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Report and News! Origins Game Fair 2016 in Columbus, Ohio

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I couldn't quite fit my entire article into one post, so I'm just going to link it here:

Thank you all for reading my blog here and on WordPress. I have to give a huge thanks to all my opponents in Nationals. They were all great pilots and super fun to play against!

Origins Game Fair was the first game fair for myself and my husband, and we had more fun than any other convention we've been to.

Roll on, Dice Masters!


  1. pk2317's Avatar
    I have no issues with you just posting a link

    Left you a comment there also with Travis' results and some more play surface info.
  2. Jthomash2's Avatar
    What a pleasure to meet you in person! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the experience.
  3. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Was awesome to meet all the TRP folks that were there and the PDC folks. I've never seen such an amazing community!
  4. Randy's Avatar
    Chatting with DDK for almost half an hour was one of the highlights of Origins for me.