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Down Under Dicers - Post 2 - Why isn't Australia Getting a Nationals in 2016?

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Been awhile since I last made a blog post. Australia just got World's Finest last week so we've been pretty occupied with that. After opening 6 feeds, I was fortunate to get a complete set with only 1 duplicate SR.

But this post isn't about World's Finest but rather a rant about why Australia isn't getting a Nationals event (or at this stage none has been announced, however, it does not appear there will be one).

Now, lets look at what we have announced National Events to date for 2016 with the total number of registered users in WIN and number of active players in the first quarter:

US - 3834 (Lifetime), 2192 (Q1)
Canada - 364 (Lifetime), 246 (Q1)
Chile - 178 (Lifetime), 118 (Q1)
Mexico - 130 (Lifetime), 94 (Q1)
UK - 184 (Lifetime), 94 (Q1)
Spain - 437 (Lifetime), 262 (Q1)
Italy - 33 (Lifetime), 10 (Q1)
Germany - 31 (Lifetime), 15 (Q1)
France - 78 (Lifetime), 49 (Q1)

For reference
Australia - 54 (Lifetime), 22 (Q1)

Now US by far has the largest player base, so logically they get all the good stuff (WKO's, Rainbow Draft Weekend, IRON FIST, ALL THE ALT ART PROMOS). Now the only other country that appears to also be getting the same treatment is Canada, likely due to the close proximity to US. They also have a relatively large player base.

Now, all these announced locations mostly makes sense, apart from Italy, Germany and France. From the data it does not seem like there are that many registered/active users, and yet they are having a National event.

Now, I'm happy for you guys that you're having a large competitive event, don't get me wrong. What I don't quite understand is why isn't Australia getting anything? Seriously?

Now its likely the other countries have a bigger community of heroclix or attack wing which justifies Wizkids reasoning, but really, how do you really expect us to grow the community if we are not receiving any sort of support from Wizkids?

I have no issues with getting stuff late, I get it, they have to satisfy the biggest customer base first, and obviously logistics will always be an issue when shipping to Australia. But really, how hard is it to ship those prizes to a FLGS so we can have a large scale competitive event?

The closest thing we have right now is a WKO sometime in August- December 2016. That is a really long time mate. The FLGS can only do so much to attract new players. What we really need is large scale competitive event that we can use to encourage the casual players to come play. And we need some of the promos to attract players to come and play for it.

Ok, rant done. If you're still reading , then thank you for reading, I promise the next time it will be something interesting and more oriented to general gameplay.
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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    Two things: have you been in contact with the PDC to see about having any of those events (though it may be too late for this season), and two: try running the numbers on Heroclix and see what turns up.

    Also, it may be a distribution partner issue. I suspect the company in Europe that produces the translated sets may have pushed for the events trying to grow their base.
  2. cerzy's Avatar
    We did run a PDC store championship, but, there hasn't been much interest from other FLGS. The PDC is great, but I think in order to attract players from different states (driving times between states vary between 3 hours to 2 days so people typically catch a plane) we need something to actually attract these players to travel to play. At this point the only stuff we are getting are the normal OP kits which are accessible to all the FLGS. We have no access to any of the Alt art or RDW/WKO promos. And that I think really promotes competitive play as people want to get their hands on these promos purely because they aren't easily accessible.

    Heroclix numbers are:

    Australia - 84 (Lifetime), 40 (Q1)
    Italy - 110 (Lifetime), 71 (Q1)
    Germany - 26 (Lifetime), 6 (Q1)
    France - 45 (Lifetime), 14 (Q1)

    Still not exactly making sense.

    I reckon you're right, it might be the distribution partner issue. I believe some of the FLGS have been in contact with them. The vibe we are getting from them is that either they don't care or they can't do anything until Wizkids themselves decide to hold an event.

    Another factor might be that Australia is essentially isolated from other countries, whereas Italy/Germany/France is in close proximity to the other European countries and it does not appear too difficult/expensive to travel to play.