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Deck Idea for Nationals: the Schoolyard Bullies!

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Hello all,
I come to you today with a new deck idea that I would have brought to Origins for Nationals, but due to monetary constraints I cannot no longer make it there. Therefore, I have decided to share the deck with all of you. Now I am sure some of you may have already thought about this (I saw Flexei's post as I was writing this), but I decided to try to present it as best as I can. Now, I present the Schoolyard Bullies deck.

This team follows a similar premise to the Gobby/Parallax deck that so many people have enjoyed or disliked. I am a fan of mid-range, one turn kill decks, so when I originally saw the Gobby/Parallax deck, I tweaked it around and played with it, using it to come in first at my PDC Store Championship. Now that Civil War is out and all the great cards have been spoiled, one card in particular caught my eye, Punisher: War Journal.

This five cost fist character has the card text, “When fielded, all other non-Sidekick character dice you field for the rest of the turn gain IntimidateWhen you field a character die with Intimidate, you may remove target character die from the Field Zone until end of turn).” Now, Intimidate is a really neat and potentially strong ability that can be used to take away key characters and make being able to defend that much harder. I saw this card and thought, “Hmm. This seems like a card that has a lot of potential.” What immediately hit me was the Gobby/Parallax combo and I thought, why not be able to kill two birds with one stone? I can do a lot of Ability Damage with Gobby, clear the field with Intimidate, reroll whichever characters I want off with Parallax, reroll them back into characters, refield them to do more damage and take out more of their team with more Intimidate and finish them off with an attack.

For this team, it revolves around Parallax and Punisher. I can see many iterations of this team take place honestly. The two that come to mind immediately are a mostly fist/swarm team (similar to Flexei’s idea) and a team with mostly “when fielded abilities.” I made some quick versions that are listed below.

Fielding Team:

Fist/Swarm Team:

Again, these were quick versions that can be toyed with. The core of the deck should revolve around Punisher, Parallax, and Prismatic Spray: Lesser Spell. This third necessary card is important because its ability to wipe all card text is important to stopping any anti-targeting effects. Weaknesses for this team consist of cards that prevent or redirect targeting such as Raven, Wondergirl, and Constantine, which prevents characters from being able to use their when fielded abilities. That is where Prismatic Spray comes in. Its ability to wipe the text can stop Constantine’s prevention ability and Raven’s protection from targeted abilities. Aside from that, you can bring whatever elements you want to make the Schoolyard Bullies as intimidating as you want! Enjoy!
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