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Be Gentle... It's My First Time

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So being new to this game we call Dice Masters I learned a lot at Origins.

I learned that no matter where players come from, whether it be in the US or outside, everyone is about having a good time and playing a game that may irritate us in various ways... but we still keep coming back (yes... we may be dice addicts). It was amazing that this small town guy and his Dice Masters mentor could walk into the grand gaming hall and within 5 minutes of being their already be laughing and joking with people from around the country and world. From Mexico City, Costa Rico, Chicago, Louisiana, and everywhere else everyone was laughing and having a good time... even when a translator was needed since my sarcastic humor doesn't translate to Spanish very well.

I learned that the game is faster than I am used to. I am not talking about how fast you can win or lose (turn 3 I am looking at you), I am talking about how fast your opponent can adjust to your strategy and capitalize on your mistakes... a gentleman from Florida did a perfect job of this when I played him in World's. Practice is the only way to work through these mistakes and thankfully I have a very strong group back home to get reps in with.

I learned that no matter what time is listed as a start time for an event, get there early. In cases of large events... very early. When I got in line for the Fan Appreciation event I thought I was crazy for getting in line 2 hours early... about 10 minutes later their were 50 people in line. 30 minutes... 100. So as a first timer to one of these large events to everyone else... get there early to ensure you get in and get good front row seats.

I learned that the "Meta" is always changing... look at the top teams from 2015 versus this year. How many cards are the same? I actually like how the meta evolves from set to set and can't wait to see how the upcoming sets will move away from Bard. Yes Bard was a heavy hitter this year, but so was Vicious Struggle and Mask Ring; and one day no one will be running Bard. Soon maybe Vixen teams will be the Meta...

The last thing that I learned is that even though the competition is high and everyone is trying to make the cut, people are willing to help you learn. I had the opportunity to play test with a group that pushed my limited understanding of the game and brought a little perspective to every move. I played a game against a competitor from Louisiana during play testing while the Mexican National Champion asked us to justify every purchase and step. It was interesting playing like this because it put playing ahead or behind into perspective. If you ever want to go through a slow but worthwhile play testing session I strongly recommend using this format. Honestly I think it made my view of the flow of the game change in a good way.

In the end I walked out of Origins with a ton of cool stuff, great memories, and new friends. If you didn't get a chance to go this year I highly recommend doing so next year. It is a great time and very family friendly (I am planning on bringing my family next year).

Thanks to everyone who made it a great week (way too many people to name) and I will see you next year... even though I am sure next year will be my first time, so be gentle.
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  1. Bankholdup's Avatar
    All the people who weren't at Origins or haven't ventured into the Indiana Dice Masters scene, must be thoroughly confused by the last sentence. 😁
  2. pk2317's Avatar
    I suspected either an inside joke or a plea for people to go easy on him/her indefinitely
  3. Bankholdup's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317
    I suspected either an inside joke or a plea for people to go easy on him/her indefinitely
    You are correct lol. Improbably all of @andkrous 's games are his first time playing. Even when he played in Worlds.
  4. Zephernaut's Avatar
    It's the same at our local store
  5. Rhyno's Avatar
    Happy Pride Andy.