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Card Comparison! Superwoman from World's Finest

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Here is the next installment of my Card Comparison articles! Today, I'm featuring all three versions of Superwoman from the World's Finest set.

When deciding which version of a character you want to use, there are several things you look at:

~ Purchase Cost
~ Energy Type
~ Ability
~ Global
~ Total Fielding Cost (TFC)
~ Attack and Defense
~ Affiliation (or other icons)

The first thing I noticed about all of her versions was that they all cost five energy. The next thing I noticed was that each version had the same Global and all the abilities had something to do with three Bolt Energy. When it comes down to it, the only major difference is the ability.

Superwoman's Stats

Superwoman's die has a TFC of six which is expensive, even for casual play. But Superwoman makes up for that a little bit with her beefy attack stats. You can field her on a lower level and then use something like the Global on Polymorph to spin her up, if you really need her on level three.

Superwoman's Global

I did a Confusing Card of the Week article covering Superwoman, specifically because of her Global, and you can find it here. Her Global does not work the same way as Iceman, Too Cool for Words. Iceman spins the Sidekick dice to a Bolt Energy, while Superwoman allows you to spend your energy as the type it shows or you can choose to convert it to a Bolt. I like to imagine that using her Global puts a filter over your Reserve Pool and as you spend an energy and it passes through the filter and into the Transit Zone, you can choose to activate that filter and change the energy to a Bolt or spend it as its current face.

Click image for larger version. 

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Superwoman's Cards

A quick note - none of the abilities on her cards require that she be active for them to work.

Superwoman, Lois Lane (Common)

That high purchase cost can be bypassed by using this version of Superwoman. Lois Lane allows you to purchase a die for three Bolt Energy instead of five energy. When you pair this version with the Global, this card makes for a great early game card. I've used this version on several occasions on casual teams and she's a great character for casual play. She's easy to buy on your first turn and she gives you a really beefy attacking character if you manage to roll her on level two or three. She's really good in a draft setting as well because of how easy she is to purchase.

This version is probably not the best for any of the major meta teams, even the Bolt Ring teams. I tried to use her, but she was really expensive to field in comparison to other characters that I tried.

Superwoman, Amazonian (Uncommon)

Amazonian has a super cool ability! She has the potential of surprising your opponent when they weren't expecting it. When you spend at least three Bolt Energy to purchase one of her dice, you can roll it and add it to your Reserve Pool. I like the idea of buying one of her dice and rolling a character, just so I can potentially launch an attack my opponent wasn't planning on. Being able to surprise your opponent with a level three Superwoman when they aren't prepared for it could be devastating!

Amazonian, like Lois Lane is not a competitive card, but is great for casual play. She works well with cards like Giant Spider, Greater Beast or Spider-Man, Webslinger because they help Superwoman get around potential blockers. I like to use cards with Globals like the one on Anger Issues for that little bit of extra damage.

Superwoman, Reign of Terror (Rare)

I really like that Reign of Terror doesn't require that your opponent have a Batman Family or Villain affiliated character in the Field Zone for ability to work. You still need to purchase her using at least three Bolt Energy, but she will go to your Prep Area so you have her to roll on your next turn! She has the added bonus of doing three damage to all Batman Family or Villain dice in the Field Zone - including yours.

Reign of Terror would be fun to use in a draft, since World's Finest is loaded with Batman Family and Villain characters. I wouldn't base a draft strategy around her though, because she's a rare and you can't guarantee you'll draft her. But if I opened her, I would totally try to build around her.
Final Thoughts

I really like all three versions of Superwoman and while they all have a lot of similarities, the different abilities sets them apart from each other and plays to the different play styles of folks. I appreciate that they all have the same Global, making each of their abilities much easier to utilize. I don't have a favorite because I can find a place for all of them, but I think if I was forced to use only one of her versions, I would try to build around Amazonian with Spider-Man and Anger Issues. I love the whole 'sneak attack' feeling and that seems like so much fun!

Test Team

I decided to build a casual team using one of the featured cards. I will be playing this team for our Saturday tournament, so be watching for my report!

I had a link to my team on Dice Masters DB, but I can't get the link to work right now. I'll do what I can to update and get it in here.

Here is the card list for my team:

Superwoman, Amazonian
Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants
Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon
Red Dragon, Lesser Dragon
Kobold, Greater Humanoid
Goblin, Lesser Humanoid
Kryptonite, Green Death
Spider-Man, Webslinger

Basic Actions:
Anger Issues

What do you think of the different versions of Superwoman?
Is there a card you would like to see an article about?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!
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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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    Lois Lane + back for seconds! Your love of blue eyes should make underdog easy to achieve.