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Podcast 38: Quadrant Theory

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Welcome to #38, and what a show it is. Dave and Evan take the reins and reveal the winners for the recent contest, who will receive various organized play basic action cards. Then, the pair have an in-depth discussion about drafting and card evaluation using quadrant theory.

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  1. Randy imported's Avatar
    Wow. I couldn't disagree more with our contest winner who hated the UXM Angel card. Here's what I wrote about it back in October. "But this image is from a 5-part miniseries released back in 2008 that explored Angelís early life as he discovered his mutant abilities. The art, as you can see, is not traditional. It has a fluidity to it that is rare in comics. I think the artistís style was selected to match Angelís grace and agility while flying. The*miniseries, titled Angel: Revelations, is phenomenal. A really good read as young Warren Worthington III struggled with the idea of being a cursed being people were calling ďmutantsĒ while trying to find answers to why God would do this to him through his Catholic faith. I commend Wizkids on this card, because it isnít traditional comic book art. It would be much easier to choose an image of Angel that is just like every other card. But this one stands out, in the best way. The artistic style matches the character, with a great story behind it. This is the card I will measure all cards against going forward."

    To each their own, I guess.