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Teambuilding in Yu-Gi-Oh

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Hello Dice Fans!

The best part of digging in to a new set is all of the new combinations that become evident as we learn about all of the cards and how to use them. Some abilities are familiar, even perhaps becoming staples of Dice Masters at this point. Others have their similarities, but put a different twist on the mechanism. Still others are wholly new.

Today, we're going to look at a card that helps us up our churn potential and how we might build a competitive deck around it using only Yu-Gi-Oh cards - if it's even possible!

Sometimes it's best to approach this game like any other CCG, find your win condition, and stick with it. However, it's important to remember that this game borrows heavily from the deckbuilding genre and games like Dominion, Ascension, and Star Realms. This means that it is viable to start with your engine and see how to best exploit it - just as we did in Avengers vs. X-Men with Beast "Mutate 666."

Luckily, we have at least one such card in this set.

The card in question? Uncommon Sangan.

His ability reads as follows: "When this monster gets KO'd, you may return a monster from your used pile to your prep area."

Loading your prep area in order to roll an avalanche of dice has been a staple of Dice Masters strategy for some time, and this character gives you the ability to do so. He's an inexpensive buy and has a total fielding cost of just two. He'll do just fine as a character that we try to cycle.

We need a way to get him to the used pile. My choice is the rare Blue Eyes White Dragon. There are two excellent reasons for this: His monster ability and his global ability.

Both allow you to knock out a character, one for free, the other at the cost of a bolt. And of course - he is quite a bruiser in his own right, with anywhere from six to eight attack. This monster provides utility (allowing us to KO Sangan or other dice while lowering the cost of purchases) and also strength (allowing us to defeat our opponent). The global is also confirmed to stack, meaning you can essentially turn two bolts and two prepped characters into four energy.

Next up, we need a means of keeping the energy flowing. The obvious choice is the common Morphing Jar, Canopic Jar. With a purchase cost of just a single energy, this die appears ideal on so many levels. It gives you the ability to buy a three-cost on your first turn while still purchasing something else. Once in your bag, you can either field a cheap and easy character or utilize a hefty amount of energy - energy that will pay for your bigger buys. This monster gives us a volume of potential energy, but not necessarily energy that we can use all of the time. Still, his purchase flexibility is strong.

We'll take him.

We do need bolts for Blue Eyes, and a cheap source of bolts is common Baby Dragon, with a purchase cost of three and a TFC of one. But since we're all about churn and the prep area, we should also look to uncommon Thousand Dragon due to the synergy with the babies. This is an easy die to field and can be cycled repeatedly thanks his low cost and the self-removal options that we are bringing with is already - and therefore, it also moves plenty of dice to our prep area and accelerates movement through the dice bag.

We have three slots left.

With the baby and a couple of other dragons in this squad, it stands to reason that we should try to get a few more bolts into the mix. And a cheap way to do that? Why, the commonRed Eyes Black Dragon. Aside from having great stats - a 7/7 on level 3 - this one lets you pay two less energy for bolt characters that you purchase. This one costs 6B to purchase on its own, but use the Blue Eyes global and it's a much more manageable four and you have a die in prep.

Ok, so we've got a lot of bolts, and we've found the means to pay for it, and Sangan gives us the ability to tutor them up, so we need a bomb. An engine isn't a win condition. We need something to take our opponent out. That someone is the rare Summoned Skull. Whenever you field a bolt character on a turn after summoning this one, deal one damage to your opponent. With Thousand and the babies cycling in and out, this shouldn't be a problem. The global isn't too bad either, allowing you to bypass the used pile.

<strike>Finally, we need a way to close the door, and I believe that rare Curse of Dragonwill get us there. He costs just five to purchase and gives a way to tutor himself out of the used pile when we summon dragons. I think there's just a slight possibility that we'll be summoning dragons with this deck.</strike>
</strike>Astute readers have noted that Thousand Dragon requires a Baby and a Time Wizard to work. So we're going to have to change this up, and for now, that's placing a Time Wizard "Time Roulette" on the team in place of Curse of Dragon. It's possible that he ends up supplanting someone else, but this does give us a further use for the masks provided by Morphing Jar. And depending on how we use our Blue-Eyes global, it shouldn't be too expensive to get into play.

And so we have the deck!

The interesting thing is that despite our starting point, Sangan ends up being a supporting piece more than anything else. Your early turns are likely focused on buying a Baby Dragon and a Morphing Jar, though if you're bolt-starved, you have a backup. But that is for the future...

How do we play this out? Next time!

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  1. Ryan Carroll imported's Avatar
    Might need an official rules clarification for Thousand Dragon. I'm reading &quot;two different&quot; dragon fusion monsters as requiring a Baby Dragon and a Time Wizard in order for the fusion to go off. Basing that entirely on how it worked in the anime and CCG, but it stand to reason that the concept would carry over to Dice Masters. &quot;Different&quot; makes me think along the lines of the Teamwork ruling, where you can't attack with 4 Tsarinas and have them buff each other up.
  2. Jr Portwood imported's Avatar
    I thought this was confirmed a while ago. I do believe you have to have baby dragon and time wizard.
  3. Dave imported's Avatar
    Well, that certainly makes sense. Fixed. I think a Time Wizard can fit into this team. It tends to swarm with monsters.