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Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Post - Special Guest Blog: Ben Said Scott, UK 2016 Champ

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Hi fellow TRP'ers,

In this latest blog post on the BritRollerSix page I have the first guest post from Ben Said Scott, the U.K. National Champion 2016.

In this first part, Ben walks us through the process of brewing his team in prep for the Nationals and provides a brief overview of his intended strategy for the day.

More content is in the pipeline, including Ben's part two amongst others, so keep an eye out for more word on the Latest big event on the UK scene.

As always - feedback & comments welcome. 😄


  1. BenSaidScott's Avatar
    =) Still buzzing.
  2. cycoconutz's Avatar
    Awesome team, awesome write up. Grats on the nat's title Ben. I absolutely love that the new guys at your store opened your eyes to imprisoned. It's neat that this game contains so many avenues for deck building that we sometimes overlook an obvious choice. Looking forward to part two!