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$25 and Under: Foot Flying Sidekicks

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$25 and Under: Foot Flying Sidekicks

Target and Rules:
Target of this blog is for the casual/new player who has either been introduced to the game or just started playing and is thinking of taking the next step to tournament play while under a budget.

Before I dive into the team, let me go over again the rules I set up for myself.
1. Create the most competitive feasible deck for under $25
2. Try to expand your dice master collection
3. Build a deck with the assumption the player does not already own any of the cards
4. For the price of cards, I am using I am not affiliated with the website; it is the website I tend to use more often to buy singles.
5. No op or alt art cards, this is because some sites do not sell these cards. Which of course, leaves ebay and other similar sites to obtain these cards and, as a result, the price fluxes too much.
6. Full set of 20 dice for the team.

Idea for team:
For the first post championships post, I decided to go back to a style of play that my first team that I created was based on: Flying Sidekicks. Flying sidekick teams usually has a three step tactics. Step 1: Field as many sidekicks as you can, Step 2: field characters, use action dice, and/or use globals to increase your sidekick’s attack, and Step 3: make your sidekicks unblockable or, at the very least, give them overcrush.

I will try to address all three of those steps in our team, but we need to also include a plan B just in case we run into some issues. In addition, we cannot forget about the four elements of a good team: Control, Ramp, Defense, and Damage.

Team Breakdown:

Foot Soldiers (Budget so far: 25.00)
Ninja Syndicate - 3.99
Lets start off with one of our most expensive cards in this team, the Foot Soldiers. When the Ninja Turtles cards were been spoiled online, I know a lot of players were talking about Foot Soliders – Shredder’s Army because it was a 2 bolt swarm. My first reaction was that Ninja Syndicate was the better card. This version has ally, which means it counts as a sidekick on the field (by the way, the attack zone counts as being part of the field). Ally means, when we make our sidekicks unblockable, it will also make our foot soldiers unblockable. The second ability these guys have is the one that WizKids really need to make a ruling on or to explain.

“+1 attack and defense for each other sidekick die in the field zone.”
Several questions come to mind:
1. Do I count each sidekick die or each type of sidekick? – I’m basically asking do we following the ruling on Bard in regards to the bonus?
2. Do we count the sidekicks on our opponents side as well?
There has been some discussion on this on the rules forum, but , at least at the time this blog was written, nothing official from Wiz Kids.

For now, lets assume the weakest of the card interpretation: per type of sidekick on our side of the field, in regards to the discussion of this team. Due to the high price of the card, we will buy one more copy.

Half-Elf Bard (Budget so far: 17.02)
Master Lords' Alliance - 2.99
Everyone’s favorite 8th card. There were times when I was running flying sidekicks, I had a hard time getting my sidekicks to be unblockable or overcrush. This meant I was swing for little damage or waiting with a wall. Bard now makes my swing more devastating. Also, imagine the bonus from bard on our Foot Soldiers with their bonus? Foot Soldiers can and will get beefy real quick. Since Bard will boost all of our dice, we don’t really need to spend slots on cards that will only boost sidekicks. Remember, the bonus for Bard stacks FOR EACH bard; "when attacks" bonus and ability trigger for each die, not for each character. We will also pick up a copy of Lesser Emerald Enclave for .39.

Falcon (Budget so far: 13.64)
Recon - .79
Here is one of the main cards of our win con. Falcon, when he attacks, makes our sidekicks unblockable. Key part of his ability is when he attacks. This means our opponent, must do something to our Falcon BEFORE we go into the combat step. If our opponent Distracts Falcon, our sidekicks are still unblockable. If we have both our Bard and Foot Soldiers out, those are some big sidekicks that are going to get through. We are going to purchase two copies of Samuel Wilson for .25 each.

Kryptonite (Budget so far: 12.35)
Green Death - .79
A staple in our $25 and Under decks. As I stated before, this .79 card can shut down the expensive staple cards such as the rare dwarf wizard. This will be our replacement for Rare Dwarf Wizard. We will buy two copies for the same price.

Professor X (Budget so far: 9.98)
Recruiting Young Mutants - .99
Classic Ramp. 'Nuff Said. Only getting one copy for the global.

Parallax (Budget so far: 8.99)
Source of Terror - .25
I cannot stop praising this card. For a quarter....a quarter! We get so much utility. Bad rolls, reroll them. We will need Parallax to make sure we field our sidekicks, Bard, and Falcon. Since we only need the card for the global, we will only buy one copy.

:: ::
Angel (budget so far: 8.74)
Air Transport or Inspiring - .79
When I was making my first flying sidekick team, I had a hard time deciding which version of Angel to put on my team. Air Transport gives me a free sidekick field and with Parallax I can test my luck to refiled Angel for another sidekick. Inspiring, gives a boost to all my sidekicks when I attack. Choose the one that you feel best fits your style. For this team, I will go with Air Transport. We are hoping the boost from Bard will be all that we will need. We will also buy three copies of Flying High for .49.

Stargirl (Budget so far: 6.48)
Courtney Whitmore - .25
With our last spot we are going to add a sidekick boost character. There are other sidekick boost cards such as Green GoblinGoblin Lord who is cheaper in purchase cost and field cost, but runs at about 2.99 a piece. There is also Captain America – Natural Leader, put has a higher fielding cost and is more expensive at .79 each. Stargirl is cheap at a quarter a piece and she is bolt energy which will provide us with more synergy with our basic actions. We will buy three copies of the uncommon Yankee Poodle Fangirl for the same price.

Magic Missile (Budget so far: 5.48)
Cost - 3.99
As I stated in previous posts, Magic Missile is a great card because it provides us with so much utility. We can purchase the dice to deal damage, we can ping threats offensively on our turn before we attack or we can ping defensively before our opponent attacks.

Invulnerability (Budget so far: 1.49)
Cost - .79
Invulnerability gives us another source of boost to our characters when we attack. We already have some bolt energy synergy with Foot Soldiers, Kyrptonite, and Stargirl. In addition, since we have two globals that use bolt energy, this provides us with some bluff to our opponent who has to figure out if we are going to use our bolt energy for ping (Magic Missile), boost (Invulnerability), or reroll (Parallax). Just in case we get a bad opening roll, we can purchase invulnerability for 2 and use it for some generic energy hopefully.

Final Team:
Magic Missile
Foot Soldiers – Ninja Syndicate x2
Half-Elf Bard – Masters Lords’ Alliance x2
Falcon – Recon x3
Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants x1
Kryptonite - Green Death x3
Parallax - Source of Terror x1
Angel – Air Transport x4
Stargirl – Courtney Whitmore x4

Left over budget: .70

We are not left with much, but you can change the dice layout to fit your style or…

Alternate Build:
::aou29:: :: ::avx5:: ::aou60:: ::
:: :: :: :: ::

Flying Sidekicks style of team can give us so many cards to work with, you can really put your own spin on it. I’m not going to list every card that effect sidekicks, (there was thread on the forums about this, I couldn’t find it, if someone does, please post in comments). But here is another Flying sidekick team (I tried to use as many different cards as possible) that is heavy shield base using Wonder Woman as our source of unblockable sidekicks, Ring/Res combo in place of PXG, and Hulk Out for some overcrush:

Hulk Out
Captain America – Natural Leader x2
Phil Coulson – Inspirational Leader x3
Angel – Inspiring x3
Alfred Penny Worth – MI-5 x4
Kryptonite - Green Death x3
Wonder Woman – Loved by the Gods x3
Ring – Lesser Gear x1
Parallax - Source of Terror x1

Please leave any helpful replies/comments/suggestions. The more I get, the better (I hope) this blog will become.

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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    I didn't even realize people were selling TMNT stuff separately

    Good build, though if you have the budget for it Goblin-Lord is definitely better than Stargirl.