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$25 and Under: Alfred/Grayson Bomb

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Note: With all the encouragement and views that I got, I decided not to wait almost a week for my next post
Note: Edited to include alternate build with Aquaman
Note: Edited to include Civil War alternate build and link to my trade posts

$25 and Under: Alfred/Grayson Bomb

Thank You:
I want to thank everyone who viewed my first article, and additional thanks to the supportive replies and comments. .I apologize for the spelling and grammar errors and my inconsistency of referring to the team as Johnny Swarm and Torchallax. For those who did not read my first blog here’s the link (

Target and Rules:
Target of this blog is for the casual/new player who has either been introduced to the game or just started playing and is thinking of taking the next step to tournament play while under a budget.

Before I dive into the team, let me go over again the rules I set up for myself.
1. Create the most competitive feasible deck for under $25
2. Try to expand your dice master collection
3. Build a deck with the assumption the player does not already own any of the cards
4. For the price of cards, I am using I am not affiliated with the website; it is the website I tend to use more often to buy singles.
5. No op or alt art cards, this is because some sites do not sell these cards. Which of course, leaves ebay and other similar sites to obtain these cards and, as a result, the price fluxes too much.
6. Full set of 20 dice for the team.

Idea for team:
Since the first team was very much a hybrid of direct damage and control, I wanted the next deck to be more of a single punch knock out. The idea for this team was inspired due to a post that was on the forum on the combination of three cards. For those who did not read the post here’s the link (!)

Alfred/Grayson Bomb:
The set-up is to get Alfred, Grayson, and Doom on the field with at least one sidekick in the used pile. Then use Clay Golem or Dark Avenger to take out Alfred. Once Alfred is KO, this triggers his effect which will boost up Grayson. If Alfred returns to the filed (heavily in your favor), he comes back at level one which will KO due to Doom’s ability. Hopefully, by the time Alfred is unable to come back, Grayson is big enough for a lethal swing.

Team Breakdown

Alfred (Budget so far: $25)
MI-5 - .49
One of the three cards to set up the win condition. To expand our collection we will also get 3 copies of the common version for the same price.

Dick Grayson (Budget so far: $23.04)
Brand New Bat – 8.99
Part two of our powerhouse trilogy and it is also our most expensive card. In theory we only need one on the field. But to increase our chances of field him and to expand out collection, we will get 2 copies of the common version for .49.

Doctor Doom (Budget so far: 13.07)
Reed Richard’s Rival - .39
Doom is the conclusion to our win condition. To increase our chances of keeping Doom on the field, we will buy two more copies.

Doom Caliber Knight (Budget so far 11.90)
Fiendish Fighter – 3.99
We have our combo working, Grayson is now well past lethal and you swing… just to have him blinked or distracted. How can we stop most effects that will cancel out his damage output? Answer: the uncommon Doom Caliber Knight. 3.99 is a good deal to help almost seal the fate of your opponent. Since we are getting this card purely for the global, we just need one copy.

Professor X (Budget so far 7.91)
Recruiting Young Mutants - .99
One of our two staple $25 and Under dice. Classic ramp. Similar to Doom Caliber Knight, we just need one copy.

Kryptonite (Budget so far 6.92)
Green Death .79
Our second staple $25 and Under dice. As stated in the previous blog, this little guy can, for a turn, shut down oracle, Constantine, Dwarf Wizard, and any other field characters that could prove a bother. We will also buy two copies of Green Plague for .49.

Clay Golem (Budget so far 5.15)
Greater Construct - .49
Let’s say you have the three win condition dice on the board (Alfred, Grayson, and Doom), but Alfred is on his level 3 face. It would be great to have a solid KO engine like a rare Blue Eyes White Dragon or a rare AvX Green Goblin (since Alfred is consider a sidekick), but those cards do not fit the budget. In comes in the uncommon Clay Golem. Fabricate is a decent alternative to start the Alfred/Grayson engine with an added bonus of no globals (like Blue Eyes and Green Goblin) that your opponent could use against you. In addition, Golem would provide some fist energy for Doom Caliber Knight Global. Lastly, the golem’s ability to soak up damage is great way to protect some of you over characters, especially from Hulk Green Goliath (have clay golem take the ping damage that your opponent would use to trigger Green Goliath or Jade Giant). We will also buy 2 common versions for the same cost to expand our collection.

Sangan (Budget so far 3.68)
Zealous Supporter - .39
This team, like all other teams, needs some sort of a fetch/cull mechanic. Staple cards such as Resurrection and Polymorph are beyond our budget (about $4-5 each). Here is our poor man’s fetch. I was always a ‘supporter’ (sorry) of Sangan, a weak fetch mechanic that cannot be used by your opponent. When he gets KO he can bring a character from the used to the prep; a nice way to get Grayson or Doom to field quicker. If you are lucky at level one Sangan is free to field and has a 1 defense. If you already have Doom out, that means you can send a die from the used to the prep for free. Sometimes Sangan maybe your choice of blocker over Alfred. We will also buy a common version for .25.

Dark Avenger (budget so far 3.04)
Cost - .99
This team also lacks direct damage, which is much needed to finish KOing Alfred and Sangan. Once again a staple card like magic missile would be nice but at about $4, will break our budge. (Side note, if you are going to purchase Polymorph, Magic Missile, and Resurrection at a total of $12-15, spend the each few bucks and buy the complete Battle for Faerun starter set). I know there are other direct damage cards that are cheaper, for example Power Bolt is at .39. However, Dark Avenger has some advantages. First, the card is cheaper to purchase in game than Power Bolt. Second, for you, Dark Avenger will deal 2 damage if you have Alfred or Grayson on the field, and it may deal only 1 damage to you or your characters if your opponent uses it. An extra .60 for some security and damage advantage is not bad.

Vigilante Justice (Budget so far: 2.05)
Cost .79
Since you will be hopefully KOing Alfred a lot and Sangan a few times, might as well get a bonus from it. With this basic action, for each character you KO you could potentially KO an opposing character. In other words, this basic action makes all of your dice, even your sidekicks, pseudo-rare Solomon Grundy. (If you have Dr. Doom out, you could field your sidekicks who will then be KO by Doom which will then trigger Vigilante Justice) This might empty the field for a good swing. In addition, unless your opponent has a KO engine of his/her own, he/she might not pick this up until they realize what you are doing.

Final Team:
Dark Avenger
Vigilante Justice
Alfred – MI-5 x4
Dick Grayson – Brand New Bat x3
Doctor Doom – Reed Richard’s Rival x3
Doom Caliber Knight – Fiendish Fighter x1
Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants x1
Kryptonite – Green Death x3
Clay Golem – Greater Construct x3
Sangan – Zealous Supporter x2

Left over budget: 1.26
With the left over money you can afford to upgrade some of the extra cards in deck to expand your collection or maybe buy a pack and hope to pull a super rare.

Alternate build:

As suggested by pk2317 and DiceDiceKitty, you can have an alternate build where instead of having a big swing with Grayson you can deal direct damage through retaliation with the rare Aquaman. You are using the global from Dick Grayson to give Aquaman the Batman affiliation, then KO Alfred which would trigger the retaliation causing repeat direct damage to your opponent (assuming you have Doctor Doom on the field). Going with this alternate build I suggest the follow change to the team lineup:

Dark Avenger
Vigilante Justice
Alfred – MI-5 x4
Dick Grayson – Brand New Bat x2
Doctor Doom – Reed Richard’s Rival x3
Aquaman - Orin x2
Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants x1
Kryptonite – Green Death x3
Clay Golem – Greater Construct x3
Sangan – Zealous Supporter x2
This build still gives you the option with the Grayson Bomb, however is less effective the omission of Doom Caliber Knight. Something to think about.

::cw103:: ::
A interesting alternate build for the team is combining the new uncommon Vibranium Shield - deflecting bullets from Civil War with Ant-Man - Pym Particles. This may need a ruling or perhaps I maybe wrong. Assuming you have Alfred, Doctor Doom, Dick Grayson, and the shield on the field. Through whatever means you KO'd Alfred. Two effects trigger, the shield's and Alfred's. Allow the shield to go first, then reroll Alfred. Since Alfred was not on the field when the bonus from the shield was triggered, Alfred would still have a 1D if he comes back due to his ability. Alfred would then be knocked by Doctor Doom. This machine is now boosting everyone's defense, then you swing and use Ant-Man's global to change those high defenses to high attacks.

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This is a link to my trade/sell thread (updated as of 6/22):

I hope this article was helpful. Please leave any helpful replies/comments/suggestions. The more I get, the better (I hope) this blog will become.

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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    Wonder if there's a place for the Rare Aquaman ($3.99) on here. You can use Dick Grayson's Global to give Aquaman the Bat-Family affiliation, and then each time Alfred is KO'd he deals 1 Retaliation damage. That plus giant Dick Grayson are an excellent double win condition.
  2. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    I like your budget articles. I like that you focus on teams that can hold up in a competitive scene. Great work.

    I second what pk said. Aquaman would be perfect if your can find a place to put him in the budget.
  3. Sagi's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking about the rare aquaman and replacing sangan with a cheap mask character. But I decided against it, because it would be too similar to the previous blog I posted (direct dmg). I want to show diversity in deck styles. I would make the suggestion in a later edit of this post. Thanks again.
  4. bahamut7's Avatar
    These articles couldn't have come at a better time, I am still seeing newer players complain that the game is too expensive to play competitively and these will show them how wrong they are. The best part of this article is that you included 1 or 2 rares that are more than most of the cards people use.
  5. pk2317's Avatar
    Also please don't take my suggestion as criticism, this is a great build and I'm also really enjoying this series, please keep it up!
  6. Jwannabe's Avatar
    Pure magic once again. Thanks for the continued effort.