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Report! May 28, 2016 OP Event - My TBS: A Dime a Dozen Test

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For our most recent OP Event, I decided to test out one of OddballNarwhal's Team Brew Switcharoo teams. You can find the article for Team Brew Switcharoo: A Dime a Dozen, here.

My Team

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You can find the team build here, on DiceMastersDB.
Narwhal uses a randomizing system on dm.retrobox.

My favorite card on this team is Vixen. Just kidding! I love the Globals on Phoenix and Gamora paired with all the characters that do something when KO'd. Resurrection is great for ramp and while Gearing Up is good in theory, but it feels too slow now. So my idea to make this team work is to KO their dudes by making them attack and then using Gamora's Global, and hoping I can roll a decent amount of characters to attack with on my next turn.

Round One

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My opponent was very confused about what my team was supposed to be doing, and to be honest, so was I. Gobby is just really fast and hard to deal with and you really don't want to KO Gobby unless you know you can attack with enough damage to KO your opponent. Oracle was slowing me down way too much. I would KO her or Ronin and then they would reappear on my opponent's next turn. Gobby got me fairly quickly before I could do anything. I must admit, it was fun to watch my opponent as he tried desperately to figure out what I was doing, or what the big strategy was. We had a few good laughs and then I died to Gobby.

Record after Round One: 0-1-0

Round Two

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This opponent has been improving her piloting and also improving her teams. Using Vicious Struggle can be very difficult for beginners to pilot, but she's done very well in learning her team. She had me on the ropes for most of the game, and Rescue helped her gain some life to put an even bigger gap between our life totals. I was fielding as many characters as I could and all she needed was an Injection Fairy Lily. She rolled, rerolled, and no Injection Fairy Lily. She had me down to three life, and could have easily beaten me if she had made her roll. This young pilot deserves major kudos for playing such a difficult team.

On a side note for this match - the character that got the killing blow on my young opponent was Vixen. I want Narwhal to autograph my Vixen card to go in my promo binder, since she won a match for me.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

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This is another pilot that deserves some kudos. He's seriously upped his skill at building and using his teams. He was able to Intimidate my characters out of my field and then overpower any remaining characters with Bard and Hulk Out. I like games like the match we had because it was a combination of multiple attack turns, and not just building up to attack for 20+ in one attack. This was a super fun match and he did everything right. I tried to come back, but he beat me down enough that I couldn't.

Record after Round Three: 1-2-0
Final Standing: 7th

Final Thoughts

This team was really fun to play against our other players that don't use meta teams or super rares. I think this team could be even more fun with a little bit of adjustment and would be a decent team for a beginner. I don't plan to leave this team together in my team box, but I enjoyed playing something different and unexpected.

I would highly recommend everyone find a Team Brew Switcharoo that they want to try and give it a go! I've even thought of doing a TBS tournament night, where players can only use a team that has been featured in TBS. I would allow the players to change up to two cards but they can only swap those for a card of equal or lesser rarity. That would help players that don't have some of the cards, like the OP cards or Super Rares.

This team was inspired by OddballNarwhal's Team Brew Switcharoo Article!
Have you tried a TBS team, and if so, how did it go?
Drop a line in the comments or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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