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Dice Masters Summary

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Dice Masters is a cards and dice game for 2 people where you play as masterminds who are pitting teams of heroes, monsters, and/or villains against each other. You start with a team of cards representing those characters and maybe some special actions that they can do, and the dice that go with those cards. However, you don’t have access these dice right away. You have to buy them with special 6-sided dice called “sidekick” dice that show either a basic character (represented by a chess pawn), one of 4 energy types (bolt, fist, mask, shield) or a wild energy type (represented by a ?). You start with 8 of these dice in your dice bag and roll 4 at a time to try to get enough energy to buy the other characters on your team.

Each character and most action dice have an energy type and cost in the upper left corner. You need enough energy faces on your dice after a roll and a reroll to pay for a die from a given card, with at least one of the energy dice faces you are spending matching the energy cost on that card. You take that purchased dice and put it in your used pile, which is where the dice you used to purchase it will go at the end of your turn. Once your bag is empty, you’ll refill it with all of the dice from your used pile and draw 4 more from there. If it is a character that you bought, you may also have to pay to “field” it into your field zone. Each die has a fielding cost, from 0-3, in the upper left corner of the die (sidekick pawns cost 0 to field) to get it active that you can pay with any energy that you have rolled.

Once you field a character, you can attack with it. The attack value is in the upper right corner of the die, while the defense value is in the lower right corner. After you have attacked, your opponent gets the chance to block with their characters. Any time the attack value of one die exceeds the defense value of the opposing die, it is knocked out (“KO’d”) and goes to the prep area to be rolled along with the dice you draw next turn. Any dice that attack without being blocked damage your opponent instead and get sent instead to the used pile. You typically start with 20 life points, so once you have done 20 points of damage directly to your opponent, you win!

You can also purchase and roll action dice, either from your team or from a communal pool of basic action cards/dice. These dice give you special powers if you roll an action face (looks like a cartoon “POW!” symbol) or 2 generic energy that aren’t of a specific energy type, but can still be used to help buy or field other dice (they are not “wild” energy, so you still may need a specific energy type to buy a die). The cards on your team also have special abilities that you can use to bend the rules of the game, like drawing more dice, rerolling more dice, sneaking a character through unblocked, or modifying the damage that they do. Learning how to use those abilities (and the red “global” abilities that ANYONE can use) together in combination with each other makes this game even more strategic and fun.
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    This is meant to be a 1 page overview that I am writing to introduce new players to the game. Please comment on how I can improve it.