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Worlds 2016 Team List Breakdown Part 2

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This post will breakdown the percentages of the overall cards by set.

Set Percentage Most popular
Avengers VS X-Men 8.04% Mr. Fantastic
Uncanny X-Men 8.48% Professor X
Yu-Gi-Oh 8.48% Morphing Jar
Battle for Faerun 7.14% Prismatic Spray
Justice League 8.48% Constantine
Age of Ultron 1.34% Captain America
War of Light 9.82% Parallax
Amazing Spider-Man 0.45% White Tiger
Faerun Under Siege 25.89% Elf Thief
World's Finest 14.29% Oracle
Civil War 4.46% Tie between Ronin & Luke Cage
TMNT 1.78% Tie between Casey Jones and Foot Ninja
Organized Play 1.34% Scarecrow

Faerun under Siege dominates, largely due to the power trio of Elf Thief, Half-Elf Bard, and Dwarf Wizard.

Now let's take a look at the actions.
Avengers VS X-Men 14.29% Distraction
Uncanny X-Men 7.14% Imprisoned
Yu-Gi-Oh 3.57% Crush Card Virus
Battle For Faerun 41.07% Resurrection
Justice League 1.79% Villainous Pact
Age of Ultron 0% N/A
War of Light 8.93% Vicious Struggle
Amazing Spider-Man 1.79% Archnemesis
Faerun Under Siege 17.86% Cloudkill
World's Finest 0% N/A
Civil War 1.79% The Front Line
Organized Play 1.79% Takedown

Battle For Faerun dominates the actions.

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  1. The0retico's Avatar
    I think there is a mistake - players ran Luke Cage from CW, not ASM.
  2. Bankholdup's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The0retico
    I think there is a mistake - players ran Luke Cage from CW, not ASM.
    Thanks for catching that.