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Salt Lake Gamin Con Recap

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The Salt Lake Gaming Con was a very fun event Hosted by Wizkids. We had a total of 19 participants which seems a little small considering it was the last large tournament before Nationals but I think there were a couple of reasons for the smaller turnout.

  • First the Cost of the event was quite steep. $35 total between the con entry fee and the fee to play in the tournament. When you have to option to buy into several local events or one large one, I think the large price point scared away a lot of the more casual players.
  • The tournament took place on a Friday. Again this scares away the more causal players and even more die hard players that have to potentially work on a Friday.
  • We just completed a WKO event a few weeks ago at a location very close by. Within a 5 minute car drive. The WKO event was slightly more well attended then the Regional event. The regional event was attended by 80% of the same people that played in the WKO and a lot of people mentioned Dice Masters burn out at the regional.

Those reasons being stated we had a very fun and very competitive atmosphere at the event.

Bard was everywhere and quickly became the swear word of the tournament. Several people had been convinced that Bard was not going to make a showing due to his low appearance in the local meta, and I think others had just hoped that he would not be there. But there bard was and he was mean.

In the top 8, we had 4 different versions of bard teams and 3 of those took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

First Place was run by my good friend John who has been working on his version of Bard with me over the last few weeks. It is a hybrid of bard blitz and Canadian Nationals Bard and it is mean. It works well against almost any team especially against the Canadian National Bard team because it is basically the same team with more options. This is mostly due to the fact that the globals missing from his team is brought by the Canadian Nationals Bard team so by facing that particular he gets the best of both worlds.

This is the winning team from Salt Lake Gaming Con

Half-Elf Bard
Miri Riam
Morphing Jar
Elf Thief
Dwarf Wizard
Clay Golem: Greater Construct
Prismatic Spray

That being said the Canadian National Bard team was very present and dominate at our event. It ended up taking second, losing to John's team in a best of 3 at the finals.

Third place was me with a modified bard control team that I knew did not have a chance to beat the bard but I was very hesitant about bringing my nationals deck with me to this regional event so I was happy with my 3rd place finish.

A couple of notes from this event.

Wizkids takes the yugioh numbering very seriously at these events. We had a few players have to play with 7 cards because they did not bring the correctly numbered die with them to the event. Bard is his own meta and if you are not playing bard or have a plan to stop Bard + Prismatic Spray/Kryptonite then you are preparing to lose at nationals. The Canadian National Team is very strong but not invincible as it ran into problems versus another modified bard deck that played with several of the same elements but did change them slightly.

I am looking forward to Nationals and Worlds and hope that everyone has as a good a time as we did at this event.
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  1. TheConductr's Avatar
    "Bard is his own meta and if you are not playing bard or have a Plan to stop Bard + Prismatic Spray/Kryptonite then you are preparing to lose at nationals."

    This is the most true statement about the game ever uttered. I think you could add "any event ever" in place of nationals it would be even more powerful. Good luck, friends........

    Glad ya'll had fun! =)
  2. archivist's Avatar
    Nice article. @whisperni - Do you know who went first in each game of the best-of-3 final match and if that player won that game?
  3. whisperni's Avatar
    So in the finals. The gentleman using the Canadian nationals team went first and lost. Then the Canadian Nationals team went first in game 2 and won, due in part to a very large mistake made by the team John brought. In the Third game John went first and took the championship.