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Report! WKO Day Two - Rocketing to the Top

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

The past Sunday was our round two of WKO events (WKO is the abbreviation for WizKids Open, which is a type of official organized event). Many of us have referred to them as WKO2. There were some awesome prizes including a seat at Nationals for the player that won the event. We had so much fun on Saturday and we couldn't wait to come play in the main event. Big Bang was the host venue for the WKO, and Jason was the man with the final word. He did an awesome job judging and all his staff was great. Big Bang was a great host venue as well, so I must thank them again for hosting this event and giving us in West Tennessee the opportunity to participate in a WKO.

Travis (my husband), Roper, and myself discussed how we would probably not do very well but we were determined to have fun and enjoy the experience.

This event was one of the largest for me as a player in the last five years. Owensboro, Kentucky had 27 players in their Dice Masters WKO. That is a fantastic showing! I'm very happy to have seen so many folks and I got to meet several new people Sunday. We arrived, checked in, and filled out our team sheets. I met a nice player named Chase, who was building a similar team to mine for the WKO. I felt so honored when he said he liked my team from my article and wanted to try it out. We talked about strategy for a few minutes and even got to play a friendly game later on in the day. He's got some potential and I was so proud for him when I saw he finished in twelfth place. I was excited to see everyone from Saturday and got some chatting in before the tournament began.

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I was ready for my first major Dice Masters event. I was super nervous, but determined to have fun. I was also expecting to end the day in 27th place with a record of 0-5-0. I felt confident that I could pilot my team, but I didn't think my team was good enough to beat other good pilots with better teams. I went into every single match focusing on having a good time with my opponent and not so much on winning. I just wanted to stay ahead of my opponent's next few moves.

My Team

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Name:	Nova Ring Control.jpg 
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You can find my team here, on DiceMastersDB:

I was totally wearing a TMNT t-shirt that had a green cape attached to it. Why does it have a cape? I have no idea, but it was a TMNT shirt for $3 at Wal-Mart. How could I pass that up?! I was sporting my TMNT bag with purple drawstrings (#TeamDonnie) of my own making. The only TMNT swag I was missing was my playmat, because it's not out yet... But I decided to rock the Amazing Spider-Man playmat. I wish I had purchased a Roll Master mat from T1 Gaming, but I didn't have an opportunity.

My strategy is a little different for this version of my Nova Ring team. If I was going first, my first buy was always going to be Oracle, unless I thought I needed to buy Dwarf Wizard or Kryptonite, but it was usually Oracle. If I went second, I watched what my opponent purchased and that determined if I needed to go with Oracle or Wizard. Kryptonite was either a turn two or three buy, and in multiples if possible. After I had a few Kryptonite dice cycling, and an Oracle fielded, I felt safe enough to go for Lantern Ring and then Nova. After that, it's just a matter of how many Bolt Energy I can get plus a Mask Energy for my Blink. You can see the first prototype of this team here, if you wanted to see the drastic evolution of my team.

Before the pairings were announced, Jason gave us all the tournament details like how long the rounds were, how many turns, etc. He also made an announcement about proper Dice Bag Etiquette. I have to thank him for that! I think etiquette is ignored sometimes, and even if you're just playing for fun, don't leave your hand in your bag while you shake it. But thankfully, I didn't see much of that happening.

We were going to play five rounds of Swiss; each round being 30 minutes; five turns at time; if there wasn't a clear winner, then it was a tie. That was a new one for me, but only because we do highest life total at our store events. It didn't change my strategy at all, and I like it better than the way we currently do things. So for all my players reading this - brace yourselves, ties are coming.

After the Swiss rounds, there would be top 8; single elimination; best of three games; 50 minute time limit.

Everyone that participated in the WKO received Terry McGinnis and Melinda May cards with a die, as well as a blank sketch card. These cards were worth the trip, because I'm a collector and I didn't have these yet!
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Round One - Josh from Nashville

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Jason posted round one pairings and I thought my heart would jump right out of my chest. This was seriously about to happen. I was going into my first round of my first major Dice Masters event. I met my opponent, Josh, and discovered he was from Nashville. I'm familiar with several stores in Nashville due to my past excursions as a judge for a different competitive game. I didn't get a chance to tell him, but I love his custom mat!

We set up our teams, and I instantly recognized several threats. When I saw him go for Constantine, Antihero, I knew I had to shut him down if I was going to do anything effectively. I was able to get set up fairly quickly and it seemed like Josh couldn't get going. I was fully expecting him to buy a Dwarf Wizard, but after our match he admitted that he hadn't had a chance to test play with the Dwarf Wizard much. I think the match would have definitely went different if he had been able to buy and roll a Dwarf Wizard. I was waiting on his Wolverine to attack on me for a million damage that I couldn't block. He wasn't able to pull it off before Nova flew in with his army of Bolt Energy.

I don't remember when or if I bought Oracle in this game though. I apologize for my poor memory in that area. But this was the match that I realized how effective attacking with Dwarf Wizard and Nova can be, as long as I have a Lantern Ring in the Field Zone. In my test plays with my team, I didn't attack with Dwarf Wizard. The reason I swapped Fatality out with Dwarf Wizard was because he could blank a character ability and gave me access to more bolts. Not sure why I didn't utilize him as an attacker during test plays.

While studying the field during this match, it struck me. I could attack with Dwarf Wizard and Nova, and Lantern Ring would do double the damage it would have done if I only attacked with Nova. So I saved two Mask Energy for my Blink, used Iceman's Global to gain several Bolts, then attacked. I was stunned at the effectiveness. I Blinked them back to the Field Zone and was ready for the next turn. Then I realized a misplay. I should have used Magic Missile to finish off my opponent. I just knew I was about to lose because of my mistake.

But Josh's rolls weren't ideal at all. I felt bad and it's very hard to watch as your opponent rolls and rerolls and gets nothing worth using. I've been on that end plenty of times though, so I totally sympathized. I was able to do just enough to win on the next turn. While it was a great learning experience, I was very surprised I won. Had it not been for this first match, I may not have done as well in my next matches. I credit several of the tactics in my future matches to this game.

Thank you, Josh, for being such a good sport and still chatting with me through out the event. I wish you the best of luck in all your future events and remember - test play! Even if you have to set up two teams and play alone. For anyone reading this in the Nashville area, try to connect with Josh. He's a great player with amazing potential. I do not currently know of any FLGS hosting events in his area of Nashville. We need a community out there.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two - Andrew (Andy) C.

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I saw I was against Andrew and thought it was Andy, that I had met Saturday. To my surprise, there were two 'Andy' gentlemen running around. After I sorted out my own confusion, we began to set up. I saw him place Oracle and my heart exploded. I really liked his version of Bat-Bomb. My version uses Dick Grayson, Brand New Bat instead of Batman, Natural Leader; Dr. Doom, Reed Richard's Rival instead of Green Goblin, Norman Osborn; and Aquaman, Orin instead of Bruce Wayne, International Playboy.

I went first and purchased my Oracle in an attempt to slow him down first. He purchased Bruce Wayne first. I was able to get Oracle in the Field Zone fairly quickly, but he didn't go for his Oracle until much later. He was hoping to be able to race me, but his dice fizzled and didn't roll what he needed at all. Before I knew it, the game was over. I was so disappointed that his team didn't fire off at all. I really wanted to see how his Bat-Bomb variant worked compared to mine.

Later in the rounds, I did get to see it. He used Green Goblin to KO an Alfred. Alfred triggered and he rolled a Batman die in his Used Pile. He got an energy face and Alfred returned to the Field Zone. He used the remaining part of Green Goblin's Global to do two damage to his other Alfred. Alfred's ability triggered, and he rolled his other Batman die in his Used Pile. Batman showed a character face, and was placed in the Prep Area. Bruce Wayne was able to pull both Batman dice from the Used Pile and put them into the Field Zone at level 3. Bruce Wayne allowed him to capture his opponent's only two characters in the field, both being under level 3. Andrew was able to attack for game in one turn with two level 3 Batman dice, a Bruce Wayne, an Alfred, a Robin, and a Sidekick or two.

Had he been able to do that against me, it would have been very difficult to defend against because I don't keep many characters in my Field Zone. I'm very lucky that his dice didn't roll for him. My Nova and Dwarf Wizard were able to chip his life down with the help of Lantern Ring and some Bolts, and I finished him off with Nova's ability.

Andrew's team had tons of moving parts to it and he needed everything to go off just right. Even though he lost to me in round two, he did make Top 8 with his take on Bat-Bomb. This version is definitely new to me, but it looked fun!

Congratulations to Andrew on his Top 8 placement and his 6th place finish!

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three - Brett B.

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Name:	Round 3 Brett B.jpg 
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Brett was a difficult opponent to face. I had not seen a team like this at all and I sure didn't test play against Millenium Puzzle, Eternal Dungeon or Imprisoned and he brought both! Imprisoned was a major problem for me. And then my not-so-nice friend Constantine, Antihero was there as well. I went with Oracle right out of the gate to try and slow him down just enough to gain a little bit of an edge. It worked until he got his Beholders working. It was then that I realized just how much trouble I was in.

He had Wasp and Beholder in his Field Zone, and he had Imprisoned my Oracle, Dwarf Wizard, and Nova. He decided to KO his Beholder with Blue-Eyes' Global. I had a Mask Energy in my Reserve Pool, so I decided to use Professor X's Global to help get some ramp going, because I basically had to start all over again! I didn't realize that Wasp would help me get rid of Imprisoned until Brett pointed it out. This is one reason I love the Dice Masters community. He didn't try to take advantage of my oversight regarding Wasp and Imprisoned. My characters all returned to the Field Zone and that's exactly what I needed. I was able to comeback very easily from his misplay. He told me that he should have KO'd Wasp instead of his Beholder and I agree completely. If he had KO'd Wasp instead of Beholder, my characters would still have been Imprisoned.

There is a major lesson to be learned from this - for everyone. Read your opponent's cards thoroughly, and re-read them often if you're not familiar with them. Brett made a great showing with a team that I have never seen or even thought could be a team.

Congratulations to Brett on making Top 8!

Record after Round Three: 3-0-0

Round Four - Andy P.

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Andy, my buddy from the draft Saturday that had to face my Vicious Narwhal team, was going to be my round four opponent. We decided to take a huge risk, and draw our match. We signed our slip and turned it in, but we also wanted to play it out to see what the outcome would have been.

We had a brief game because my worst fear came out early game. Oracle destroyed my ramp and slowed me to a crawl. He was able to quickly dispatch any threat I placed in the Field Zone with his Hulk. Nova does not do anything for me if he's damaged outside of the Attack Step. It didn't take long before he had overrun me after he blasted every single one of my characters out of the Field Zone.

His team ran so smooth and this match showed me how important it is to use Dwarf Wizard as quick as possible against Hulk. He would have been my first loss, but since we had already shook and signed the slip, it was officially a draw. I would love to face off against Andy again and redeem myself! But this was definitely a good payback match for the Vicious Narwhal on Saturday.

Congratulations to Andy on is Top 8 placement and his 3rd place finish!

Record after Round Four: 3-0-1

Round Five - Josh K.

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Name:	Round 5 Josh K.jpg 
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I looked at Josh's team, which was hard to focus on due to this amazing playmat he had, and I had no clue what to expect. It looked like he was going to try to burn my face off and punish me if I tried to do the same to him. He looked at my team and we ultimately decided to come to a draw. We also played out our game for fun, just to see what the outcome would have been.

Josh opened strong with multiple Power Bolt purchases. I went with Oracle in hopes that it would prevent him from wanting to use Globals. He was a very aggressive player and kept me on my toes. Nova pulled out a finishing blow. It was a fun game and I'm really glad we played it, because he does have such a unique team.

Congratulations to Josh on his Top 8 placement and 5th place finish!

Record after Round Five: 3-0-2

Travis and I had done something that we didn't think was possible. Not only did one of us make Top 8, but we both did. We were both in shock and couldn't believe it. With all the great teams and awesome pilots, we still aren't sure how we both managed it.

Top 8 - Brett B.

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Name:	Round 3 Brett B.jpg 
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ID:	5155

My first single elimination match was against a familiar face! I was facing off against Brett again, and was looking forward to the challenge. I was a little more familiar with his team and I knew he could bypass Oracle's tax with his Beholder. But I decided to stick with what worked before. Game one was a speedy play since we both had solid plans and were familiar with our opponent's teams. He was using Constantine, Antihero to force rerolls on my Lantern Ring. I lost count how many times he tried and Lantern Ring came back up on the Action Face. Nova, Dwarf Wizard, and Lantern Ring did their job again and ended game one with a victory for me.

The entire tournament, I kept thinking, when is my luck going to fail. It started to show a downward trend in our second game. He played smart both games by not leaving Wasp out while Imprisoned was active. He had Imprisoned two Oracle, two Nova, at least one (maybe two) Dwarf Wizard, and several of my Sidekicks. I was seriously on the downside this game. He almost had enough attack between his characters to KO me in one attack. The next thing that happened, left me floored...

He attacked me with a handful of Sidekicks. He didn't realize what was about to happen. I was going to take some of the damage, then all my characters were going to return to me from being Imprisoned. After he had declared his attackers and I took the damage, I reclaimed my characters. It was at that point he realized what happened. He looked at me with a defeated look, and said, "I just gave you the game."

I told him, "It's possible and maybe probable, but it depends on my next roll." It really did depend on my roll. I needed to roll enough to damage him for a full 20 damage. I didn't roll enough Bolt Energy and I needed to save some Mask Energy Professor X or Blink - either offensive or defensive Blink. I attacked and he blocked what he could. I had two Energy in my Reserve Pool and he was at one life from the damage my attackers did via Lantern Ring and Nova's ability.

I couldn't get that last point of damage. I knew he had Imprisoned dice coming back around and I was around ten life. Time was almost up and I was sweating. I started looking at his characters, trying to see what his next move might be, and then I saw it. WASP! I had two energy sitting in my Reserve Pool. He passed me priority, I paid for Wasp's Global and that was it. The energy level of the crowd around our match was electrifying and such a rush! If not for his misplay, we would have went to game three, no doubt in my mind.

Brett was an amazing opponent and he was a great pilot with an awesome team! Just because someone makes a misplay, doesn't mean they aren't great pilots. Mistakes happen and all you can do is learn from them and continue on. I have to thank Brett for bringing a team like this because this is one I need to test play against more to learn how to play around Imprisoned.

Congratulations to Brett on his 8th place finish!

Top 4 - Gabe
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In my next match - Top 4 - I had to face off against Gabe, the reigning PDC Kentucky State Champion and his infamous Bard Blitz. This is what I had been preparing for, for weeks! Travis and I test played against Blitz, making our opponent go first, so that way we would know what we needed to do against Blitz. I was super shocked that there were only two or three Blitz teams present. One was Gabe, and Roper was the other. I think there was another, but I'm not certain as I didn't see the other Blitz player.

But I felt prepared and confident that I could put up a good fight before potentially falling to Gabe's Blitz. Game one I got super lucky and was able to go first. I knew I had a serious advantage going first against this team. This meant I could easily buy Oracle turn one, then use my second roll to burn off any potential threats Blitz may be building up. Turn three - this would make or break me. I got Oracle into the Field Zone and saved the rest of the energy for defense. This worked immensely in my favor. I burned more of his characters off and was able to Professor X Shuffle some of my Sidekicks over for some ramp. He was piloting exactly the way Blitz would pilot in a typical Blitz game. I knew exactly what to expect. I was very confident in this game and was certain I could win once I was able to buy Nova. I wasn't worried about getting my Lantern Ring, and that's because I don't necessarily need it against Blitz. The longer Blitz goes, the harder it is for it to pull ahead. This was the key to my first game win against Gabe's Blitz.

I played smart and only attacked when I knew I could Blink Nova back instead of getting over excited and attacking every turn. I made sure to save enough energy for Magic Missile or Blink and this is where Kryptonite shines brightest on my team. Kryptonite is on my team mainly for Blitz match-ups. This is because it's a wonderful source of Bolts!

Game two, Blitz went first. I knew this was going to be a very defensive game, but we only had about ten minutes left in the round. I knew if I could hold him off and just long enough, we would tie game two, giving me the win for the round. I had a feeling I could do it and I did. My turns were quick, as I knew I just needed to save for defense. I saved loads of Bolts to burn what I could and I tried to buy Nova, but I couldn't get him going at all. Nova was liking his energy sides this game. I knew Blitz had Parallax, but there have been too many times I've watched folks burn away their energy to try and get that one die to roll the way they wanted. I even watched Gabe reroll Cloudkill in our games, only to have it end on energy. If I had used my energy to reroll with his Parallax, I could have lost. I needed each energy for defense or to buy a necessary die, like Kryptonite.

Game two came to a draw. I had done it. I had beaten the Blitz!!! I had also just defeated the reigning PDC Kentucky State Champion. Gabe was a great opponent.

Congratulations to Gabe on his 4th place finish!

Top 2 - Travis F.

Are you serious right now?! And I just don't know! That's what I was saying over and over. I was convinced I was in a dream and I was going to wake up any moment. I was going into the finals of a major Dice Masters event - not just any major event, but a WKO! I had a dream Saturday night that I finished last with a record of 0-5-0, so I wasn't sure anymore as to which was actually reality and what was a dream! To top it off, Travis had fought his own way up to the finals as well. We couldn't believe this was happening! I was fully prepared to battle it out with him, but he conceded. He said he wasn't going to play against me, that he wanted me to have the WKO title. I didn't know what to say. We agreed to play it out at home the next day though.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Finals Travis.jpg 
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We played almost three games. The first game was a somewhat quick win for Nova. A few well placed Kryptonites on his Scarecrow or Oracle gave me a huge advantage. Game two was a solid win for his Poly Hulk. He got his Hulk out and blew up my field the same way Andy P. did. Oracle had slowed me down to a crawl as well in game two, so I was having a hard time gaining traction. I did the best I could, but Hulk is very hard to deal with and even harder to race for my team. Game three went to time, and I used my Dwarf Wizard to deal with that Hulk. I had done a tiny bit of damage to him before turns, so he had to damage me or lose. He pulled some silly shenanigans with my Blink to tie our life at turn five. So we went another turn and my Nova finished him off.

I have test played against this team almost as much as Blitz and I had never won against it. This was very satisfying, to know that I could defeat him.

Congratulations to Travis on his 2nd place finish!

Final Standing: 1st Place

Top 8, Final Placing

Myself (I was in shock. I don't win things.)
Travis (My husband)
Andy P.
Josh K.
Andrew C.
Brett B.
Adam R.


Top 8 players received a Guy Gardner and Loki variant art cards.
Top 4 players also received Oracle and Blink variant art cards.
Top 2 players also received Hulk and Mr. Mxyzptlk variant art cards.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Top 8, Top 4, Top 2 Prizing.jpg 
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Size:	175.2 KB 
ID:	5152

Along with the seat at Nationals, first place also won a full set of Super Rare cards from Civil War.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	First Place Prizing.jpg 
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Size:	176.2 KB 
ID:	5151

Final Thoughts

What a weekend! We had the best time that we've ever had at any competitive event, and we've been to plenty. Everyone came off as being genuine and honest players; folks were calling judge on things in favor of their opponents; and there were plenty of folks hanging out and discussing strategy with others to help them in their next matches. The previous competitive games we played/judged - you did NOT see that. Everyone was so polite and fun to be around. There were drafts, doubles casual matches, folks just hanging out, folks practicing between rounds, and store staff cruising around being as helpful as possible. I didn't think this type of community would ever exist in a competitive atmosphere. This was pure heaven for me - I have found my people! And even if you didn't do well, I hope that you were able to take something away from your matches to help you improve your team or your piloting.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the WKO and played their hearts out. You are what makes the community great. You made this experience better than it could have been. Thanks again to Jason and his staff, and to Big Bang for hosting the event and having us as guests in your store. I hope that the Dyersburg crew made a good impression on everyone and I hope that if any of you are in the area, that stop in the store for a few games. Thanks again to my opponents for some awesome games - I learned something in each and every game and it helped me in all my matches. I'm a better pilot because of this event.

I can't wait for Origins! I'll play my heart out and see where it takes me!

Did you attend a main event at a WKO?
What team did you play and how well did you do?
Did you learn something that made you a better pilot, player, or team builder?
Drop a line in the comments or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!
Please give me a follow at:

Roll on, Dice Masters!


  1. Jmburns1987's Avatar
    Hey, it's Josh from Nashville. Just wanted to say congrats on taking the number one spot. It's cool that you and Travis played it out at home. I told my wife when I got back that if that had been us, we would've been battling it out. You were a gracious victor and I really appreciated the tips you gave me on my team and how to play it more efficiently. Also, to refresh your memory, you definitely had Oracle out lol. Let me know the next time you guys are having any big DM events over in your area, I can probably get a few of my friends to ride out there with me.
  2. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jmburns1987
    Hey, it's Josh from Nashville. Just wanted to say congrats on taking the number one spot. It's cool that you and Travis played it out at home. I told my wife when I got back that if that had been us, we would've been battling it out. You were a gracious victor and I really appreciated the tips you gave me on my team and how to play it more efficiently. Also, to refresh your memory, you definitely had Oracle out lol. Let me know the next time you guys are having any big DM events over in your area, I can probably get a few of my friends to ride out there with me.
    Thank you for helping me remember! First round details sometimes get confuzzled after a long day and several rounds. I could not remember for the life of me if I had her or not. I'm super happy to see you here! So hopefully some other local folks can connect with you. We need more Tennessee folks to help represent the state! :3

    If you're not in the Dyersburg Dice Masters group on FB, you should jump in it! I try to keep our events updated in there and on Dice Dice Kitty FB page.

    Thank you for the kind words and hope to see you again - you deserve a rematch for sure!
  3. zeon20's Avatar
    Thanks for fun read and congrats on taking first. Its been a dream of mine to get my gf to play in a big event and take top finishes so I'm super jelly you and travis were able to take the top spots at a regional lol. Also really enjoy your articles on your store events since I don't get to play much so I have to live vicariously through all your articles to get my roll on lol. I'm really looking forward to meeting and playing you guys at origins
  4. Jwannabe's Avatar
    Congrats again! You were a very deserving winner! I'm glad I can say my only two losses were to the champ.
  5. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Thank you both! Can't wait to meet more folks at Origins and see old friends!