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Down Under Dicers - Post 3 (Strategy) - Ultraman

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Greetings folks,

Today i'll be discussing Ultraman, specifically the SR version and kryptonite:

Ultraman: Kryptonite Powered - While Ultraman is active, if a Kryptonite Action Die is used, you may use the effect of every Basic Action Card in play (with no burst) immediately.

Kryptonite: Green Death - Ignore the text on target character die's character card (for each of its dice and Global Abilities).
*/** Also, superman friends character dice can't block.

Now this was sparked by the discussion on the Facebook group which led me to try and brew something for this. To be honest the first time I looked at Ultraman my first reaction was "meh, seems like an OK ability but I'll probably never use him. " However, after a second look and some play testing, Ultraman+kryptonite seems like a viable strategy.

Now, I reckon the key piece here is kryptonite's ability, which allows you to blank the card of a character's die. This action itself lets you bypass many control elements. As a scenario, assume your opponent has a Joker: Clown Prince of Crime in play and it is preventing you from fielding a character. You can use kryptonite to blank Joker's text and then field the character.

Now, your choice of basic actions will also impact the effectiveness of this combo.

The Outsider: Trinity War, Villainous Pact, End of Days

If you're playing an all villain team then it seems like a no brainer to use outsider and villainous pact. Pair it with the proper use of pxg, and you can potentially field any villains you buy in the same turn whilst maintaining control with kryptonite. If your opponent does not play villians, then you could potentially swing in for damage.

One that I'm keen to try out is to use outsider with polymorph. When you trigger Ultraman's ability, you can poly out a villain with a when fielded ability such as Gobby (to bring in a character with a while active ability) and field the villain back with outsider (assuming proper use of PXG to manage your bag).

Of course you could also go the Apologies in Advance route and use Imprisoned to capture your opponent's pieces.

There's also End of Days which can be used to clear your opponent's field before you field your characters and swing in for the win.

With both Ultraman and Kryptonite being bolt energy, this could potentially introduce some really effective control elements in a mono bolt team with

And of course someone in the facebook group suggested:

If you pair it with villainous pact it could potentially mean none of your opponent's characters can block (assuming they do not play villains).

Now, I think the ideal first couple of turns could potentially be:

Turn 1: Buy kryptonite, pxg rest
Turn 2: Buy Outsider, Pxg rest
Turn 3: Buy Ultraman, use Outsider to field
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