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In with the New | Civil War

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Here we are for the third time with a full set sprawling before us. A new set is ready for us to sink our teeth into and I've got a lot to say about the new dice on offer. I'm going to be rating all the cards and dice brought in with the new set and putting in a few details as to how and why they earned their ratings. We've had less than a week with the cards, so these are all going to be first impressions, but the important thing is that you get a sense for how these cards play out and their role in the game.
All cards will be introduced by name. If you'd like to follow along with a refresher as to their stats and effects, you can check The Reserve Pool Wiki or follow the list I used to compile this list on

WARNING: All scores are purely the impression of the cool guy writing this blog and do not necessarily reflect the views of the community. Some scores are going to be highly controversial, so keep in mind, I'm the guy who thinks PXG and Polymorph are poor includes on the majority of teams.

Before I begin, I'll be rating dice for both the draft and unlimited formats. In draft, dice will have less competition and so have higher average scores, but may also be marked down for lacking support. In Unlimited, the competition will be far more fierce, but weight will be given to the combos that can reasonably be pulled off with the wide array of complimentary cards.

All scores will be given on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 representing Vixen's common and 10 being Bard-tier. Without further ado, let's begin:

Starting with the Basic Actions we have--

Brother Fights Brother:
Draft - 4.5 | For a fairly high cost, you're giving your opponent a KO on one of his dice and paying one yourself. This is very poor removal, only really being effective if you've already cleared their sidekicks, and even then, you never want to give your opponent control of how the game plays out. That said, this can be a good way to trigger your Resistance abilities (while letting your opponent do the same), so it's not worthless. Also, lifegain can be useful in wall offs, so don't count this out for its global alone.
Unlimited - 2 | Lifegain is not very good in unlimited formats due to the prevalence of OTK's and the action portion of this card simply doesn't do enough. There's minor combo potential with the super rare Beholder, but even I wouldn't bother trying to force it to work.

Civil War:
Draft - 2.5 | It's low-cost energy fodder, but more than that is being too optimistic. You're investing dice and energy into purchasing and playing this die, but you and your opponent are sharing the benefits, making this a wasted purchase in almost all scenarios.
Unlimited - 0.5 | There are a lot of value 2-cost action dice, but this is not one of them. Take something that you can make better use of and leave this for the collector's box...

Driven Underground:
Draft - 3 | This is nice for Overcrushing characters and so can work really well with Pym Particles, but it loses a lot of utility beyond that application. The global is difficult to use since it limits you to previously damaged characters and that's hard to pull off in a draft setting.
Unlimited - 6 | What's that? This card is decent? Of course it is! Magic Missile already gives us a way to damage character dice indiscriminately, however, it cuts both ways. With Driven Underground you can more easily control what can and can't be bolted off the board. Specifically, this combines quite well with teams that want to run sidekicks for Bard shenanigans. You can use another ability to damage the opposing characters you want to remove and then finish them off with this global without putting your sidekicks in harms way.

Escape Incarceration:
Draft - 6.5 | Being able to call specific dice and purchases directly out of your used pile is great value in a draft setting where you can wait upwards of 4 turns to draw and roll your dice the natural way. Cutting out the middle man can make this a very worthwhile purchase, doubling in effectiveness should you have a way to ensure self KO's. This is doubly true since if you do get the Resistance proc, you're looking at 3 prepped dice for the next turn which is huge in drafts.
Unlimited - 8.5 | Imagine if Nasty Plot was a 3-cost and let you pick which dice to prep and that's what this action offers you. The heavy bag manipulation and ease of KO'ing your own guys means that Escape Incarceration is going to be value city. I shouldn't have to recommend combining with BEWD purchases or Fabricated Golems, but I will anyway.

Field Promotion:
Draft - 6 | Level up abilities are nice, but the consistency of this die is what really sells it. It may cost more than With Great Power..., but it offers something in return, doubling the faces that give you a guaranteed level 3 face. This is especially useful in wall-offs or with characters that spin down, both of which can be found in CW drafts.
Unlimited - 5.5 | I think the extra cost is not worth the extra burst face overall. It puts the die in the awkward 4-cost range where it only benefits from a single Dragon global and 50% extra energy cost is not worthwhile when you're already going to be getting the majority of your dice to level 3 with the base action. It will be most effective alongside abilities that bring characters in at level 1 like Polymorph or Miri Riam since it will have a higher chance to benefit from the pair of burst faces, but I'd still stick with the ASM action for now.

The Front Line:
Draft - 3 | While the ability is incredibly powerful, it's simply too expensive for a draft game. If you're buying a 5-cost action die and still getting your characters through unblocked, you had the game in the bag the whole time and may have won sooner without this die. That said, it makes for a really flashy finish if that's your gig. (also, letting your opponent control whether or not they declare blocks is bad. Either they want to block at which point it's 1 burn damage or they don't want to block and you're wasting energy, neither is a value outcome).
Unlimited - 6 | Get your Beholders out, boys, we've got a really interesting interaction here! Not only can you pick this up for a single energy if both you and your opponent bring Dragon globals should you use the 4-drop Beholder, but you can also use this with Cloudkill or other ways to clear blockers on the 7-drop Beholder for game ending potential. The card is ripe for abuse and I intend to break it as thoroughly as I can! (ignore the global, it's only good to counter "force to block" effects like Goblin Attack Force or Gamora)

Internal Dispute:
Draft - 2.5 | This is a weak removal BAC that requires your opponent have specific stat values, absolutely not worth your time in draft.
Unlimited - 0.5 | It's even worse out of set when you have a variety of truly value removal options, place this a tier above Great Responsibility and call it a day.

Long Live the Resistance!:
Draft - 2 | This is some of the highest lifegain we've ever seen, but the cost to match limits its effectiveness. If you want to wall off hardcore, this can help you keep it up through burn setups, but without pushing you towards any sort of win condition, it's probably going to end up being a wasted purchase (and the global has no real application in draft).
Unlimited - 8.5 | Lantern Ring matchups giving you trouble? No longer! The ever resourceful WizKids team invites you to try out their newest in their award winning line of single-counter cards. You might never use this, but if your opponent has Lantern Ring, enjoy your auto-win! (What's that? Bard's the real monster these days? Shhh... WizKids is busy dealing with last set's meta.)

Suffering and Satisfaction:
Draft - 6.5 | Any die that can push 2 extra damage through to your opponent is worthwhile. This goes double since your opponent will often have similarly affiliated characters for you to steal life from as well. Swing with your board and drain the blocked characters to pump the unblocked ones. Sad thing is, it doesn't work on sidekicks like True Believer did.
Unlimited - 2.5 | With the odds of your opponent running similar affiliations to your own and the broad array of significantly more useful pump BACs at your command, Suffering and Satisfactions loses a lot of its allure. As best as I can tell, it may be useful for squeezing your characters under the Mera threshold, but Prismatic Spray is the better option there if you can afford the extra cost.

Superhero Registration Act:
Draft - 7 | Gearing Up with a free KO or extra die. Normally I'd argue that Enlistment is fundamentally a bad idea since it gives your opponent control, but when it's slapped on as extra to an already useful effect, it can be worthwhile and this BAC proves it.
Unlimited - 4 | Gearing Up may have been power creeped, but when was the last time you saw anyone use it competitively or even over something like Nasty Plot? Sad fact is that buying and rolling dice strictly to get a chance at drawing and rolling more dice is inefficient and too slow to get rolling for modern teams. Also, giving your opponent free KO opportunity can be a dreadful idea in certain match-ups, so buyer beware.


Ant-Man C:
Draft - 4 | Decently strong 2-drop, I love the fielding cost, but only the level 3 face stands out as worth my time. This can be a really good die to purchase for early board presence and energy, but don't expect to win the game with a 2/2.
Unlimited - 3.5 | The extra defenses are not worth the lost offense. Sure you may be able to survive the lightest AoE on your lower levels, but the older Ant-Man is simply more focused and thus more effective at what he does: Killing the opponent. Also, there's the inevitable comparison to Tsarina in which they are identical except for a single attack point on level 3 and Ant-Man is vanilla while Tsarina has one of the strongest aggro effects in the game... no contest.

Ant-Man U:
Draft - 3.5 | WizKids, stop giving Fast characters extra defenses... nobody likes anti-synergy. That said, this is probably one of the strongest Fast characters to come out since the gold standard of Hawkeye back in AvX. It sucks that Ant-Man in Civil War keeps having to measure up to AvX level characters, but that's the life of all low-cost Avengers and Ant-Man fits the bill.
Unlimited - 2 | Out of set, combat is less of a big deal and with that change, Fast loses most of its utility. Only run this if you're already running Hawkeye and want to go full Avengers for theme or Nick Fury shenanigans.

Ant-Man R:
Draft - 5 | Blocker evasion is good, especially when it evades all sidekicks. That said, Ant-Man in CW gave up the offensive stats that he needs to make use of this effects, meaning that he has to rely on buff effects to make the most of his ability. Consider running with The Front Line if you can get your hands on some solid removal to take out level 2+ characters.
Unlimited - 7.5 | I like the idea of pairing this with a breath weapon to clear out sidekicks and the Power Word Kill global to make it a guaranteed deal. Toss Patch into the mix and you have a surprisingly effective setup. Thank you for redeeming yourself Ant-Man!

Baron Zemo C:
Draft - 6 | Escape Incarceration on legs, he requires another die for support, but his stats are usable and his effect is massive. Prep is already hard to come by in draft and for a 3-drop, he fills out your curve while boosting you up to even higher purchases or turboing out your big characters in an environment where Polymorph isn't a thing.
Unlimited - 5 | The stats are less relevant and now you have to work a lot harder to squeeze in a Resistance character, but if you can build around it effectively, it's still a very powerful effect. This works best to turbo your way into Villain Retaliation due to the natural synergy with prepping dice and the Resistance mechanic as a whole

Baron Zemo U:
Draft - 3 | Everything I just praised the common for has gone out the window. Now you're relying on an uncommon trigger to access a mild pump effect on a middling stat'd die. Don't do yourself any favors, mate. Grab this for extra dice on the common or if you're going mask crazy and can manage to make use of the pump effect.
Unlimited - 1.5 | I can see a spot for this card on budget Gladiator teams. Bring Thrown Car and Flesh Golem to the party and have yourself a really wild time.

Baron Zemo R:
Draft - 7 | Pure blocker evasion, flat-out. This is always going to be useful in draft, and while Zemo isn't the most offensive character in the world, free swings straight to the opponent are going to be worth it every time.
Unlimited - 9 | 3-cost that can swing straight through on a very easy to come by trigger? Now we're talking! Use this to close out games with Villain Retaliation setups, use this as a follow through on your Mask-Lantern Ring teams, use this with Bard for free damage, USE THIS. I passively like the AoU Zemo's, but I really love the new and improved Zemo's (not the uncommon).

Black Widow C:
Draft - 8.5 | Decent stats and an incredible walling ability make this die a must-have for extended games. I can't count the number of times this die would have saved me from aggro draft strategies in the past, but now we have a catch all answer to rush setups in drafts.
Unlimited - 6.5 | While I'd love to endorse this as a Bard killer, any Bard worth his salt will have a Prismatic Spray (and possible a Blue Dragon) up his sleeve, so this doesn't stall any harder than Constantine or OP Scarecrow. That said, it's great to hold off for a turn and has some legitimate uses as a last-ditch defense should you get burned too low in an extended fight.

Black Widow S1:
Unlimited - 7 Quicksilver actually works as a 2-cost, and while you may not be getting quite the same stats, this is still good for early aggro play and makes the perfect accompaniment to a turn 3-4 Bard now the Relentless has been removed from the Bard's bag of tricks. Any sidekicks you can remove from your opponent's board is one less block you've got to play around and Black Widow is one more unique character active to buff the rest of your own board.

Black Widow S2:
Unlimited - 3.5 | I don't really have much to say other than this is a bad effect on a reasonable die and it doesn't stand out in the slightest.

Black Widow S3:
Unlimited - 4 | While technically a Bard killer (most of the time), the stronger effects from the first version doesn't warrant the cost increase. Going from 2 to 3 doubles the energy investment post-Big Entrance and even without, it's still big enough of a jump to let you write off an ability that is useless against the majority of characters.

Bullseye C:
Draft - 5.5 | While the effect may not come up too often, the stats are the reason you want Bullseye on your team. super low fielding costs and massive attack stats make for a great aggro character and with Bullseye, you can make a real go of it without ever stopping attacking, especially if you manage to clear sidekicks.
Unlimited - 4 | There aren't enough low-cost fist characters that stick around long enough to die to this character and that's a real shame. If he offered greater utility like Hawkeye, I could see him doing well, but as is he fells like a 2-bit villain knockoff.

Bullseye U:
Draft - 4 | Giving your opponent the ability to ping your value characters is not a good strategy, but pinging them first and possibly setting up your own Resistance plays may make this pan out in the long run. This hits a higher level of value if you can play it down before you have any other fielded characters, but the odds of that are slim unless you've been facerolling the aggro button.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Never give your opponent control. This theme will be a bigger topic when we start looking at Enlistment characters, but it's still worth mentioning at times like this. Your opponent can and will do everything they can to beat you, giving them the tools to do that with is just bad strategy.

Bullseye R:
Draft - 4.5 | Speaking of Enlistment, here it comes! This is a decent blind counter ability, but in the end it basically reads KO an opposing sidekick if your opponent has a fist character active. Sadly that effect isn't worth running the rare over the common because of the purchase cost difference and for the fact that the common is significantly more likely to actually kill fist characters than this version.
Unlimited - 3 | I like the stats too much to rate this lower. I'm a fan of cheap costs and hyper aggro statlines, sue me.

Captain America C:
Draft - 3 | The stats are the worst Captain America has ever seen and the effect is too slow to really take advantage of. It does tend to payoff in extended games and wall-offs, but it's just too tiny of an ability to really make much use of since it's KO'ing characters just in time for your opponent to roll them again.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Now we're even slower than the meta with the horrible stats and a paltry effect at best. Look elsewhere for value Cap's.

Captain America SR:
Draft - 2.5 | I want my super rares to have niche applications that can pay off when applied properly. Captain America doesn't do that. Instead, he offers you a minor buff to an otherwise useless character without a significant boost if you go through the hoops to get Resistance to proc.
Unlimited - 2 | The sidekick and Ally support is good enough to make him slightly better, but he still has awful stats and a mediocre ability. It's just too hard to make this ability pay off and when it does, it doesn't even do that much. (compare this Cap to the "while active" Cap that boosts all sidekicks, there's no contest)

Captain America S1:
Unlimited - 4 | Now the trash stats are cheaper and you're very likely to be able to get the level 3 stats for decent value, but lifegain is not a relevant mechanic, especially not when it's this slow and grueling.

Captain America S2:
Unlimited - 5 | Burn > lifegain. It's still slow, but it's cheap enough for that 5/5 face and incidental burn to be worthwhile if you really feel the need.

Captain Marvel C:
Draft - 4 | Blocker evasion is great in a draft setting, but the massive 7-cost and mid-tier stats don't really sell me on Captain Marvel. If you can bring along removal, she can close out the game, but it will be difficult to stay relevant while still soaking all your energy into her.
Unlimited - 1.5 | She's just too expensive. There are other characters and combos that do the whole "unstoppable beater" thing much better and for cheaper.

Captain Marvel U:
Draft - 6 | A full field buff or a removed blocker? I can get behind that. It's another solution to wall-offs and that's always going to be relevant in draft formats. It does suffer from leaving the decision to your opponent, but so long as you just assume that your opponent always chooses the weaker option of saccing a character, she makes for pretty good value.
Unlimited - 2.5 | It's a decent effect, but I don't see a reason to run this over Bard and Bard doesn't give your opponent the option to counter your effect. Unless you have an Avengers field-swarm team you want to run, give her a pass.

Captain Marvel R:
Draft - 6 | It's always difficult to recommend a 7-cost for drafting purposes, but her ability is just crazy enough to work. She may see problems depending on how your opponent blocks, but she will smash any team that is relying on sidekick blockers since you get to KO them the first time around and then swing through unfazed.
Unlimited - 7 | Crazy is a good thing in unlimited where you have access to all the parts you need to make a setup work. This is best used with "when attacking" abilities like Lantern Ring and Bard, and I think she could have a place in these meta teams as a way to push through the late-game where these rush setups tend to stall out. She can also enable all sorts of crazy shenanigans, so protect her and have fun swinging non-stop.

Deathlok C:
Draft - 6.5 | Never stop bashing and Overcrushing your way to victory. I'm sad that he doesn't get the standard 7/7 level 2 face, but he's still usable due to his tenacious nature and for providing Overcrush as a way to close out drafts.
Unlimited - 3 | Expensive Overcrush just isn't a thing in unlimited because it's so easy to counter single dice and shut down your entire push. He's still difficult to get rid of and I'd like to run him with the Polymorph global engine to pump your board, but I just can't see it really working out properly.

Deathlok U:
Draft - 1.5 | Staying alive is not enough to be worth a 7-cost asking price.
Unlimited - 1 | Staying alive is not enough. Period.

Deathlok R:
Draft - 2 | Staying alive is not enough, but the limited utility of lifegain is superior to the limited utility of occasional sidekick KO's.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Staying alive is not enough. WizKids, please.

Falcon C:
Draft - 3 | The stats are okay, but the ability is actually quite bad. Offering your opponent an easy and cheap way to trigger their Resistance abilities is a terrible idea and even if they don't bother, you're not gaining a significant benefit outside of extended wall-offs.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Lifegain is even less relevant outside of draft and offering your opponent free ways to prep their "when fielded" characters is not going to be a good idea.

Falcon S1:
Unlimited - 7.5 | Those stats... I want to make comparisons to the vanilla Guy Gardner or the universally derided Ghost Rider, but I can't do it. I think that a 5 potential attack character may be worth the extra fielding cost, especially when combined with the most useful affiliation in the game. Avengers just have a lot of synergy and this Falcon may be the better option in some builds either for people that don't have Tsarina, or are focusing on stats rather than abilities.

Falcon S2:
Unlimited - 3 | It's more useful than lifegain, but it's pretty awful when compared to the uncommon Falcon from UXM. When UXM is beating you, you know you're a weak card.

Falcon S3:
Unlimited - 2.5 | I've yet to be convinced that Intimidate is anything more than a capture mechanic with slightly less counter play. This would be good on a 3-cost, but at a 4-cost price point, I'll be going with something cheaper like Bruce Wayne or Ultron Drones.

Goliath C:
Draft - 3.5 | A vanilla Avenger with very inefficient stats, with the caveat that he's only a 5-cost does not recommend itself to me at all. The fist pump global may be useful, but it's better to stick pump globals on BACs so that you don't waste slots on them.
Unlimited - 5 | The global alone earns him this spot since his ability is literally non-existant and you won't ever be purchasing him.

Goliath U:
Draft - 5.5 | Essentially having a permanent Overcrush ability is nice, but he's expensive and all around worse than Deathlok save for the fact he brings a global to the party. Grab him if Deathlok looks limited and you really want an Overcrusher to push through in the late game.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Having a purchasable die make him slightly better, though he's still really just there for the global.

Goliath R:
Draft - 8.5 | Being able to purchase this guy for ~3 energy is massive value and while you may only get to purchase him once or twice, it's still worth it to get this massive body on board. When drafting him, try to include multiple useful globals on your team to help tempt your opponent into giving you cheap beaters.
Unlimited - 7 | Beater characters are significantly less useful, but globals are significantly more useful. When brought to a PXG game, you can almost guarantee buying this guy for 1-2 energy on turn 3-4. That's incredible value and when paired with Avengers support like Nick Fury - Mr. Anger, can be a devastating die for your opponent to have to face.

Hercules C:
Draft - 6 | Field buffs are very effective and Hercules has a very usable die attached to his ability. I'd have preferred a mirror version of that level 3 face like Jinzo, but I think that buffing your field is still a worthwhile ability to have on a decent enough beater.
Unlimited - 4 | It's a good ability, but Bard does it better. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but that's the position having Bard available has put me in. Every buff effect in the game has to be reevaluated and compared to the ability to pump your field by massive amounts with only a few characters. Sadly, not everyone measures up or can find a good niche.

Hercules U:
Draft - 4.5 | Pick him up and just keep swinging. You're likely to come out ahead in the war of attrition due to his good stats, but he doesn't quite do enough on his own to make him a truly good pick. Perhaps when combined with removal you can use him as a direct attacker, but that's difficult to micro manage in a draft setting.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Pretty much the bare minimum of blocker evasion, he's not doing you any favors when it comes to his effect. It's not awful, but there's nothing good about him and that makes him bad.

Hercules R:
Draft - 3.5 | The other Hercules' had strictly positive effects. Now we're adding in a negative effect and giving the opponent control over how this ability procs since they determine blocking arrangements. This is a bad idea and makes Hercules a poor choice outside of hyper aggro compositions that lack any sort of mid-game beater.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Negative effects go a long way towards putting a character into the unplayable category and Hercules suffers that fate. Find an avenger that doesn't hurt you, it will probably have better stats as well.

Iron Fist C:
Draft - 8 | I really like those numbers and his effect can help you wall off against aggro hordes and buff comps. This makes Iron fist a pretty decent choice out of the gate, especially when you realize that he's a 4-cost character, able to be purchased on turn 1 for permanent value the whole game through. Clearing your opponent's board on their turn is always the ideal and Iron Fist provides a very value way to do that.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Taking this Iron Fist means ignoring the OP version and that's a difficult tradeoff to make. Ultimately, it comes down to how aggressive you plan on being and whether or not you're worried about character damage. Combine with a force to attack global like Phoenix for significantly better results.

Iron Fist U:
Draft - 7.5 | A militia character, able to pull himself out of the used pile at any moment is major value. It would be higher if you could pull multiples onto the board, but because of the wording you're limited to a single Iron Fist per attack declaration (hidden counter to Captain Marvel?). It's still very handy to get a guaranteed 5-attack character for 0 energy and 0 dice spent drawing and fielding him. The downside that you have to wait for an opposing attack instead becomes an upside, allowing you to stall with the threat of using his ability rather than having to actually pay to bring him on board, doubling his effectiveness when rolled as energy as well.
Unlimited - 7.5 | I don't know exactly how it will shake down, but I can't imagine a world in which getting an instant character on the board without using any of your dice is ever a bad thing. Again, combine with a force to attack global and and enjoy the removal combined with field-swarming.

Iron Fist R:
Draft - 9.5 | Being able to stop an attack in its tracks is just incredible, especially since this damage is dealt before blockers are declared and does not prevent those Iron Fist dice from declaring other blocks. It's essentially Double Strike and double blocking in the same ability and makes for absolutely crazy value in wall-off scenarios, allowing Iron Fist to hold off double his number without even trying. (bonus points for clearing the opponent's board on their turn)
Unlimited - 6 | The ability to KO characters before the fighting has even begun is very valuable, though with the current meta-game being about early swings and abusing "when attacking" abilities, it may just be a hair too slow. I love the value generated by this character over the course of a game, but it doesn't quite do enough against meta strategies to earn a higher rating.

Iron Man C:
Draft - 3.5 | Oh how the mighty have fallen... AvX Iron Man has long stood as my "vanilla test" to see if a character was worth their stats as a 4-cost character, but the new Iron Men seem to have forgotten what value is. Weighing in at a TFC-6 on a 5-cost character, those stats just don't offer enough, especially on a character with a "when fielded" ability. Also, giving your opponent control over when/how the ability procs is bad, Enlistment is bad.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Poor stats, awful costs, bad ability. Not much more to be said, here. (He's basically Ghost Rider with a +1/+1 on every face, disgraceful)

Iron Man SR:
Draft - 5 | Keeping your opponent from fielding sidekicks is just about the only way to make Enlistment useful since otherwise they'll just ditch a sidekick and ignore the whole ability. This effect forces the issue by denying your opponent free sidekicks until they remove one, creating a cycle that will make it harder for them to keep a decent supply up to counter your Enlistment abilities.
Unlimited - 2 | It's better to have a "while active" ability than a "when fielded" ability when you have a TFC-6.

Iron Man S1:
Unlimited - 2 | This is basically a vanilla Iron Man and he does not have the stats to make his TFC worth it. There's just too much energy sunk into fielding this guy to make him a good purchase (eve at a 4-cost).

Iron Man S2:
Unlimited - 1.5 | Enlistment is not a good ability and combat tricks like this are too slow and ineffective against burn to be useful in the meta. Give me back my AvX Iron Men!

Jessica Jones C:
Draft - 4.5 | Being more defensive than Falcon isn't a selling point, especially when you increase his purchase cost and remove his affiliation. I can see this being brought as a small, early purchase, but Jessica Jones won't be winning any games without significant help.
Unlimited - 3 | Nothing to see here, boys. She's just a cheap vanilla character without a niche.

Jessica Jones U:
Draft - 5 | I like this ability. I raved about Kang when I first saw it and I think on a 4-cost it's worth it. Using this ability, you can keep the pressure on until your opponent either lets her through, or blocks Jessica Jones and lets one of your other characters through. No matter what, it eventually precipitates into damage and that's worth it in a draft setting. (don't be dumb and buy her if your opponent applies costs to attacking like with Iron Man or Iron Fist)
Unlimited - 2.5 | The extra cost is not worth the extra utility in an unlimited setting where attacking and blocking have a significantly lower affect on the game.

Jessica Jones R:
Draft - 4 | At least they put Fast on an offensive character... The massive 5-cost is far too much to justify Jessica Jones, even in a draft setting. I want to see this set's Falcon have Fast on a 3-cost body, not a more defensive Falcon with a 5-cost body.
Unlimited - 2 | The cost hurts a lot and the Fast doesn't help a little. Stick with Hawkeye for all your Fast needs and ignore the chaff.

Justice C:
Draft - 9 | I'm sorry, what? For playing effectively I get a passive +2A? I'm in! On a 2-cost body, that 4/5/6 attack line is massive and the ability is effectively a sure thing in draft so long as you're playing well. Justice is going to be a highly contested pickup and you're going to want to snag as many of him as you can fit on your team for the massive value he provides.
Unlimited - 8 | Any 2-cost that gets big on their own is okay in my book, especially when they have less than TFC-4. I'd consider Justice outright better than Falcon with the caveat being the significantly less useful affiliation attached to him.

Justice U:
Draft - 3.5 | Justice, what happened to you? You cost more, you do less, and your effect may as well be vanilla... This right here is an example of how to to grow up into an uncommon.
Unlimited - 5 | I like Cyclops - Slim enough to see the blatant gimmick potential Justice has with Overcrush and forced blocks, but I'm still unconvinced that he can carve his own niche into the game due to the significantly lower stats in exchange for the significantly lower purchase cost due to the combo already taking so long to setup.

Justice R:
Draft - 3 | Is there some thematic basis for this effect that's going over my head? Apparently Justice is really good at getting blocked by multiple opponents, but without a way to force the matter, this falls flat in drafts.
Unlimited - 2 | And now even the gimmick potential is gone. Justice, is probably the best non-starter example of how WizKids is more than happy to make commons super powerful and make rares strictly weird and doesn't necessarily just print overpowered rare cards to drive up demand (at least not since AvX).

Loki C:
Draft - 6 | I don't understand why Loki is an Avenger, but this is the kind of combat trick that gets me excited. Having the ability to switch from all out defense to all out offense at the right time is very handy, especially since you get a massive body to add to your wall until you're ready to clear your opponent's board and move in for the kill. It's not the most energy efficient, but it's worthwhile.
Unlimited - 2.5 | When your whole ability is already a global that can also be used AFTER your opponent declares blockers, you're probably not going to win me over very easily.

Loki U:
Draft - 8 | Cutting off your opponent's cheap Enlistment fodder and removing a massive number of blockers is good value. It does suffer from needing to roll the right energy and being less efficient than a good old breath weapon, but it doesn't provide your opponent any ramp and it's cheap enough to allow for powerful mid-game pushes.
Unlimited - 3 | It's better that having a global that's superior to your ability, but as I said, breath weapon outshines this ability majorly in an unlimited environment.

Loki R:
Draft - 5 | I really want to rate this higher. I thin that double blocking in draft wall-offs is good value, but I've seen from Ranx in the War of Light drafts that you're too vulnerable to removal or blocker evasion for it to be a great purchase. Still, it does enough for me to at least rate decently.
Unlimited - 2 | Loki is just not cut out for the rigors of unlimited play...

Luke Cage C:
Draft - 6 | His body is bad and his effect is a double edged sword, but that global is a really good double edged sword. If you know it's coming, you can build with minor burn and then just keep blasting both players for damage. Probably a one-of include, I think everyone should plan on games being ended by Luke Cage globals in their drafts.
Unlimited - 7 | This is a super powerful global for fist Lantern Ring teams. It doesn't do much else than help burn teams edge out games, but it's good enough at that to warrant play.

Luke Cage U:
Draft - 7 | Now you've got a useful body alongside the global, the value goes up.
Unlimited - 7.5 | See above.

Luke Cage R:
Draft - 5.5 | Now the cost goes up, the value goes down.
Unlimited - See above.

Maria Hill C:
Draft - 6.5 | This is Black Widow v2.0, having the original Black Widow statline and a very similar effect to the only draftable Black Widow for this set. At a 2-cost purchase, that's more than acceptable and while she isn't incredible for wall-offs since she only helps against sidekicks, having at least one of her is going to be enough to matter and hopefully make the difference in your match-ups.
Unlimited - 6 | The cost improvement over Black Widow is nice, but limiting the blocks to only sidekicks hurts more than you'd think and since she still falls flat against the Prismatic Spray include, there's no extra utility against the Bard match-up.

Maria Hill U:
Draft - 3 | This is a 2-cost wall or energy die. There's literally no other reason to use her, but if you're lacking a 2-cost, she's probably worth it for cheap energy.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Having a cheap wall character is worthless in unlimited and there's currently no realistic support for her affiliation. If Maria Hill did something other than provide a wall she might be playable, but that simply isn't the case.

Maria hill R:
Draft - 2 | The extra purchasing cost kills any utility she may have had as a wall or source of energy and her effect boils down to "when fielded, one opposing sidekicks can't block this turn," and in exchange, she can't attack. Ever.
Unlimited - 1 | 3-cost for a 2-cost's stats and an effect that puts your opponent in control? This is just asking for a bad rating.

Mary Jane C:
Draft - 2 | This is a worthless effect through and through. She's still nice as a cheap source of energy, but with significantly worse stats than Maria Hill, she makes for a hard sell and I can't see myself choosing to draft her unless I was truly starved for 2-drops at the time in the draft.
Unlimited - 4 | In unlimited, where you have stat flipping globals, Mary Jane has a lot more utility. She allows you to swap the stats on whichever MJ's get through the opponent's block while leaving the blocked ones alone so that they survive the fight. This is pretty decent damage potential, but it does mandate building with a Resistance character and having the energy to throw around on globals, so it's not a sure thing.

Mary Jane U:
Draft - 7.5 | This makes Enlistment work. What was essentially a sidekick tax is now forcing your opponent to take burn damage or face the powerful effects that Enlistment sometimes offers. It's not reliable as an uncommon, so I don't think it bumps the average rating of enlistment characters, but I think that if you can draft this then Enlistment becomes a MUCH better prospect.
Unlimited - 4.5 | Being a 2-cost makes this easy to build into a team and if you want to make a powerful Enlistment setup, she's basically mandatory. I don't like leaving control in the hands of my opponent, but MJ at least turns it from a simple choice into a more effective fork.

Mary Jane R:
Draft - 6 | Fielding cost reductions are powerful in low energy environments like drafts, but you still have to draft the Enlistment and Resistance characters to make use of her. If you don't manage to draft into the value versions of those characters, this could be a dead draw, but she does open you up to a very clear archtype and provides significant savings over the course of the game.
Unlimited - 3 | These abilities are going to be less useful out of set and energy will be more plentiful. Both of these factors add up to really tear into MJ's rating, meaning that she's going to be relegated to intense gimmick teams and drafts.

Moon Knight C:
Draft - 4 | His effect is terrible since Cap and Iron Man are poor draft choices as is, but his stats are good enough to make that not matter. I think of him as a less utility Kang and since I loved Kang, I can at least not trash Moon Knight.
Unlimited - 5.5 | Alongside AoU Captain America, you can actually make quite the set of beaters. Buffing a character to a persistent 7 attack is nothing to scoff at especially if you combine it with Mary Jane for Overcrush and Nick Fury or Starhawk for added Avenger buffs.

Moon Knight U:
Draft - 8 | There are enough good Avengers in this set to make this ability absolutely devastating, even if it is a blind counter. Added on the the fact that Moon Knight works well enough as a vanilla character and you have a very solid choice for your draft teams.
Unlimited - 3 | Avengers are no longer such a sure thing and slightly cheaper Cap's is not enough of a benefit to bother with this version of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight R:
Draft - 2 | Captain America is bad in this draft. Moon Knight at a 5-cost isn't good. Together they make for a generally bad idea, especially when his cheaper versions are so much better across the board.
Unlimited - 2.5 | I like pulling dice onto the field from somewhere else, but Moon Knight doesn't do it well enough to make him a value include. Not only are you overpaying for Cap's level 1 face, but you're also including an essentially vanilla 5-cost with poor stats. I don't like it.

Moonstone C:
Draft - 2 | These are bad stats and her ability is nearly worthless in this draft. There are only 4 non-rare cards that have abilities that interact with Moonstone's and half of them are the other Moonstone's.
Unlimited - 7.5 | Goodbye Lantern Ring, goodbye Gobby, goodbye Starfire. All of these setups are shut down incredibly hard by having Moonstone on board and while she costs a lot to keep working, her effect is keeping you alive so stop complaining. She is a blind counter, but she can slot into teams as a tech choice fairly easily and she has massive synergy with Polymorph's global and the Wonder Ring combo for a hyper-defensive setup.

Moonstone U:
Draft - 3.5 | Bad stats on a bad cost for paltry burn... Burn may be good enough to let her see some play in draft, but there are better ways to spend your energy that fiddling about with Moonstone.
Unlimited - 1 | 1 damage for trash stats is not the way to break into unlimited play. Next!

Moonstone R:
Draft - 5 | Basically better than the uncommon in every way, the rare is usable as a pressure tool, provided you don't lose too much energy and advantage refielding her constantly.
Unlimited - 2 | A really big and expensive Cheetah? Pass...

Ms. Marvel C:
Draft - 4 | While I don't think 5-cost is a good price to pay for a vanilla defender, value stats look to be hard to come by in this set and against a lot of the tiny aggro characters she's going to see a very favorable match-up.
Unlimited - 1 | Run Dark Magician Girl for cheaper and significantly better stats.

Ms. Marvel U:
Draft - 5 | This is the go-to card for wall-offs. You're going to be getting great value from the ability over the course of a game, provided you can drag it out, and that's worth the include. If the game ends early, this will be a wasted slot, but it's good enough to bring just in case the game goes late.
Unlimited - 2 | The utility is nice, but Polymorph + Wonder Girl does it better and is a lot easier to pull off rather than a 6-cost that can only activate once on your turn and even then only after combat. Consider playing with the rare Vibe for a decent assassination character.

Ms. Marvel R:
Draft - 3 | It's usable if you have a bunch of value attackers, but level spinning is already useless against sidekicks and only works 2/3rds of the time against non sidekicks, meaning that it's difficult to make this character give you a decent payoff.
Unlimited - 1 | Ms. Marvel has had effects like this in the past that never saw play and she won't be seeing any play now either. Even with the rare vibe she only ends up being a breath weapon 2 at which point you should be playing the 6-cost Green Dragon instead.

Namorita C:
Draft - 6 | Defense is her middle name and she lives up to it. This essentially stops 2 attackers in their tracks and can be used to manipulate other combats into your favor. The non-shield bit is pretty negligible and otherwise she's just a really good value defender.
Unlimited - 3 | Value defenders are not in demand outside of draft formats so Namorita falls flat in unlimited.

Namorita U:
Draft - 7 | This is a more focused defensive tool, making your opponent far more reluctant to attack since whoever you can kill with Namorita is going to be sent off the pitch for far longer and without the potential to provide any ramp the coming turn. It's very strong as a deterrent to aggro strategies, making Namorita even better as a blocker.
Unlimited - 6.5 | Value blockers are not in demand, but having utility attached to your blocks is usable. Combine with a force to attack global to assassinate problem targets. Major disrespect to the non-shield clause since it prevents her from interrupting Bard teams' tempo and limiting her value significantly in the current meta.

Namorita R:
Draft - 4.5 | It's usable as an anti-Overcrush include or as a simple blocker, but I don't see this being a high priority in draft since the other two versions are so great at their job.
Unlimited - 2.5 | Overcrush isn't a big thing in unlimited and there's no real niche that this Namorita fills.

Natalia Romanova SR:
Draft - 7.5 | Major game-ending potential here, but don't expect her to carry you through the early and mid-game since she's a massive 7-cost. Also the odds of drafting her are pretty much nil, but it's nice to dream.
Unlimited - 4.5 | She doesn't do anything that Lantern Ring doesn't do for your whole board and at a 7-cost asking price. That said, it's still massive damage and with all the Avenger support available, I can't diss her too hard.

Nitro C:
Draft - 5 | Not great, but not bad. I'm going to give him a solid 5 and recommend that you pair him with the Goliath global to significantly increase his kill potential.
Unlimited - 9 | The Clay Golem synergy is too massive to overlook, providing you a Solomon Grundy-esque effect for significantly cheaper. Toss Groot in there and enjoy the guaranteed free KO against just about any character in the game. Seriously, though, Solomon Grundy just got power creeped. (too bad it's difficult to use against Bard... WizKids, please!)

Nitro U:
Draft - 6.5 | This is a way around most all of your opponent's board, especially if they're building with weenies. I once again say to combo him with Goliath's global for truly massive blocker evasion and the ability to walk damage straight into your opponent's face.
Unlimited - 6 | Blocker evasion is useful, especially since you can use a flip global like Ant-Man to turn all of that evasion into a hard hitting offensive blow. Bonus points for being able to use the Agent Venom global to convert literally any energy into damage potential at a 1:1 ratio.

Nitro R:
Draft - 3 | This is nowhere near as good as the other versions, but removal is removal when it comes to drafting so I won't complain too hard.
Unlimited - 2 | You can't buff this before it's fielded and there are plenty of ways to achieve stronger removal effects on better dice with better additional effects. The only use I could have seen for this is as an anti-Iron Fist tech in Villain Retaliation, but Iron Fist has the same defenses as Nitro making it work only 2/3rds of the time and Nitro's KO won't even get to avoid the Iron Fist reduction.

Punisher C:
Draft - 4.5 | Removal is removal, but on such a delicate body you may have a difficult time capitalizing on the opening. On the bright side, that means Punisher will be KO'd so you can keep intimidating your opponent round after round. Also, intimidating sidekicks may be the preferred option if you want to try and force your opponent into letting your Enlistment abilities go through or simply get more permanent benefits from their KO's.
Unlimited - 3 | Run this over the Falcon Intimidator unless you are pairing him with Avenger support, it's as simple as that.

Punisher U:
Draft - 2.5 | Great for the turn after a big fight or if you can successfully prep him with another character by Escape Incarceration, but otherwise it's a very difficult ability to take advantage of. You must have the energy to field multiple non-sidekick characters in addition to Punisher and have those non-sidekick character available to field. This is an impossible task most of the time and this Punisher will likely always fall short of his common outside of very specific circumstances, making him not worth the extra cost.
Unlimited - 5 | With proper use of PXG and other types of prep, this can result in a fairly powerful field wipe and along with basic sidekick removal like breath weapon or a Giant Spider, you can fairly easily waltz your way across the field. Works best with cheap characters that field for free or very little like Guy Gardner, Elf Thief, or the aforementioned Giant Spider.

Punisher R:
Draft - 3.5 | The level manipulation is just barely not worth the extra asking price, but it is definitely an interesting idea. Don't count this out entirely.
Unlimited - 4.5 | The extra cost is completely worth the extra effect since it opens you up to so many more gimmicks in unlimited play. This is the perfect card to play alongside Stinking Cloud and Polymorph, allowing you to manipulate the levels of characters quite easily and hopefully pull off enough of a stun to get your board in for damage. There's very few ways to use Stinking Cloud effectively and I'm glad we've got one more option with this set.

Pym Particles C:
Draft - 6.5 | Giving a character Overcrush after blockers are declared is a fantastic idea. I like this a lot better than Hulk Out as well since it is one-sided and can't be used against me while also being more consistent. The downside is that it can only be used on fist characters, but I think that's a worth trade-off considering that fist characters are naturally so punchy. Use with the common Punisher for an extremely effective setup.
Unlimited - 7 | I have a love-hate relationship with BAC's. I'm always worried that my opponent will use them against me, but Pym Particles waylays that fear entirely. Now I have a one-sided action die that can shove massive damage across the board when combined with something like Guy Gardner or literally any Barded fist character. The limitations far outweigh Hulk Out's nature as a BAC and effectively replace it in my mind for all future builds. Use with Blue Dragon or Elf Wizard for extra utility.

Pym Particles U:
Draft - 5 | Fast and an attack buff? I mean, it's not the common Potion, but it's usable. This can heavily influence how and where your opponent declares their blocks and you can use that to your benefit. It's sill best on beefy glass cannons like Punisher, but it's usable elsewhere. Ignore its useless burst effects. (sadly it can only target your own characters otherwise it would have an interesting combo when you give an opposing character Fast to KO your own Nitro before normal combat and KO a blocker that was in the way of an Overcrusher you sent out).
Unlimited - 4 | Flip-flopping from draft, now its best application is protecting your Ant-Men from Magic Missile globals using its burst face rather than giving your characters Fast or the paltry damage up. It's not a massive effect, but it's an interesting idea to toy with. Otherwise, the common Potion is better in just about every scenario. (A synergy I hadn't considered with Fast actions is to give Captain Marvel - Human / Kree Hybrid fast so that your other characters get their spun up attack before they deal their damage.)

Pym Particles R:
Draft - 3.5 | It's usable, but it has no element of surprise so your opponent can play around it with perfect knowledge. It's just a one-sided buff that doesn't affect most characters, so don't expect exceptional things from it.
Unlimited - 2 | Why aren't you using Blessing? There's no way your opponent is going to buy it from you so get the full field buff instead of playing favorites with your fist and mask characters.

Radioactive Man C:
Draft - 7 | He has decent stats, but he doesn't really do much other than be a body on the field and hit everybody from time to time. However, he has major utility in combination with the Enlistment mechanic since if he dies while blocking he can remove all the opposing sidekicks on your opponent's turn (<3) and leave them with very few resources to foil your Enlistment and block you with.
Unlimited - 3 | Requiring death by combat damage is far too specific a demand to consistently meet in an unlimited game, especially if you want to make decent use out of a character. That said, he still has decent Villain stats and works okay as a Vanilla include.

Radioactive Man U:
Draft - 4.5 | The common is double-edged, but heavily weighted in your favor and enabling plays. This version is double-edged without an advantage and foiling plays by clogging the board with more sidekicks. If you have some sort of AoE or blocker evasion it won't hurt to include him, but his effect isn't something to build around leaving just a decent body.
Unlimited - 3.5 | This might force your opponent to refill their bag at an inopportune time, but other than that it's still just a decent vanilla villain.

Radioactive Man R:
Draft - 3 | This is an actively bad effect... why? After combat begins resolving, there's no window in which to use your energy. Sure you can get an extra die to mess with your opponent's turn if you die while attacking, but in that case your opponent can just accept a KO and reroll that die immediately instead of giving you any advantage. Further, if you draw and roll a character face, that die is dead and you wasted it.
Unlimited - 2 | I don't like anything about this effect and not even the decent villain stats can make up for a negative effect.

Rescue C:
Draft - 6 | Cheap cost, incidental lifegain and an ability that gives you a double benefit should you use it for energy? I'm all over this! The stats are nothing to write home about, look to Namorita for value defender stats, but the ability is unique and effective, especially given how little burn there is in this set. Consider combining this with Luke Cage's global to put the hurt on your opponent.
Unlimited - 4 | I love the creativity behind this effect, but lifegain just isn't useful in an unlimited setting. It's nice to get a double benefit from your energy faces, but it's probably better to buy 2-cost characters instead since you can still get a beneficial effect when you fail to roll energy.

Rescue U:
Draft - 4.5 | I like the idea of "free" buffs, but I dislike being forced to reroll her from an energy face since her character faces are so lackluster. Also, the buff is fairly miniscule, but you're getting something for nothing so don't complain too much.
Unlimited - 3.5 | Going up in cost hurts this ability more than leaving behind the lifegain does. It's fairly interesting if you're active looking for character faces (say, in combination with a Punisher) since it's a free third roll, but I don't think that's worth enough to make Rescue played.

Rescue R:
Draft - 5 | You're avoiding the forced reroll effect and gaining the chance to get free characters on board. It's difficult to rely on since you can only tag in shield characters, but alongside Field promotion and some value characters like Justice or expensive characters like Deathlok, you can make this ability work for you.
Unlimited - 4 | It really helps to be able to build her into a pure-shield build, but I don't think her cost is enough to warrant her utility. You're still making the 4-cost purchase to pick her up and you have to draw her at the right time to draw another shield character instead of a sidekick or action die. It's too much to hope for when it comes to consistency, but it's still interesting to see the reverse of a "when fielded" ability.

Rocket Raccoon C:
Draft - 6.5 | The Luke Cage global on legs, this is still pretty worthwhile as an aggro character given his super low costs and decent attack (when not level 1). It's not great that you burn yourself, but with a bit of incidental lifegain like the value Rescue it can be easy enough to repair and having a hyper and offensive character like this on board can force to game to a conclusion before the wall-offs are really set up properly.
Unlimited - 8.5 | The consummate 2-bolt character for Lantern Ring teams is here! The double-sided burn is irrelevant if you can kill the opponent before their turn comes about and with the super low costs, Rocket Raccoon has a very solid spot in this niche. This also makes room for Cyclops - Field Leader on Lantern Ring teams since he makes Rocket Raccoon doubly effects so get to it! (note: this is just in time to see direct counter cards to Lantern Ring pop up, so there's that...)

Rocket Raccoon S1:
Unlimited - 3.5 | A vanilla 2-drop bolt that dies to literally any damage? Eh, it's not worthless... I'd rather it had some utility, but since it only costs energy to field him on a single face I suppose he can be considered usable. Then again, the only things he has going for him are the energy type and affiliation since Morphing Jar kicks him to the curb in terms of stats and cost.

Rocket Raccoon S2:
Unlimited - 3 | Hawkeye, with a worse affiliation and a nerf global... Who thought this was a good idea? Then again, this is a starter card, so it makes a good stand-in for anyone not willing to shell out for an old AvX rare, but still, this makes for a very poor comparison.

Rocket Racoon S3:
Unlimited - 4 | Fast is a bit much to pay for on a 4-cost, but once you have him, you can just keep swinging without a care in the world. Never stop attacking and never stop removing characters, that's where the value comes in for this Raccoon.

Ronin C:
Draft - 5 | Ronin pretty good stats and his effect really helps with early wall-offs. Using him guarantees you a way to deal with aggro characters and he works as a natural counter to the Overcrush mechanic. It's not a perfect defense, but since it lets your opponent's characters go to the used pile for less damage, I rate it as more than decent. It's worse than Namorita since it's the same effect but harder to trigger and less utilitarian.
Unlimited - 3.5 | Ronin still has his affiliation to fall back on, but his effect is mush less worthwhile in unlimited. Generally speaking, there are better defensive options than this

Ronin U:
Draft - 8 | Being able to completely negate any big threat your opponent brings to the table is massive and the fact that you can use this after declaring blocks AND it is only a KO makes Ronin a massive thorn in the side of your opponent whenever they try to get damage on the board.
Unlimited - 9 | Invisible Stalker just got BTFO! This is power creep in its purest form: cheaper purchase, lower costs, and significantly more powerful effect. Checking off the boxes like that makes me sad to see the old Invisible Stalker tech die, but at least it still has a niche since it doesn't get blanked by Zombie Magneto. I should have to explain why post-blocking damage negation on a KO is powerful, this just lets you ignore any 1 source of damage and keep on trucking.

Ronin SR:
Draft - 8.5 | This is pretty much explicitly better than the uncommon unless you were planning around uncommon Punisher plays. See above.
Unlimited - 9.5 | The utility is over 9000!!! Seriously though, this is just better than the uncommon and the uncommon was already amazing. If you're not running this card in and you're worried about taking literally any type of damage, you're missing out. (Minor note, this can't be used to stop the damage from the Silver Surfer global, so it's not actually explicitly better)

Scarlet Spider C:
Draft - 6.5 | Field control on your opponent's turn is hard to come by, but Scarlet Spider has got your back. It's nice to see we have a way to deal with characters like Radioactive Man and Rocket Raccoon without going too far out of our way and funnily enough, he even stops sidekicks from being fielded. Also, despite being a control character, he's offensive enough to take advantage in the hole he makes in the opponent's defenses.
Unlimited - 4.5 | I think he's too expensive for what he does, but combined with a "damage on fielding" ability like Penguin or Manticore could give your opponent nightmares as they try to establish a field.

Scarlet Spider S1:
Unlimited - 5 | This is probably the best energy type and statline Intimidate characters are going to see for a while, so I'll give it its due. I'd say this is somewhat like the original uncommon Scarlet spider, but without any finicky Underdog mechanics to hold it back and providing removal instead of negation.

Scarlet Spider S2:
Unlimited - 5 | Very nice stats and a way to guarantee that level 3 face makes Scarlet spider a powerful aggressive die. The fact that he provides some incidental burn is just icing on the cake since masks usually don't burn very hard.

Scarlet Spider S3:
Unlimited - 3.5 | The extra cost and the lack of direct offense hurts this Scarlet Spider too much. It still makes a nice consistent beater, but I don't think that minor incidental prep is going to make him good enough for teams to include.

Shannon Carter SR:
Draft - 8 | Bad stats aren't so much of an issue when you can pump multiple dice for +2/+2 and with sidekicks piling up the way the do in draft, she's going to be a really great pickup if you can get your hands on her.
Unlimited - 4 | It should never come as a surprise to find that AvX was better than the current set and even the SR's aren't safe. Captain America Sentinel of Liberty has the same offensive capacity as this card while also preventing your opponent from fielding sidekicks as easily. Shannon Carter is a good choice if you're worried about light AoE, but she doesn't protect you from much else and the lack of messing with the opponent puts her just below OG Cap. (I would dearly love to see a team built around all the static sidekick buffs on the same team, strictly for the lulz)

She Hulk C:
Draft - 5 | Intimidate isn't going to be a particularly powerful or common mechanic in draft games, so blind countering it isn't a great idea. That said, the stats on She-Hulk and the fact that she makes an opening for herself make her usable, if not ideal.
Unlimited - 2.5 | This is a 6-cost character with an effect that's worse than a normal KO and that blind counters a very niche mechanic. This is not a character suited for unlimited.

She-Hulk S1:
Unlimited - 3 | This is absolutely the strongest iteration of this effect in the unlimited setting. However, it's still a pretty bad ability in unlimited, though the 5-cost helps some.

She-Hulk S2:
Unlimited - 4.5 | This would be great in draft, where she's not available... Booo, Wizkids. Either way, a 5-cost Overcrusher is pretty handy with decent stats and some incidental lifegain if your opponent lets you poke through for damage.

Unlimited - 5.5 | This isn't amazing, but a single She-Hulk can tie up 3 dice from blocking you this turn. That's worth the price of admission if you're already building on Avenger synergies and want a beatstick to deal with counter cards and help you put the pressure on.

Songbird C:
Draft - 5.5 | Those are very decent stats and it's nice to be a villain, but that effect leaves me wondering... Why? I'm going to chuck this up to thematic license and rate her as a vanilla 2-drop since her effect is basically worthless.
Unlimited - 6 Now we have a 2-shield villain that isn't Lex Luthor we can stop complaining about his fielding costs. Villains are tribal enough to make this usable.

Songbird U:
Draft - 6.5 | There's an awful lot of utility blockers in this set, but Songbird takes the cake for literally being impossible to run over. With Pym Particles and a few Overcrushers looking to shark away victories, I'm convinced that having Songbird in your pocket for extended wall-offs is going to be a bright idea.
Unlimited - 2.5 | The extra cost hurt her utility a lot, especially since she's vanilla until you get 2 of her onto the field. Finally, combat isn't a big deal in unlimited so think long and hard before you put her on your team.

Songbird R:
Draft - 4.5 | Normally I'd rag on the fact this this is a difficult ability to pull off, but in this draft, it's actually fairly easy. There's a lot of good and early characters that share her affiliation and squeaking through unblocked is great value. However, she is a poor candidate for going unblocked and you'd be best served focusing on your Nitro's rather than fiddling around with this self limiting ability.
Unlimited - 3 | You're dedicating 2 slots to making this ability work and getting very little in return. On the other hand, this is a decent enough way to sneak hits in for a Thanos - Infinite gimmick build.

Speedball C:
Draft - 7.5 | Mediocre stats are one thing, massive board clear when blocking is quite another. Admittedly, you're likely to be blowing up a big portion of your own field as well, but it's worth it if you can clear the board during your opponent's attack phase since you'll be rerolling all those KO'd dice back onto the field before your opponent can reestablish their wrecked board. I worry that this character will lead to luck-offs over who can roll the most/best characters due to the massive AoE he's built around.
Unlimited - 6.5 | If you can weather the initial blow, this is one of the only 4-cost ways of dealing with an established Bard field in the entire game. No matter the faces, Bard Kills himself if blocked by Speedball and that means everything else is dying too. Now the trick is to make sure you've got enough blockers and can execute before you get sprayed. Also, be sure to bring a force to attack global in order to proc him more effectively.

Speedball U:
Draft - 5 | It's not massive board clear, but it is usable for minor prep and makes it a lot easier for you to go offensive since you don't have to worry about blowing up your board just in time for your opponent's turn.
Unlimited - 3 | The stats and effect just don't add up to value any more. There are better ways to more consistently get dice and Speedball is ironically too slow for meta play.

Speedball R:
Draft - 3 | The effect is pretty poor and his cost has gone over a turn-1 purchase making for a significantly worse character. I still think there's some utility here, but Fast just isn't good enough to make him worth it since he's basically a nerfed Jessica Jones.
Unlimited - 2 | What are you using him for? Yes he weathers AoE like a boss, but he's a weak Fast character that cost you 5 to pick up in the first place. There's no use for a slow Fast character other than a character that's sorta difficult to kill and many other characters do that way better.

Spider-Man C:
Draft - 4 | He has usable stats, but an ability that's bound to never come up. In all honesty, I'd rather have a Falcon that offers me the same offense on a cheaper die and the ability to go more aggro rather than having to wait for extra defenses.
Unlimited - 4 | "When fielded" abilities aren't in vogue anymore. These days it's all about the "when attacking" abilities ever since Constantine showed up to spoil the fun. Yeah it hits the venerable Gobby, but is that really enough to make him worth the include these days?

Spider-Man U:
Draft - 2.5 | I really don't like his costs for those stats now that he's more expensive and blind countering a specific type of ability isn't particularly good. The incidental lifegain is also pretty meh.
Unlimited - 2 | No, burning back is not enough to warrant building a blind counter against an out of favor mechanic.

Spider-Man R:
Draft - 2 | Loss of life is better than damage and he has a higher damage potential than the uncommon. However, he puts control of the ability into your opponent's hands... WizKids, stop doing this! It's isn't balance, it's nerfing things for no reason.
Unlimited - 1.5 | Did we really need a Professor X specifically for "when fielded" abilities? I don't think we did.

Squirrel Girl OP:
Unlimited - 8 | This is basically a sidekick factory and I love it. It has amazing potential with Bard and can also help wall off against him. Simply put, making more bodies on the field for free is a really good ability and has a lot of applications in weenie rush setups.

Steve Rogers SR:
Draft - 8 | This can soak damage from all attacking dice at once and makes for a very good way to wall-off against an opponent whose trying to win the numbers game. He's basically a better version of the Iron Golem, but without an easy way to Fabricate him out. That said, the utility here is still too good to pass up.
Unlimited - 8 | It's rare that utility characters are just as useful in draft as they are in unlimited, but with the way things are in unlimited right now, soaking damage from multiple characters is just about the only way to survive. He'll be too expensive to rush out, but so long as you can prevent Prismatic Sprays, he'll help you against a variety of match-ups that would otherwise be overwhelming.

Taskmaster C:
Draft - 7 | Enlistment, Resistance, Fast, Overcrush, Intimidate, all of these abilities will get doubled onto Taskmaster while he's active. This makes for massive value proposition should you be able to pick up a few of those keywords and play them down. Specifically, this has massive implications for Enlistment since you can now trigger those abilities twice and run your opponent out of resources much faster than before.
Unlimited - 8.5 | It may be expensive, but the massive variety of abilities on offer is too good to pass up. Specifically, I think Retaliation Villains have found a new boss character since he can double Black Manta's hyper villain retaliation effect and increase your damage potential massively. (beware anti-sidekick abilities if there's an Ally on the board and remember, Breath Weapon is a keyword)

Taskmaster U:
Draft - 6 | This is a 5-cost character that always has the best stats available when he's engaged. If your opponent lets him through, that's 5+ damage and if they block him, that's almost certainly a dead set of blockers. While blocking, he's almost invincible and his value in these situations only increases as the game gets longer and higher stats are available for copying.
Unlimited - 3.5 | Good stats are okay in unlimited, but when you need to have a character engaged to get them, you lost a lot of the utility they have to offer since they won't be dealing damage to the opponent unless you brought some sort of Overcrush. Still this is a nice include on Gladiator teams since you can duplicate the massive buff Gladiator gets before placing a Thrown Car on them both.

Taskmaster R:
Draft - 4 | This is effectively Intimidate with the option to nerf your own character. Sure there's a chance that you'll copy better a character that can give you a win condition, but it's always better to build your own rather than rely on your opponent to provide it.
Unlimited - 4 | Removal is better than copying stats, but only barely and it still has an additional cost on a "when fielded" trigger. I wouldn't bring this to a competitive event, but it's a great card to play around the kitchen table and mess with your mates.

Thor C:
Draft - 4.5 | She-Hulk has ditched the blind counter and is now prepared to go right for the face with slightly more aggro stats. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.
Unlimited - 3 | Losing the blind counter is better in unlimited since the chances of running into an Intimidate build are basically nil.

Thor U:
Draft - 5 | At least Thor's willing to look beyond the petty conflict this set is based around. Stopping blockers is useful, but I don't think there will be enough affected character on the opposing team to end the game unless you also brought a way to clear sidekicks.
Unlimited - 2 | Remember how I was just giving Thor a thumbs up for not being a blind counter? Well enough of that...

Thor R:
Draft - 1.5 | Probably some of the most expensive anti-Speedball tech in the set, it's not going to be worth the massive energy investment.
Unlimited - 0.5 | Maybe usable in a Beholder build that utilizes End of Days?

Tony Stark SR:
Draft - 3.5 | It's great board clear, but it's too expensive and difficult to trigger to be a really great idea.
Unlimited - 3 | Use the OP Hawkeye, he's non-targeting and has much better costs and a free trigger.

Venom C:
Draft - 8 | Great draft effect on one of the best bodies of all time, this guy should be your go-to for value mid-game characters. Not only does he make it harder for your opponent to set up sidekicks to pay for your Enlistment costs, but he also has the original Spider-Man statline that I've been longing to make use of in a setting that hadn't power creeped Spider-Man's effects.
Unlimited - 5 | It's still nice to see a villain with a really decent body and a usable effect, but unless you're running him with Oracle, I don't see this ability doing to much do to how long it takes to get going (turn 3+).

Venon U:
Draft - 7 | It's still a fantastic ability, but the fact that you can't take Venom as a first-turn buy makes him significantly worse. Sidekicks should be played early and often, so the more sidekicks that hit the board before Venom shows up, the less useful he'll be. It's great burn though!
Unlimited - 4.5 | It's a weird set of abilities to have, but if you can get a constant AoE setup like Dr. Doom, you can make very good use of this ability to burn your opponent while denying them weenies.

Venom SR:
Draft - 9 | The ability to pump your sidekicks for massive amounts is incredible in a draft setting and can clear the way for lethal damage should your opponent have set up too small a wall. I just wish they'd made use of the Ally mechanic in this set to really make this ability shine. (bonus points if you realize you can use this on your opponent's turn to keep your sidekicks alive through a Radioactive Man proc)
Unlimited - 7.5 | It's a bit slow, but on a PXG team this can quite easily pump you up to lethal. Combine with Bard for silly amounts of damage or Gobby for silly amounts of Villainous damage. (villain SR's are so useful)

Vibranium Shield C:
Draft - 3 | Saving a character is nice enough, but I'd prefer this be able to be used on anyone to help my Nitro's get through for damage. It's even worse for only being able to target your own characters, preventing it for foiling a common Ronin effect.
Unlimited - 1 | I think there's a place in unlimited for any 2-cost Continuous die, I just don't know what that place would be. Can we get a character that gets buffs for active action dice? That'd be a really cool mechanic. Get on it WizKids!

Vibranium Shield U:
Draft - 4.5 | It's difficult to trigger, but it's a nice counter should your opponent have Enlistment abilities and works very well for getting Nitro across the board. I think one of these is worth the pickup most of the time.
Unlimited - 8 | Yeah, with stat swapping globals and Fabricate/BEWD, this is absolutely insane. You're giving your whole board +2 attack for every KO'd die and all it takes is Ant-Man to set you up. Use and abuse this guys, it's really fun. (run it with Kobolds for a super easy source of energy and KO's)

Vibranium Shield R:
Draft - 4 | It's nice to be able to save dying characters and they removed the limit of only being applicable to your own characters so that I can foil my opponent's "when KO'd" effects. Also, the max level bit is very useful, though it makes me wonder why they didn't say level 3. The only bad part about this card is the cost which is somewhat much for its effect.
Unlimited - 0.5 | Now it doesn't even have the purchase cost to recommend it, I just don't know why I'd bring this.

Wasp C:
Draft - 4.5 | This is surprising utility for a Fast character, especially since it hits all blocking dice. Combine with some of the Overcrushers to prevent mass blocks from stopping as much of your damage. (note, this is a "while" ability, so it does not stack with multiple attacking Wasps)
Unlimited - 1.5 | Since this requires blocks to go through in order to deal damage, I can't rate it well at all. It's basically a slow version of Breath Weapon that doesn't hit the player. Only for use with force to block effects.

Wasp S1:
Unlimited - 2.5 | Wasp has never been about the stats and this holds true even though her stats have been flipped from defensive to offensive. Now that we have Falcon this Wasp is already obsolete.

Wasp S2:
Unlimited - 1.5 | Hawkeye. Nothing else needs to be said.

Wasp S3:
Unlimited - 6 | This is an interesting assassination ability and the global alone is enough to earn her decent marks due to the number of ways it can be applied. I always like having multiple options for energy type on my tech abilities and having this in a mask type may be beneficial to specific teams.

Winter Soldier C:
Draft - 5 | Good stats and an ability that is basically useless add up to a decent character.
Unlimited - 2.5 | It's sad to see that we're 1 attack away from giving Juggernaut a run for his money, but Kuurth will hold onto his crown for the time being at least. Still a useless ability.

Winter Soldier U:
Draft - 5 | Same boat a the common, vanilla character with good stats.
Unlimited - 2.5 | See above.

Winter Soldier R:
Draft - 6.5 | Isn't this an Enlistment ability? Irregardless, this is a good ability to have. If you're attacking, chances are you've got a leg up on the opponent and can take that 3 damage better than they can. On the other hand, if they do pay the Enlistment cost, then they're a blocker down and have less resources available to deal with your push. I really like the idea of ramming him out onto the pitch after a Radioactive Man clears the opposing board of sidekick fodder and really forcing the issue.
Unlimited - 3 | It's not vanilla and it's a decently usable ability, so he gets slightly higher marks. Run alongside Bucky for absurdity's sake.

That's all she wrote for the Marvel Civil War set. I'm sure you guys can pick apart my list to find things I didn't consider or character that you'd rate differently than me, so don't hesitate to leave your feedback or speak up on issues that you have with this list. It's by no means written in stone, but I think it's worthwhile for the community to have a general idea of how each new set breaks down and I'm happy to fill that niche.

Thank you all for following along, and have a nice day!

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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    Excellent, excellent write-up! I love reading your thoughts on sets like this.

    Re: Squirrel Girl - yes, it has been ruled that tokens are level 1 character dice in the Field (like Sidekick dice). They are not unique from each other (their "names" are for flavor only), but still powerful.

    Also Rocket is the Luke Cage Global, not Goliath (the only two draftable Globals in the set!).
  2. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317
    Excellent, excellent write-up! I love reading your thoughts on sets like this.

    Re: Squirrel Girl - yes, it has been ruled that tokens are level 1 character dice in the Field (like Sidekick dice). They are not unique from each other (their "names" are for flavor only), but still powerful.

    Also Rocket is the Luke Cage Global, not Goliath (the only two draftable Globals in the set!).
    I'm glad you liked it, you're in a good spot to judge. There's a lot to cover, but the new sets have been very interesting and they provide a lot of room for talking points.

    I should have known to look for a Drizzt ruling before I said anything! Thanks for catching that and the global kerfuffle.
  3. The0retico's Avatar
    Falcon doesn't seem that great compared to old Ant-Man.
    Quite surprised how low you graded Black Widow: Mistress of Pain given that even you compared its effect to Constantine or Scarecrow.
  4. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
    Very nice write up Mr. Manticer. It's giving me some food for thought ahead of some Civil War drafting.
  5. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The0retico
    Falcon doesn't seem that great compared to old Ant-Man.
    Quite surprised how low you graded Black Widow: Mistress of Pain given that even you compared its effect to Constantine or Scarecrow.
    Fielding costs are usually the first things to go when considering Avengers in unlimited due to how easy Nick Fury is to bring on board and Falcon is much more survivable which can be important in the face of Magic Missile.

    Low? 6.5 is pretty good for a normal card and she's only useful to stall. Her comparison to Constantine is just in that she makes a specific match-up take longer for the opponent, she doesn't actually do much unless your opponent is spamming out aggro characters like they're going out of fashion (that said, she also does decently against Guy Rush provided you can handle those occasional level 3 faces).
  6. The0retico's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer
    Fielding costs are usually the first things to go when considering Avengers in unlimited due to how easy Nick Fury is to bring on board and Falcon is much more survivable which can be important in the face of Magic Missile.

    Low? 6.5 is pretty good for a normal card and she's only useful to stall. Her comparison to Constantine is just in that she makes a specific match-up take longer for the opponent, she doesn't actually do much unless your opponent is spamming out aggro characters like they're going out of fashion (that said, she also does decently against Guy Rush provided you can handle those occasional level 3 faces).
    When I read Avengers and think of Nick Fury, it is never Mr. Anger.

    Just the fact that you can say, that Mistress of Pain is good at stalling Bard and Guy (the very effect we had to have a ban for) brings it in my mind miles ahead of Namorita or Speedball.
  7. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The0retico
    When I read Avengers and think of Nick Fury, it is never Mr. Anger.

    Just the fact that you can say, that Mistress of Pain is good at stalling Bard and Guy (the very effect we had to have a ban for) brings it in my mind miles ahead of Namorita or Speedball.
    If it's any consolation, I'd rate Scarecrow as a 6 and he does Black Widow's job significantly better since he stops the attack from occurring in the first place. Being a counter to a meta strategy only earns you top tier ratings if you completely shut them down like the BAC Long Live the Resistance! Stalling for a turn or two is not enough to be top tier and that's all Black Widow can ever provide (especially since she's lost her Avengers affiliation).
  8. Joepancreas's Avatar
    Thanks so much for putting together your ratings. I have been looking forward to it since the set came out. I'm only sad that SR Widow Thor didn't do better. Not because I disagree, but because I happened to pull her when I got my first packs, hahaha. I still like her though, and her affiliation helps.

    Keep up the good work!