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Report! Blue Dragon OP - Unlimited Constructed

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  1. KennedyHawk's Avatar

    I've found one good addition to a guy team is to bring a force to attack character like Phoenix from AvX.

    You can spend a bolt to force any nasty blockers or problem children to attack.

    I reserve this for pesky Hulks, Jokers, Loki's and Constantines.

    They may end up distraction their own friend back but it sucks up a mask that would normally be PXG'd or used to distraction your own GG rush.

    Just an idea.
  2. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    It's a great idea! Phoenix, Ms. Psyche was a character I had considered pretty heavily for this team. I really wanted to try this current build and see how it worked and I like it on paper, just need to get my grove in and see if I could find room for Phoenix on this team. I really do love the idea of having her on the team and I want to see where she needs to go.