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The Absence of DDK - I'm so very sorry!

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For those of you that didn't know, I was in the hospital from Tuesday to Friday this past week. I had an enlarged and inflamed gallbladder with loads of gallstones. It was seriously painful and the recovery is almost as bad, but it's easing up everyday.

Sorry I couldn't do a CCW for you this week. I'm not sure I'll be able to do one this coming week either. Being in the hospital seriously set me back on everything and we have Origins next week. I'm happy that the convention center rents wheelchairs though. I'll most likely need one. Narwhal has given me a nickname (because of me needing a wheelchair for Nats) - Katmobile. I'm totally making a paper sign to tape to the back of the wheelchair that says "Katmobile".

The next you'll hear from me, will probably be after Nationals and Worlds because I need to get my home back in order (it's a mess), get stuff together for the trip, and still get some rest in to help heal from this surgery.

Roll on, Dice Masters!
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  1. gkpon66's Avatar
    Hey Kitty, as much as we like your posts, taking care of your health is immensely more important. Still making it to origins? Priceless, ! Get better and we'll see you there, Gary
  2. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Since I have wheelchair access, shouldn't be a problem! The car ride is fine too since I'll be reclined a little. As long as there aren't a million bazillion trillion potholes in the road.... bumps hurt! XD

    I told my husband on Tuesday that short of there being major complications, I'm not missing Origins. I will never have another chance to play at Nationals, because I don't typically win anything so I can't miss this!

    Thank you for your kind words and thank you for reading my stuff! I really do appreciate it. Hope to see you there!