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Down Under Dicers - Post 4 (Good job Wizkids!)

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Hello again,

To be honest I haven't been paying much attention to dice masters news as I've been nursing a broken ankle but to my delight, my FLGS received a shipment of Civil War yesterday.

Now, I believe the store was unaware of the release date of May 11 (I certainly was not aware), so I think we may have broken the release date (by a few hours technically). So I posted in my national Facebook page and some of the people pointed out we had broken the release date and wanted to do a name and shame. It is what it is, I think it was an oversight by the store and probably myself but whatever, its happened,

Now, they had some great points in that all stores should abide by the release date and I do agree with them to ensure the health of the game. Food for thought. I'll just write the points out as it occurs to me.

Ever since I started playing (I believe it was JL) there has never been a set that was released at the same time as the US, so our release date is technically when the store receives the product. One person pointed out that certain stores use freight forwarders to get product early and this hurt other stores who get it through the official channels. Wizkids seems to be improving on their distribution and moving towards a consistent global release date meaning everyone is getting access to the product at the same time. This is the first and hopefully not the last. To that i say good job Wizkids!

Further to that point, it is now important for FLGS to abide by the release date. As one person in the discussion pointed out, this is to prevent the other FLGS from getting screwed over because they will get a reputation of getting stuff in late, this will result in less people buying the product and the store ultimately deciding not to stock future sets. That is bad for the health of the game as we want as many stores as possible stocking the game so people actually buy the product and I do agree with that. But, there really isn't much the community can do from that perspective as we don't really have control on what the stores do. I do have some influence in my local FLGS and of course I'll make sure they start following the release dates from now on but other stores can pretty much do what they want. I've seen one FLGS in my area selling DnD BFF packs at 250% of the retail price, needless to say they never stocked the future sets.

Okay, post over. As usual, I welcome your thoughts and feedback. If Wizkids is reading, please don't penalize my FLGS, it was an honest mistake.