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UXM Draft Tiers

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We've seen a few requests for something like this, and so here it is. We have a list here of when and how you might want to consider taking a card in draft. Here are the tiers we're using:

[u][*]Tier I - Your first pick. If you see it, take it. This will synergize well with multiple cards that you will see and/or basic actions that you can bring. If you have multiple high-tier picks, you must choose based on the type of team you want to build.[*]Tier I.a - May be your first pick in hand one if you plan on executing a specific strategy. More highly dependent on the rest of your deck. This pick may especially be informed by evaluating the cards you open in hand one and hand two and how they might synergize.[*]Tier II - Early picks. Could be a first pick, can be built around, but hopefully it isn't.[*]Tier III - Take these after options in I and II are exhausted. These are high-quality playable cards; supporting characters for the strategies above.[*]Tier IV - Playable cards. They're not amazing, but they're solid performers. These should match the energy types that you need.[*]Tier V - Situational cards. Only take these if your deck will benefit or if your meta requires the ability that they bring.[*]Tier VI - Avoid. Don't take these, or if you're forced to, it probably shouldn't be in your deck unless you have severe energy or role deficiencies.[/list]
The cards are listed alphabetically (mostly) and are not in any particular order of strength within the tiers.

This is not 100% foolproof. No one will ever 100% agree with the list. It's just not possible, especially in a game where so many cards have such a high dependency on other cards. We at TRP have a few disagreements amongst ourselves with the placement of things on this list. What it does do is generate discussion, and that's very important.

<h3>UXM Draft Priority List</h3>

Tier I - Take it no matter what.
Ant Man - Pym Particles
Cable - Time Traveler
Cyclops - Field Leader
Mr. Sinister - Nasty Boy
Namor - the Sub-Mariner
Professor X - Trainer
Pyro - Saint-John Allerdyce
Red Hulk - aka Rulk
Scarlet Witch - Controls Probability
She-Hulk - Lady Liberator
Toad - Mortimer Toynbee

Tier I.A - Take it if you’re doing a specific strategy or based on the cards you opened.
Angel - Flying High - If you’re using shields.
Captain America - Superhero - onlyif you’re playing superhero, otherwise avoid.
Falcon - Recon - for sidekick/aggro strategies.

Iceman - Mister Friese

Iron Man - Upright / Industrialist - if you’re playing villain (Nasty Boy)
Mystique - Raven Darkholme - if you’re playing villains or Iron Man global.
Mystique - Ageless - if you want prep area madness.
Psylocke - Kwannon the Assassin - for mask-based teams or She-Hulk based teams.
Pyro - Pyrokinetic - bolts!
Pyro - Uncontrolled - bolts!
Storm - Superhero - ONLY if you need a cheap partner for a stronger hero (Cpt. America, for example)
Toad - Sniveling Servant - If you have board control schemes in mind.
Cable - Techno-organic - If you want a board sweeper.

Tier II - Take it but not necessarily your first pick
Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants
Spider Man - Hero for Hire - esp. with She Hulk, Relentless, Black Panther, etc.
Black Panther - Diversion - esp. with She Hulk or Relentless

Tier III - Take it after your Is and IIs
Ant Man - Biophysicist
Captain America - “Follow Me”
Cerebro - Cybernetic Intelligence
Cerebro - Supercomputer
Falcon - Samuel Wilson
Magik - Redflag #133
Magneto - Hellfire Club
Namor - Imperius Rex (especially if things like She-Hulk uncommon are a drag in your meta)
Psylocke - Betsy Brattock
Psylocke - Ninjutsu
Scarlet Witch - Unity Squad (for bolts)

Tier IV - Playable
Ant Man - The Insect World
Apocalypse (all)
Bishop - XSE
Cable - Man of Action
Cerebro - Mutant Hunter
Falcon - Air Strike
Magik - Lightchylde
Magik - Illyana Rasputina
Mr. Sinister - Nathaniel Essex
Mystique - Alias You
Namor - Atlantean
Quicksilver - Villainous
Red Hulk - Thunderbolt Ross
Scarlet Witch - Wanda Maximoff (for bolts)
Sabretooth - non-super hero ones
She-Hulk - Jennifer Walters
Storm - Weather Witch
Toad - Tongue Lashing
Vision - Density Control
X-23 - Scent of Murder
X-23 - Assassin

Tier V - Situational/Meta based
Captain America - Spec. Ops - If Villains are a problem
Bishop - Omega Squad - If bolts are strong in your meta
Emma Frost (all) - if fists are strong in your meta.
Marvel Girl (all)
Red Hulk - Superhero
Sabretooth - Superpowered, only if superheroes.
Sentinel - All
She-Hulk - Superhero
Spider Man - Spider Sense
Spider Man - Superhero
Storm - Lady Liberator (global could be useful if actions are strong in your meta)
Vision - Android
Vision - Victor Shade

Tier VI - Avoid
Black Panther - T’Challa
Black Panther - Wakanda Chief
Iron Man - Superhero
Juggernaut - Kuurth
Kitty Pryde - Just a Phase
Mr. Sinister - Archvillain
Wolverine - Antihero
Professor X - Founder
X-23 - Killing Machine
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  1. Dusten McAdams imported's Avatar
    Is the unspoken Tier 0 reserved for that super rare you pull?*
    Good list for general card ranking. I would have to agree with your ranking of Cyclops. He works great with Iceman, all forms of Pyro, and every other bolt character with one exception... Field Quicksilver-Villian BEFORE you field your Cyclops-Field Leader...(sigh)