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Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Post - Civil War Spoilers Thoughts...

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Hello Fellow DiceMaster-ers,

Here is a link to my latest Wordpress blog post:

In this entry I provide some brief thoughts on the Civil War spoilers from the Dice Tower review.

I'd love some feedback & suggestions so please post comments here or on the comments section of the blog. Do you agree with my interesting picks? Am I a madman to think these are the stand out spoilers? Have I missed something obvious? Let me know...

Thanks for reading beautiful people - you're the greatest/

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  1. RonBurgandylive's Avatar
    I enjoyed looking over your thoughts. I just don't know if the rare Captain Marvel is worth the cost for what she can provide. I completely agree with you on Pym Particles and Punisher. I also hope that you can come up with a good deck for Luke Cage. I like the idea of both the 2 cost Falcon and the 2 cost Rocket as the former's costs can be worked around and the latter's affiliation goes well with Starlord and Starhawk's abilities. Other characters that stand out are Justice, Namorita, Taskmaster, and Goliath. I also think Cap's Shield has some possibilities too. The SHIELD affiliation additions are nice to see too as I feel that someone will be able to make a SHIELD deck. This set seems to be full of tech cards that help you win, but won't be the winning card itself. We will see what happens though.
  2. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    Thanks for reading.

    I think you're right - what we've seen so far does seem quite 'techie'. I'm keen on that in a way - I like variety in the archetypes and the challenge of team building is more joyful for me when I'm not building teams 'on rails' and can look to make interesting choices.

    That's the reason, incidentally, I support the recent card ban, as it eliminates auto-includes.