synergy with the Super-Family, but don't rely on that in draft.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Nova with better stats for significantly worse costs. Nope, I'm not buying it.

Superman S1:
Unlimited - 5 | Having a low-cost boss beatstick can be useful given all the tribalism around him, though I don't see that global doing much for him. I'd vastly prefer a global that did 3 damage to one of your characters to make your opponent lose one life rather than the other way around.

Superman S2:
Unlimited - 1.5 | That global is basically worthless and I don't see you every buying the die either.

Superman 3:
Unlimited - 1.5 | Overcrush is not enough to make this guy a 7-cost, even if he does have Iron Will.

Superwoman C:
Draft - 3.5 | This is a Doomsday cost with worse fielding costs and stats. Grab if you need more villains, ditch if you don't.
Unlimited - 2 | Energy fixing, good. Iceman energy fixing, much better. Awful stats, much worse.

Superwoman U:
Draft - 2 | Paying 6 is not worth having her die available that turn sans rerolls. Paying 5 is not worth her vanilla stats. She is not worth.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Worse effect makes her even worse than the common.

Superwoman R:
Draft - 4 | The ability to nuke your opponent's board may be worthwhile, especially if they've built heavy in one family or another.
Unlimited - 1 | Since the ability will basically never be used, being vanilla is one of the few ways the uncommon could have gotten worse in unlimited.

Two-Face C:
Draft - 3 | This effect would be useful if he had decent offensive stats, which he does not. Blocker evasion will only be decent if you can make good use of it.
Unlimited - 2 | Grab a She-Hulk and have done with it.

Two-face U:
Draft - 8.5 | Damage that goes straight through your opponent's defenses is great in draft. Without any realistic way to counter him, Two-Face is essentially putting your opponent on the clock. If you can get a hold of him and get him cycling, he's going to win you games quite handily.
Unlimited - 7.5 | Cable but with a Villain affiliation and massive cost discounts. I want to believe! Surely direct damage can make him work, surely!

Two-Face R:
Draft - 2.5 | If this worked on character abilities, I'd love it. As it stands, it just doesn't do enough in draft as the best case damage potential is trading 2 of your life for two of your opponent's with Dark Avenger or a few other abilities.
Unlimited - 4.5 | This guy has Betrayal written all over both his faces. Any action die with big damage potential can work, but Betrayal wraps it all up in once convenient package. However, you still have to buy his 6-cost body and have it on the field at the time and that setup cost is a doozy to overcome.

Ultraman C:
Draft - 5 | Kryptonite may just have a niche after all. It hurts to be forced into the setup, but since there's enough decent action support in-set, it's still a viable option for making Ultraman absolutely huge.
Unlimited - 3 | I don't think Kryptonie will be as relevant in unlimited, so neither will Ultraman.

Ultraman U:
Draft - 3 | A blind counter to one of the weaker archtypes in set that requires a specific puzzle piece is just too much to ask for. Stick with the cheap stats if Kryptonite is your gig, not this blind AoE.
Unlimited - 1 | I'd effectively call this card vanilla in unlimited and that's an awful die for vanilla.

Ultraman SR:
Draft - 8 | Beyond being a super rare, this is a Beholder effect in draft and your one-way ticket to the End of Days. I'm besides myself and ecstatic that such a great effect is getting more iterations besides the original and that worthless Thanos. Use and abuse this with Kryptonite to stop "when KO'd" effect and all 4 BAC's to rain pain down upon your opponent.
Unlimited - 5 | Beholder is still better. The higher purchasing cost is very much offset by the cheaper fielding and significantly easier trigger. I love the effect, but I love it on Beholder even more.

Wonder Woman C:
Draft - 4 | I like her stats, but her effect only really stops 1 or 2 characters in the draft format from doing their thing. Blind Countering that small niche isn't a good strategy in draft.
Unlimited - 7.5 | When fielded abilites have always hurt and while the first set of Wonder Women tried to counter Gobby, this Wonder Woman gives you decent stats for your investment and stops a whole swathe of other effects as well.

Wonder Woman U:
Draft - 3.5 | Were you worried about global pings in this draft? I wasn't...
Unlimited - 5 | Global pings are a bit more prevalent, but most damage to characters comes from character abilities and action dice, not Magic Missile spam.

Wonder Woman R:
Draft - 3.5 | Were you worried about global pings in this draft? I wasn't...
Unlimited - 5.5 | Global pings are a lot more prevalent, but they're usually early hits like Red Dragon or finishers like Wasp. They rarely are use as a consistent damage source even if they are available throughout the game.

That's all she wrote for the World's Finest set. I'm sure you guys can pick apart my list to find things I didn't consider or character that you'd rate differently than me, so don't hesitate to leave your feedback or speak up on issues that you have with this list. It's by no means written in stone, but I think it's worthwhile for the community to have a general idea of how each new set breaks down and I'm happy to fill that niche.

Thank you all for following along, and have a nice day!

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  1. DigitalFirefly's Avatar
    Thank you for doing these.
  2. Joepancreas's Avatar
    Another great write up, thanks for putting in the time and effort. I had one card I wanted to ask about. End of Days is not a great card, and double sided as you said, but given that you could use it and then field your characters, doesn't that bump it up just a little?
  3. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Joepancreas
    Another great write up, thanks for putting in the time and effort. I had one card I wanted to ask about. End of Days is not a great card, and double sided as you said, but given that you could use it and then field your characters, doesn't that bump it up just a little?
    I'm glad a few of you appreciate the work. I think it's important that the community have a general idea of how all the new cards break down into the popular formats and since no one else is releasing these views in a timely manner, I'm more than happy to fill the gap.

    Yes, that does give End of Days a bit of utility, however, not enough to make it usable in the vast majority of circumstances. This is because it is a 6-cost BAC more than because it's double sided.

    Delayed Fireball got a pass because it was incredibly one-sided and devastating in the draft format and was cheaper. End of Days costs more, does more against yourself, and only works for luck based or intricate combos with the added risk that if you don't win the turn you use it, you're probably going to lose to the comeback play as your opponent fields all their characters they just lost. Unlike In MTG, board clearing needs to happen on your opponent's turn because of the KO-to-prep mechanic.
  4. Jwannabe's Avatar
    Awesome, once again! I know these take a lot of time, but I sure appreciate it!
  5. Jauron's Avatar
    This is great, I plan to pour over your comments the next few days!