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How I Would Spend WizKids Coolest Prize

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After somewhat trashing WizKids in my last post, I would like to take the opportunity to applaud them for something amazingly cool they do. While perusing the prizes for this year's National Championship, my eyes perked up when I saw the winner of that tournament gets to choose a character to be featured in a future Dice Masters set. Even better, the winner of World's gets to design their own Dice Masters card.

Talk about inspiration to win a tournament. Although the superhero characters initially lured me into the game, I do not have an extensive background collecting or reading comic books (before Dice Masters and the Internet, a majority of my discretionary income went toward purchasing music CDs). Pretty much everything I learned about comic book characters has come from television, film or conversations with knowledgeable folks on the subject.

There's one exception: I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series. To this day I still consider it one of the greatest works of literature I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I was super stoked to see Hellblazer's Constantine enter the Dice Masters universe because it opened the possibility for more adult-oriented comic characters to be featured in future sets. My excitement over Nationals has intensified, for if I am extremely fortunate to win one or both tournaments (and I know that's a long shot, but a guy can dream), I'll have the opportunity to bring some of my favorite characters to the game I love.

Even though the prizes are limited to one character/tournament, I couldn't help but brainstorm and design seven potential cards, one for each of the Endless from The Sandman. I wanted each card to be insanely powerful, hence I designated them all as 10-cost cards. Not only that, I felt it was important that each of the Endless could not block or defend since they prefer not to interfere in the lives of mortals. In order to justify a large purchase cost (and I have and will not be play testing these, so share your thoughts on my decisions in the Comments), I needed to develop powerful effects that remained true to the character they portrayed in the comic.

I present to you, my vision of the Endless in Dice Masters:

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	destiny super rare.jpg 
Views:	166 
Size:	531.2 KB 
ID:	4898

Destiny, the oldest of the endless. The ability matches his ability to "see the future," and I kept all his levels the same to indicate that destiny never changes.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	death super rare.jpg 
Views:	166 
Size:	461.9 KB 
ID:	4899

The popular Death of the Endless. I felt it was important that none of the Endless be able to attack or block since they do not like to get mixed up in the affairs of mortals (even superhuman ones).

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dream super rare.jpg 
Views:	180 
Size:	496.5 KB 
ID:	4900

Dream of the Endless is your opponent’s worst nightmare. I wanted to give him an ability that would remove him from the game while fulfilling the wildest dreams of his owner.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	desire super rare.jpg 
Views:	160 
Size:	637.6 KB 
ID:	4901

Desire is powerful and cruel. I had fun trying to figure out an appropriate ability to match his/her temperament.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	despair super rare.jpg 
Views:	186 
Size:	591.4 KB 
ID:	4902

Designing Despair was fun (don't say that very often), just for the fact that I figured out the one of the most horrible things an opponent could do to you.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	delirium super rare.jpg 
Views:	169 
Size:	619.4 KB 
ID:	4903

Reality and Delirium don't mix well, so I tried to break as many rules as possible with this design.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	destruction super rare.jpg 
Views:	169 
Size:	538.9 KB 
ID:	4904

I'm proudest of Destruction's abilities, mainly because it sticks to his story so well. I wanted to give him the ability to abandon his responsibilities. In addition, I thought it would be fun to show players that bad things happen when you seek Destruction.

Sandman fans and others, what do you think? Post your comments below.
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  1. bahamut7's Avatar
    I like them. I personally would like to see Death cause characters to return to their card, better signifying Death's touch.
  2. Mactavius's Avatar
    I like the way you think @bahamut7
  3. KennedyHawk's Avatar
    I like them all.

    Were I to place anywhere that gets a decision I'd push for a Runaways character. Probably Arsenic or Old Lace.
  4. pk2317's Avatar
    I love them!

    Need 1 more to make a full team of 8. Maybe an action of some kind?
  5. Mactavius's Avatar
    Why does it have to be 8? I've already ranted about the topic in my last post, so my above proposal would the only situation where I wouldn't grumble about having more than 4 super rares. If I had to add an eighth, I would lean towards the Corinthian or Mervyn Pumpkinhead.