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What if... I changed the Dice Masters product line?

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Over in the TMNT Spoiler thread there was a discussion about everyone’s surplus of sidekick dice and not needing so many in every starter set. @pk2317 responded with this:

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announced at GAMA that future sets may not include a Starter for the reasons mentioned.
It had never even occurred to me that we could possibly get a new set without a starter. It has been suggested Wizkids combine the starter and collector's box into one product. PK's quote got me thinking how I would change the current Dice Masters product line.

Issues with the current products

Current Starter Sets:
Technically the starter set comes with enough for two people to play, but it's not really an ideal game. Established players only want the 10 basic actions, and the character cards with their dice. Of those character cards, if you’re not a collector, you may only need one or two of them. I would eliminate the current starter sets going forward. The starter character cards can be rolled into the booster packs. This would eliminate the need for characters with 4 cards in the set. It also makes it easier to get dice for the starter characters. Most of all, it makes the 8 characters that used to be in starter set viable for the draft format. As for the sidekick/BAC dice and dice bags, see below for my plans on those.

After finishing this blog post, the news came out about Team Packs. This could be the starter set replacement that was hinted at.

Current Collector’s Box:
Lacking the essentials required for new players, the collector’s box is targeted at the established Dice Masters player. For the most part, people are probably just buying it for the storage and the promo card. The fancy dice are nice, but recent collector’s boxes are just reusing the fancy sidekick and BAC dice from previous collector's boxes.

Gravity Feeds:
Gravity feeds are a lot of fun, however, every time I open one there's two things that bother me: 1. the time it takes to open 90 packs and 2. all the trash I have to clean up after I'm done opening those packs. Below I've come up with a solution for both.

Proposed new products

Basic Action cards packs (MSRP $4.99)
Every time a new set is released, package the 8-10 BAC in a non-random foil pack. Add a smaller rule book covering any new mechanics/keywords for that set. This makes it easy to get a second set if you want one, or get older ones from sets you’ve missed.

Sidekick/BAC dice packs (MSRP $4.99)
You know those fancy dice that come in the current collector’s boxes? Now you can just buy those. Also includes the 4 color coded cards for the BACs.

Team Builder Box (New Starter Set) (MSRP $24.99)
This was inspired by Magic’s deck builder toolbox. It gives the new player what they need to get into the game and start building some teams. As of right now, Marvel and DC are the big staples for Dice Masters. Release a Marvel and a DC Team Builder Box each year to help new players get into the game.

Full list of contents:
1 set of sidekick and BAC dice
1 set of BAC (10 cards) and the 4 color cards from a recent set
14 characters/2 actions (2 versions of each, either C, U or R) with 3 dice per character/action (cards are non-random, selected from previous sets)
6 booster packs
1 dice bag
1 rulebook
1 mini paper playmat
1 reusable box for storage

Everything that is in the box established players already have, so they won’t need to buy these. You could throw in an alt art promo, or foil promo if you’re looking to get collectors interested in buying one. 16 characters and actions gives the player a nice variety to choose from and allows for a few different types of teams to be built. 32 cards with 3 dice each and 6 boosters should give any new player a good base for a team. Giving 3 dice per character and action means out of the box you can field a team with 20 dice. 6 boosters adds a potential for 12 more characters to start with.

New Collector’s Box (MSRP $19.99)
Redesigned dice trays. Max dice of 5 died with AVX, there’s no need for the rows to hold 5 dice anymore. Also, give us room for the entire set to fit in the bottom dice tray. Thicker plastic on the lid that won’t bend in half under the weight of dice if we use it as storage. What’s better than 1 alt art promo card? 2 alt art promo cards!

Booster Pack (MSRP $2.00) and Gravity Feed (MSRP $100.00)
Increase boosters from a $1 each with 2 cards and 2 dice to a $2 booster with 4 cards and 4 dice. Convert the feeds to 50 packs. More cards per pack would cut down on the waste produced by all of those wrappers in the current feeds. Less packs to open means you can get to playing quicker. Does anyone ever buy just 1 pack anyway?

So that's my proposed changes to the product line. I think it cuts down on some of the redundancy in the current products and gives new players a better starting point. Are there any other changes you'd make?
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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    I wouldn't overestimate the allure of a $1 booster pack. It makes it very easy to just grab a couple and add on to an order, or grab a few while shopping. I think the psychological difference between $1 and $2 would be greater than you think.