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$25 and Under: UK Nats Edition

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$25 and Under: UK Nats Edition

Target and Rules:
Target of this blog is for the casual/new player who has either been introduced to the game or just started playing and is thinking of taking the next step to tournament play while under a budget.

Before I dive into the team, let me go over again the rules I set up for myself.
1. Create the most competitive feasible deck for under $25
2. Try to expand your dice master collection
3. Build a deck with the assumption the player does not already own any of the cards
4. For the price of cards, I am using I am not affiliated with the website; it is the website I tend to use more often to buy singles.
5. No op or alt art cards, this is because some sites do not sell these cards. Which of course, leaves ebay and other similar sites to obtain these cards and, as a result, the price fluxes too much.
6. Full set of 20 dice for the team.

Idea for team:
What started out as a discussion with my brother has now turned into a mini multiple part series within this blog. I guess this is my third part of a sub series where I will be focusing on tournament winning teams. So far we looked at TRP's Isaac's PolyVenom team that took 1st place at the WKO2 and Triple Winning Golem Flood team that took over Canada Nats (links to these blogs will be posted at the end). This time we will look at, breakdown, and try to come up with a $25 and Under version of the UK Nats winning team. In terms of metaphors, lets see how our Lady Liberty $25 and Under team compares to the UK's Big Ben team.

UK Nats Edition:
Before we go into our team, we must first break down the team. For those of you who are unaware of the team and how it performed here are the links:

Take a few moments to look over the team. I have a question I would like to ask you (for a third time):
How much do you think the team costs? A. Under $100, B. $100-$200, or C. $200+

The price for the deck, if you were to purchase all the cards and dice, came out to $105 - $110. This is so far our most expensive winning team. Obviously, we have to make some substitutions. Once again, this deck adds fuel to the CARD vs PLAYER debate. The deck list is expensive, however, Britrollersix's blog does a great job on the evolution, creation, and testing of the team.

With the previous two decks, I went over how it addressed the four main elements of a good team: Control, Defense, Ramp and Damage. While the creator UK Nats team did a great job at addressing how the team functions, lets break down this team based on the four elements and how they were addressed. By doing so, we should have a better idea of where are $25 and Under Team will need help addressing and which elements we can convert smoothly.

:: :: :: :: ::avx77:: :: ::

For the third time, of all the four elements, this is the one area where our $25 and Under will need to think outside the box to replicate or to come up with a different strategy. Once again, bulk of the cards and finance for team comes from this elemenet. As I discussed in my last blog, here is proof again of a pattern emerging from the current meta of a heavy emphasis on control and the inclusion of Bard. Since Bard is your one card damage output this gives all teams more space to have more control elements. With PolyVenom it was 5/10 cards, with Golem Flood it was 7/10 (though with my conversation with one of the co-creators, I might have been quick to classify so many as control), with UK Nats we have 7/10 (with some cards being supportive roles for other elements).

Elf Thief serves as two purposes in my mind: control and ramp. The emphasis is more on control, we are either stealing energy from our opponent or forcing our opponent to change their buy strategy. The stealing of energy for a possible ramp is more of a by product of the more control element of the card. Actually, the potential theft of energy is why Elf Thief is more of a control card. To make Elf Thief effective we need a reliable fielding and/or KO engine to make sure to can bring back Elf Thief. This is where this team is lacking. We have no reliable way to make sure Elf Thief keeps coming back. While the creator of the team mentioned using Magic Missile as a Elf Thief KO engine, you are looking at using 1-3 enegry to do this; in comparison to no energy being used with a Golem or one energy if you have a Blue Eyes White Dragon, or two energy with Parallax. Personally, I like Elf Thief, so we will try to find a spot for him on the team, but at $2 a copy, that may be hard to do.

The next two control cards make up the bulk of the team's expense. Super Rare Constantine and the Rare Dwarf Wizard make up well over half of the teams purchase cost. Obviously, we are going to substitute this two major control elements. I'll explain the thought process for these subs in our team breakdown.

Oracle has been a thorn in the side of many players. Oracle has a good purchase cost for her ability (4 Mask) and a total fielding cost of 0. We can see why this card has made such a presence in the meta. Our goal is to get her on the field as soon as possible. Since this card is a starter card, the cost to buy the card is reasonable.

Our next card is a Dice Masters classic, Hulk - Green Goliath. Hulk, both Green Goliath and Jade Giant, was a fixture on many a PolyJinzo team. Hulk's main function is to wipe your opponent's board to open the door for a lethal swing. And it is because of the board wipe that I place Hulk under control. Hulk, like Magic Missile can function for more than one element. I'm basing this labeling based on his function on the team. It is important to remember not to get Hulk happy. I have seen many player field Goliath and ping him, in this case with Magic Missile, just to constantly wipe your opponent's board. Remember, while this may be fun, all you are doing to greatly increasing the amount of dice your opponent will roll their next turn. The board wipe of Hulk should always serve a strategic purpose and not "Because I can". Lets see if we can find a spot for him on the team.

Similar to Hulk, Magic Missile is one of those cards you can argue can fit more than one element. But based on Britrollersix's blog, I place Magic Missile under control. Ben, the creator of the team, stated in the blog that he used Magic Missile to KO his own Elf Thief and to activate Magic Missile. Which to me serves more of a control element. You can also use Magic Missile to ping off your opponent's sidekicks to less the blow of a Bard blitz. Similar to Hulk, we have to see if we can make room for Magic Missile on our team.

The last card in the control element is imprisoned. I experienced Imprisoned facing off an "Apologies in Advanced" Team. This basic action can be very effective. My only saving grace against this team was that I was running a taunt on my team. Imprisoned, similar to Vicious Struggle is a strategy that you have to plan to use and plan to defend against. (personal note: like Vicious Struggle, if your opponent has it on their team and you go first, buy). What if your opponent buys a Imprisoned, or worse 2 copies? Imprisoned is not only a very potentially effective control card, but the price is under a $1. With that much of a value, I'm sure we can make room for it on our version.


Even though, this team, in my opinion has only one main defense element, it is an important one. Breaker is our answer if our opponent races us for our Imprisoned Basic Action dice. Decent purchase and a total fielding cost of 1 with decent stats. Most importantly a cheap card. He checks off a lot of criteria we are looking for our team. I sure we will have no problem adding him to our team.


PXG is self-explanatory. Since, I have put PXG in a few $25 and Under decks, I'm sure there would not be a problem finding space on our team for it.


Our only major damage element in our team is the universal eight card for all teams...the bard. As I said before, since we only need one main damage element (as seen in our last three teams) this opens ups slots that we can invest in defense or control. What I can I say, Bard is the new standard for Dice Masters. Even if Wiz Kids puts in place a rotation, Bard will survive the first rotation. So expect Bard to be around and everywhere. Since bard is the only damage element, we have to make sure this card is on our team. If you have not read it yet, there was a great home page article on bard and its impact on the meta. (

Supportive Elements:
:: ::avx77:: ::

I decided to add this category based on my conversations with Drakolich on my last blog. A major strength with this team, is that it has cards that can serve as support to other elements. I already went over how Elf Thief can help with the Ramp element. Green Goliath can support the defense element by pinging him on your opponent's turn, if your opponent amasses a large field to swing. Lastly, Magic Missile can be a supportive defense element with the pings, and a support damage element if you purchase the dice. The amount of utility is a strength in this team, that needs to be learned and understood by playing a few games.

We have broken down and reviewed the elements that made the UK Nats team successful, now lets see if we can make a $25 and Under version that adheres as best we could to the elements and tactics of the original team.

Team Breakdown:

Half-Elf Bard (Budget so far: 25.00)
Master Lords' Alliance - 2.99
The unofficial 8th card for every team. Bard has proven to be such a versatile card. I would argue, Bard can make any team lethal and frees up space to invest into control elements. Similar to PolyVenom, we want to establish board control or to have overwhelming numbers and swing. Remember, the bonus for Bard stacks FOR EACH bard; "when attacks" bonus and ability trigger for each die, not for each character. We will also pick up two copies of Lesser Emerald Enclave for .39.

Hulk (Budget so far: 21.23)
Green Goliath - 5.99
A great defense card, a great control card, and good stats for an attacker. It is easy to see how Green Goliath became a quick staple in Dice Masters. I remember Hulk being one of the first cards some players were talking about should be banned. But, as more and more set came out, the use of Hulk started to decrease. Green Goliath, with the inclusion of Bard has been making a comeback. At my WKO2, the winning team had Green Goliath and Bard. We are going to deviate a little bit by buying only one copy.

Breaker the Magical Warrior (Budget so far: 15.24)
Mana Break - .25
The use of Breaker in the UK Nats team, I thought, was a great move. Its a card with a god ability and does not get a lot of play in Dice Masters. Breaker is used primarily as defense in case your opponent buys one or more of your imprisoned. To expand our collection we are also going to buy three more copies of Mystic Magus for the same price.

This is where things are go to get a bit interesting. We are going to make a lot of changes from the UK Nats team. Two reasons for this. One is the financial cost. Second, is that I want to expose players to other dice and cards in dice masters. Looking back at the UK Nats team, I feel the main strategy is to maintain control, then board wipe with Hulk, then swing for lethal with Bard. As long as that this remains the main plan for our team then we are keeping the essence of UK Nats team. The change ups are to the control element. We are still going to have global and action hate on our team, but we are gong to lack direct control due to the absence of super rare Constantine and rare Dwarf Wizard. But with the board clear ability of Hulk, we are going to add some fielding tax and hopefully some speed to the team with a slight change to our Basic Actions.

Wasp (Budget so far: 14.24)
The Winsome Wasp - .39
Here's our first big change to the UK Nats Team. Instead of the basic action Magic Missile we are going to use Wasp. We are using Wasp purely for her global to ping our Hulk. I know the global is more expensive than Magic Missile, however we just need two energy to use. In addition, best case scenario we only need to use the global once to make it effective with Hulk, while our opponent would need to use it multiple times. I know that Wasp, similar to Slifer, as Drakolich poited out in the comments of my last post, is vulnerable to Prismatic Spray. But Wasp opens up a basic action slot, which I feel Magic Missile could be changed to better help the speed and perhaps the utility of the team. Since we are using Wasp for his global, we will only buy one copy.

Kryptonite (Budget so far: 13.85)
Green Death - .77
Our $25 and Under staple. Kryptonite gives us some blanking text ability which adds come control to our team. Obviously, it is not the same as the super rare Constantine or rare Dwarf Wizard, but for a fraction of the price we get some control, albeit only on our turn. Normally, this is where I say we will also buy two copies of the uncommon for .49, however, coolstuffinc has increased the price of the uncommon to .99. I feel the uncommon does not even comes close to the common. I think this increased is due to how good the common version is. So we will purchase one more copy of the common.

Oracle (Budget so far: 12.31)
Hacker - 1.99
Master Investigator is universally good. I would say Master Investigator, like Bard, can fit into any team. However we going with Hacker primarily because of Hulk. Hulk with Hacker provides a solid field tax. With an increase fielding cost, we can be more liberal with our use of Green Goliath to wipe our opponent's board. Another reason, I went with Hacker is to broaden our scope of cards we can use. Don't get me wrong Master Investigator is a great card, Hacker can be just as annoying, if paired well with a targeted/mass removal, which we have with Hulk. I would ask your TO if your opponent can bypass Hacker increase cost with free fielding effects like Elf Theif or Nick Fury. WizKids have ruled that your opponent has to pay a minimal cost in regards to Cerebro, but an increase of cost falls into the grey area of rules interpretation. We are going to buy one copy of Master Investigator for .79. So if we are not going to use Master Investigator, where is our global hate/control?...

Doomcaliber Knight (Budget so far: 9.53)
Dark Cavarly - 1.99
I know this is an unique choice for global control. As I said before, I concede that Oracle - Master Investigator is great card (4 cost with a total fielding cost of 0). However, Oracle taxes globals, she does not stop them. So if one global can throw a monkey wrench into your team, it is still going to happen. Dark Cavalry while having a higher cost (5 cost with a total fielding cost of 4), shuts down the global that was used and denies its use for the rest of the turn. It comes down to lower cost tax or a higher cost denial. Now, I do have to point out, you may need to talk to your TO. Because, the card may be interpret that the global that gets turned off, may also be turned off to you. So you may need to use all the globals you may want to use prior to giving priority to your opponent. Once again, I feel we need to expand our horizons on cards will similar abilities. We will also buy 2 copies of Skeletal Warrior for .39.

Goblin (Budget so far: 6.76)
Lesser Humanoid - .79
For our main source of ramp we are looking to a staple of $25 and Under, the Goblin Swarm. We took out PXG because it is so common. In the current meta there appears to be two types of Global ramp PXG or Magic Ring/Resurrection Combo. We are gambling and playing the odds that your opponent will most likely have one of these two ramps. This opens up a slot on your team. In addition, due to the wording on Doomcaliber Knight, Your PXG maybe be consider different in terms of DCK's ability from your opponent's. So in order to really stress DCK's ability, we are trying to avoid ramp globals. Swarm is a nice answer to this solution. To max our dice, we will buy three copies of Greater Humanoid for .49.

Imprisoned (Budget so far: 4.50)
Cost - .49
For less than .50 you could steal your opponent's field or a good chunk of it. Not bad. Remember that Imprisoned, like Vicious Struggle, is a race basic action. Meaning you have to try to get more copies than your opponent. Second, you need an answer in case your opponent uses Imprisoned on you, which is why we have Breaker.

Polymoprh (Budget so far: 4.01)
Cost - 3.99
Here's our last big change up to the UK Nats team. Polymoprh provides some speed to our team, giving us an opportunity to get our control elements (Hulk, Oracle, and/or DCK) on the field faster. In addition, the spinning of dice from the global will help us keep our Hulk on its burst face and our DCK on level 2 or three. Polymorph also gives us a defense twist. We could polymorph our opponent's Constantine or Dwarf Wizard for a sidekick. The utility of Polymorph is the reason why I included him on this team.

Final Team:
Bard - Master Lords' Alliance x3
Hulk - Green Goliath x1
Break the Magical Warrior - Mana Break x4
Wasp - The Winsome Wasp x1
Kryptonite - Green Death x2
Oracle - Hacker x2
Doomcaliber Knight - Dark Cavalry x3
Goblin - Lesser Humanoid x4

Left over budget: .02

Alternate Build:

That was my two cents about this team (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist). Two cents does not give us any room to work with. However those who feel that my suggested team is too outside the box or too much of a deviation from the UK Nats team, here is a more streamline team that has more of the cards that was used in the original winning team.

Magic Missile
Hulk - Green Goliath x1
Goblin - Lesser Humanoid x4
Oracle - Master Investigator x2
Breaker the Magical Warrior - Mana Break x4
Bard - Master Lords' Alliance x2
Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants x1
Kyrptonite - Green Death x3
Cerebro - Super Computer x3
Total Cost - 24.99

With this version we replaced the targeted control with a targeted fielding tax with Cerebro. We also replaced Dwarf Wizards with Kryptonite, which would also help with Magic Missile if we need the bolt energy. Since Elf Thief costs $2 a copy, we went with Goblin Swarm as a way to speed up the team to get our Hulk on the field faster.

Looking back, our first team is big departure from the UK Nat's team (we have more of a $25 and Under version of a PolyHulk team), but I feel the central game plan remains the same. Get Hulk on the field, clear, then swing. We traded in some targeted control element for more taxing a little bit of extra speed. As I stated before, a benefit of changing 6 of the 10 cards, is that we are exposed to different options in dice masters. Of course, for those who want to stick more to the UK Nats team can opt for our alternate build.

Let me know how you guys feel about our Lady Liberty Team in comparison to the UK Nat's Big Ben Team.

I hope this article was helpful. Please leave any helpful replies/comments/suggestions. The more I get, the better (I hope) this blog will become.

One last comment. To all those who are going to play in US Nats and/or Worlds, I won't be there (missed qualifying 3 times, there's always next year), but I want to wish everyone safe travel and good luck on your matches.

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This is a link to my trade/sell thread (updated as of 6/22):

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  1. Judgemental's Avatar
    Always a wicked read, I'm eagerly awaiting US Nats and Worlds editions! Keep up the great work.
  2. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    I trust by 'Big Ben Team' you are referencing our landmark and in no way referencing BenSaidScott's measurements? ��
  3. BenSaidScott's Avatar
    Awesome blog, great read. Never really thought about the expense of my team, the cost probably sky rocketed on the Sunday as well after I put in the alt art Hulk and Oracle. Must be upwards of 200 with that in mind.

    As for your analysis of my strategy, you aren't too far off my initial plan going into the event. Though I will be writing a third blog on how that all changed going into the finals themselves. What I found was that Magic Missile was vital in both shutting down my opponents sidekick wall and for clearing the field so I could swing through. That coupled with Imprisoned meant that I only brought Hulk once in 6 rounds that last day. The control of Jade Giant might have been a better shout for me.

    For that reason I would be very hesitant for anyone to change out Magic Missile for Polymorph. I find, that with Poly, if your opponent doesn't bring it either then you'll be at no disadvantage with it. Though I appreciate you needing the global to make use of DCK.

    That DCK is really good. What I loved about the oracle/ elf thief working in tandem was that it effectively meant that your opponent couldn't ramp. They'd be needing 3 energy just to PXG once. So DCK would do the same ugh I'd also be concerned with the ineffectiveness of having global denying abilities when you yourself have no global abilities your opponent will want to use. What happens when you come up against a team that is also swarming? A lot of your rafters will be for nought.

    Closing team was initially an energy denying team, so Cerebro was in there.. Also the uncommon Mind Flayer. So kudos for picking up on that thread, with using Hacker.

    Anyway, once again, thanks for looking at my team. Let me know what you think of my comments. And it was a great read! Good job.
  4. Sagi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TrueMisterSix
    I trust by 'Big Ben Team' you are referencing our landmark and in no way referencing BenSaidScott's measurements? ��
    Of course I was referring to your landmark. I would never make any such comments about anyone. Actually, when I was coming up with metaphors, I totally forgot that Ben was the creator.

    Ben, thank you so much for your comments and insights. Its a really good team.
  5. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sagi
    Of course I was referring to your landmark. I would never make any such comments about anyone. Actually, when I was coming up with metaphors, I totally forgot that Ben was the creator.

    Ben, thank you so much for your comments and insights. Its a really good team.
    Hey man,

    I hope you've picked up my reply to your PM but I wanted to reply here also...

    You were good enough to send me an apology for any offense you may have caused and I want to be clear that it is I who should apologise to you.

    The intention of my comment was to be a glib, tongue-in-cheek innuendo. Sadly, the cheeky little emoticon I used on my phone that would have helped communicate that has failed to display (seems to be 2 weird question marks on my laptop) and my little attempt at comedy has failed miserably because the written word has not communicate the tone i wrote it in.

    I am very sorry that my post implied you were making such comments - it was inappropriate and my mistake entirely. I should have thought more before I hit post.
  6. pk2317's Avatar
    For what it's worth, I only saw the joke
  7. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Solid write up!
  8. BenSaidScott's Avatar

    Just kidding. I love having a name for that team.
  9. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BenSaidScott

    Just kidding. I love having a name for that team.
    Six seasons and a movie!