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$25 and Under: Action Jackson

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$25 and Under: Action Jackson

Target and Rules:
Target of this blog is for the casual/new player who has either been introduced to the game or just started playing and is thinking of taking the next step to tournament play while under a budget.

Before I dive into the team, let me go over again the rules I set up for myself.
1. Create the most competitive feasible deck for under $25
2. Try to expand your dice master collection
3. Build a deck with the assumption the player does not already own any of the cards
4. For the price of cards, I am using I am not affiliated with the website; it is the website I tend to use more often to buy singles.
5. No op or alt art cards, this is because some sites do not sell these cards. Which of course, leaves ebay and other similar sites to obtain these cards and, as a result, the price fluxes too much.
6. Full set of 20 dice for the team.

Idea for team:
The idea for this deck came from two players. The first player is my brother, who loves, LOVES to use action dice on his team. He's a big fan of Cerebro. His action dice centered team, was effective and took some players by surprised, as a result he was able to get 2nd place at the Philly PDC a few weeks ago. The other player is one who I always seem to play against whenever I go to a tournament. He really impressed me with his team at WKO2. We faced off against each other in the Top 8. What impressed me more was that he told me his team was a last minute setup with little prep. I told him that I could only imagine how the team would of been had he more time to prep. When I realized what his goal was for the team, I was getting worried. (damn unblockables). So this deck is a merger of the two teams.

Action Jackson:
The win condition for this deck is to use an Action Dice to swing with unblockable Angels. Transfer power is here to hopefully up Angel's attack value depending on what's on the board. The rest of the cards are for support: Dwarf Wizard for targeted removal, Displacer Beast for control, Red Dragon to reduce cost, and Beholder pulling double/triple duty as your go to blocker and to bring action dice to the prep area.

Team Breakdown:

Angel (Budget so far: 25.00)
Soaring - 5.99
Angel is our main source of damage. We want to use action dice, doesn't matter which one, we want Angel to be unblockable. His stats are not bad; total fielding cost of 2, with an attack range of 2-3. We can either chip away with Angel or use transfer power to steal a high attack value from our Beholder for a good swing. Plus potential shield energy for Transfer Power. We are going to pick up 3 copies of High Ground for .25

Ring of Magnetism (Budget so far: 18.26)
Action Attraction - 2.49
Action Attraction is such a great control element for our team. We can place it on our opponent's creature to force him/her to target their own guys. Or, you can use the more common combo, of using the ring with Wonder Girl (the famous/infamous Wonder Ring Combo). We are going to use this ring for a more aggressive control with a damage element. Note, the ring has an update. WizKids gave this card the CONTINOUS keyword. This means that this action die is consider used when it is first placed on the field. This is important to remember in regards to Angel's ability. Lastly, since the card does not have a single mask face, you must spend both energies at the sametime. Be careful when using mask globals on your opponents turn. Your opponent, being the active player, always have the option to use an ability after the inactive player uses one. This means you opponent can use an ability after you spend one mask of your ring energy face causing you to lose the other mask energy. We are also going to pick up a copy of Sidekick Attraction for .25.

Displacer Beast (Budget so far: 15.52)
Lesser Monstrosity - .25
Displacer Beast is our second source of damage and a control element. The real magic is placing the Ring of Action Attraction on the Displacer Beast. What we are doing here, is that we are trading beinging able to redirect the ability (if we were using Wonder Girl) to cause direct damage to our opponent. Displacer Beast has a healthy defense (a 4,5, or 6), which means it will take a lot of direct damage to take him out. Displacer Ring has some issues. For example I was at the wrong end of chain when my opponent used Magic Missile on my Displacer Beast, causing him 2 dmg, which activated his Jade Giant, which targeted my Displacer Beast for another 2 dmg, which activated Jade Giant again, who this time took out my Dwarf Wizard. For one energy and 4 damage, my opponent took out my took control elements on the field...not fun. We will get two more copies for the same price.

Kryptonite (Budget so far: 14.77)
Green Death - .79
Another start for this card. Maybe I should rename this blog Kryptonite and other cards. Working with a budget, Green Death is a great defense card and nice fall back turn one purchase if you get a bad roll. Another aspect of this card that is great, is that this is an action dice so Hellblazer and Rare Dwarf Wizard cannot effect it. So that means your .79 card can cancel out $50 Hellblazer and $25 Dwarf Wizard. A few days ago, DiceDIceKitty wrote a blog about her performance at WKO2, guess what card was on her team...Kryptonite! Here's a link to her blog: Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but looking back I think I would of won my top 4 game in the WKO2 if I had this card on my team. Like in the other blogs, we will but two copies of Green Plague for .49 each.

Beholder (Budget so far: 13.00)
Greater Aberration - .99
My first thoughts when I putting this team together was to use Elf Wizard either Greater Order of the Gauntlet or Lesser Harper (depending on your playing style), but that all changed at the last WKO2. This beholder, while costing more, fetches two action dice, very low total fielding cost, and real good stats. The purpose of this Beholder, other than fetching the action dice, is to give a high attack value for Angel with Transfer Power. Beholder can also be used as your go to blocker. We will also get two copies of Lesser Aberration for .79 each.

Dwarf Wizard (Budget so far: 10.43)
Lesser Emerald Enclave - .49
When it comes to the Dwarf Wizard all the love went to the rare version (and with good reason). At the first WKO this season, there were a few decks that was pairing up this Dwarf Wizard with one of our basic action cards quite effectively. Dwarf Wizard gives this team some direct character damage. If you have Dwarf Wizard out when you field Kryptonite you can blank one die and deal 2 damage to another. Will also pick up two copies of Greater Harper for the same price.

Red Dragon (Budget so far: 8.96)
Greater Dragon - 2.99
We need some sort of price reduction for our action dice. We do have some opinions, but Blue Eyes White Dragon is way out of our budget. While Thousand Dragon give us no limit on reducing action dice, it does open the door for no limits for your opponent. Between Thousand Dragon and Red Dragon, I lean towards Red Dragon. Nice ping ability, and if you absolutely need to, purchasing and fielding the Red Dragon is hands down better than buying and fielding Thousand Dragon. Since we are using this card for the global, we only need one copy.

Professor X (Budget so far: 5.97)
Recruiting Young Mutants - .99
With Ring of Magnetism, Displacer Beast, and Beholder being Mask types, we will use the classic PXG for our main source of ramp.

Vulnerability (Budget so far: 4.98)
Cost - .49
This basic action is the card that pairs up so well with our Dwarf Wizard. And, as I said before, I saw some teams using this during the first WKO. I even had this card on my Torchallax Team as my main source of character removal. Important to remember that the effect of Vulnerability must resolve first before we use the ability of Dwarf Wizard. So these two cards working together will KO an opposing die of your choice and prep a die from your bag, not bad.

Transfer Power (Budget so far: 4.49)
Cost - .79
As I stated in previous blogs, Transfer Power is good defense card. With team, this basic action opens up a few doors. Transfer Power can be used to give our unblockable Angel some punch. We can use the action dice to roll an Angel or Beholder die from the used pile, if we field Beholder, then we can use his fielded ability.

Final Team:
Transfer Power
Angel - Soaring x4
Ring of Magnetism - Action Attraction x2
Displacer Beast - Lesser Monstrosity x3
Kryptonite - Green Death x3
Beholder - Greater Aberration (FUS) x3
Dwarf Wizard - Lesser Emerald Enclave x3
Red Dragon - Greater Dragon x1
Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants x1

Left over budget: 3.70

Alternate Build:
:: :: :: ::
::avx31:: :: ::
We do have some experiment money left over. One option could be to replace Displacer Beast with Wonder Girl to go with the traditional Wonder Ring combo. We could exchange the Beholder for Elf Wizard (either option attack fetch or the defense fetch, based on your gaming style). Elf Wizard is cheaper than the Beholder and with a when field reduce action die ability combined with 0 field cost on some levels, she can make a huge discount on the action dice. Not to mention her fetch mechanic that triggers on an attack or block. Second option could be Cerebro. Cerebro will be a pain to weenie rush cards and Elf Thief. In addition you can target the dice effected with Cerebro with Dwarf Wizard/Vulnerability combo. Lastly, you could replace one of the basic actions with a more aggressive direct dmg basic action such as Power Bolt, Betrayal, or the classic Magic Missile. Here's an alternate team build:

Magic Missile
Angel - Soaring x4
Ring of Magnetism - Action Attraction x2
Wonder Girl - Cassie Sandsmark x3
Kryptonite - Green Death x3
Elf Wizard - Greater Order of the Gauntlet x3
Dwarf Wizard - Lesser Emerald Enclave x3
Red Dragon - Greater Dragon x1
Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants x1 can buy a few packs and test your luck at pulling that super rare.

I hope this article was helpful. Please leave any helpful replies/comments/suggestions. The more I get, the better (I hope) this blog will become.

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This is a link to my trade/sell thread (updated as of 6/22):

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  1. LucanO's Avatar
    My flying sideckis under 25$ team is:

    Loki: Loki Laufeyson
    Loki is for the blanking of card text to shut down things such as bard and guy gardener as well as control pieces board clear pieces such as venom and hulk.

    Falcon" Recon
    It is a flying sidekicks team so you have to have unblockable sidekicks.

    Half elf bard: Master lords' alliance
    Bard is your win condition. It can pump up sidekicks a ridiculous amount.

    Green Goblin: Goblin lord
    Green goblin's most import job is to give the extra defense to the sidekicks so that they can't be magic missed of the board. It also serves as an extra sidekick attack buff and extra character for bard.

    Alfred pennyworth: m-I5
    Alfred is your tfc 0 ally that counts as an extra unblockable character for bard (may be replaced by April once the TMNT set comes out)

    Goliath: Bill Foster
    A useful buff but i will probably replace him with ant man: pym particles once TMNT is out to combo well with April

    Doomcaliber knight:Fiendish fighter
    Stop distraction/blink transmutation

    Ring: Lesser gear
    sidekick fielding device plus great energy fixation

    Resurrection: BAC
    when you have an empty bag and 5 dice in your used pile, you can use this to roll all of your dice next turn.

    Transfer power: BAC
    If your opponent has a high attack value character active such as Jinzo, transfer power global his attack power to a one and give a sidekick a whopping 7 attack!