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Who Likes Vanilla: A Special Constructed Format

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Hi all,

I thought I should share a special event that was recently run in our local area as it may be something that others would like to try.

The event was called "Who Likes Vanilla?".

The idea behind the event was 2 fold.
  • First, it was to be the first local event after the Canadian Nationals, which a good portion of my local scene went to and have been practicing quite a bit for, so we wanted something completely different for players to do since many were getting burnt out on the meta.
  • The second had to do with the thought process that I am sure many you have had where you will look at the non effect characters in your collection (Ghost Rider included) and just wonder what they can use used for outside of cheap buys in draft (and Morphing Jar on Bard Blitz and Mask Ring).

Here are the details of the event structure:

Team make up:
  • 2 Basic Actions with 3 dice each
  • 0 Sidekick dice
  • 2 character cards chosen from characters with no ability text (note key words like "Ally", "Swarm, "Overcrush", etc count as ability text, text on Ghost Rider Johnny Blase does not as it is only descriptive of it having no text). These cards will be hence forth known as Vanillas
  • 4 dice for each of those 2 Vanillas (see list at end)
  • 8 cards with combined 20 dice max as per usual list building rules
  • "Lantern Ring: Limited Only By Imagination" is BANNED for this event

Game rule changes:
  • the 8 dice from the 2 Vanillas will take the place of your normal sidekick dice when you fill your bag at the start of the game
  • the Vanillas do not count as Sidekick dice, ie there are no sidekick dice in the game
  • Neither player can attack with a Vanilla die for the first 2 game turns (4 player turns total)
  • when setting up you must have the 2 cards for the Vanillas setup along side your normal cards so that your opponent can clearly see what you chose
  • Vanillas retain all affiliations and stats they have on the card

Note to consider when team building:
*since you do not have any sidekicks, you will likely only be able to buy dice that match the energy types of the Vanillas you are using.

Vanillas (not an exhaustive list, and does not include TMNT since they were not released at the time):
  • Ant-Man: Biophysicist
  • Baby Dragon: Juvenile Reptile
  • Bleez: Victim
  • Catwoman: Antihero
  • Dagger: Tandy Brown
  • Dex-Starr: Dexter of Earth
  • Drax: Arthur Douglas
  • Drow Assassin: Lesser Humanoid
  • Electro: Siniter
  • Falcon: Samuel Wilson
  • Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze
  • Giant Man: Dr. Henry Pym
  • Guy Gardner: Seeing Red
  • Gwen Stacey: Public Menace
  • Harvey Bullock: Donut Enthusiast
  • Hell Hound: Minion Fiend
  • Hill Giant: Minion Giant
  • Iceman: Cryokinetic
  • Injection Fairy Lily
  • Iron Man: Big Man
  • Iron Spidey: Science Nerd
  • Katana: Tatsu Yamashiro
  • Kitty Pride: Ariel
  • Krypto: Super Dog
  • Lex Luther: Xenophobe
  • Lizard: Dr. Curt Connors
  • Lord of D.: Dragon Commander
  • Man-Eater Bug: Insectoid
  • Marshmellon: Fluffy Fairy
  • Mongul: Usuper of the Corps
  • Morphing Jar: Canopic jar
  • Nightwing: Qualified Combatant
  • Orc: Lesser Humanoid
  • Red Tornado: Rannian
  • Saggi the Dark Clown: Siniter Jester
  • Sangan: Clawed Fiend
  • Scarlet Spider: Ben
  • Skeleton: Lesser Undead
  • Thor: Not Who You Expected?
  • Vixen: Mari McCabe
  • White Tiger: Hero for Hire
  • Rocket Raccoon: Big Flarkin' Gun

Couple things we learned from playing the event.
  1. Life total may be need to be increased due to silly things that can be done
  2. If life is not increased then will likely need to ban more than Lantern Ring. For example Piotr as one player did 18 damage with it in a turn. Pyro global, since it allows a bolt only team to completely cycle their bag on any turn including turn 1 putting purchased dice in bag guranteed to be drawn turn 2, for example this could be Manticore that could then on turn 2 loop with this global for game.
  3. There are lots of other crazy things that can happen when you know exactly what energy you will roll.
  4. Everyone had a lot of fun both building lists and seeing what they did, as a result we will likely try this again sometime in the future.

Hope you found this event design intersting and maybe your local community can give it a try down the road.


  1. Zauriel's Avatar
    I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it out.
    Buying an Obelisk the Tormenter on T1 was my plan all week.