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Confusing Card of the Week #45 - Foot Ninja, Ninja Syndicate

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today, we're going to take a look at Foot Ninja, Ninja Syndicate from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Set. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my CCW articles! I started them in our local Facebook group and later moved them here to my blog. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to pick a card from my favorite set!

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Ruling - Ability

Foot Ninja has the Ally keyword. A character that has Ally counts as a Sidekick while that character is active in the Field Zone. It will not count as a Sidekick anywhere else.

Foot Ninja has another ability that says he gets +1A and +1D for each other Sidekick die in the Field Zone. This ability counts each Sidekick other than that die. It will count other Foot Ninja dice since they have Ally. This ability will also count your opponent's Sidekick dice, including any Ally characters they have in the Field Zone. This bonus changes based on the number of Sidekick dice in the Field Zone, and the bonus is active all the time.


~ I have two level two Foot Ninja, one Mary Jane, Jackpot (Ally), and three Sidekick dice in the Field Zone. My opponent has two Sidekick dice in the Field Zone.
~ I count up all the Sidekick dice in the Field Zone for my Foot Ninjas. The total is eight, but the Foot Ninjas do not count themselves. They each get +7A and +7D.
~ I decide to attack with my Foot Ninjas with a 9A on both.
~ My opponent decides to block each of my Foot Ninjas with one of their Sidekicks.
~ During the Globals part of the Attack Step, my opponent uses the Global on Magic Missile to do one damage to each of my three Sidekick Dice.
~ Each of my Foot Ninjas will lose 3A because there are three less Sidekicks in the Field Zone, making them a 6A and not 9A.

Max Dice

Most of the character cards in Dice Masters have a max dice number of four. There are lots of cards that have a different mas dice number and Foot Ninja is one of them. His max dice number is three. Always remember to check your dice numbers!

Official Sources

There currently are not any official sources referencing this specific card.

Competitive Play Rating

I think this card would be great when paired with Hulk Out or Falcon, Recon, but I think it requires way too many conditions to be really good or even viable in the current competitive meta. There is a lot of Magic Missile out there that can eliminate the fuel for this card. You would have to have a way of protecting your characters from being targeted by your opponent, which is not hard to accomplish, but that adds even more moving parts to a team that already needs too many. If the major competitive meta was a little slower or didn't have Bard (yeah, I went there), then more diverse teams could shine.

Foot Ninja, Ninja Syndicate gets a competitive play rating of two out of five stars.
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Casual Play Rating

This card looks like a ton of fun for a casual setting. I have a team build in mind for him using an Ally or two and Hulk Out or Falcon as well as White Tiger for her Global. I can't wait to try it! Foot Ninja is not a complex card once his abilities are explained. I can easily recommend this card for a player of any skill level. He has a low purchase cost and his fielding costs can't get much better. He also has the Villain affiliation and would make a decent addition to many casual Villain teams. He only has three dice, but that's not that big of a deal for a character like this. Another reason this card is great for beginners is that you don't have to use a fancy combo with it - you only need Sidekicks to boost his stats.

Foot Ninja, Ninja Syndicate gets a casual play rating of four out of five stars.
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  1. archivist's Avatar
    This bonus changes based on the number of Sidekick dice in the Field Zone, and the bonus is active all the time.

    Good point. This is occasionally overlooked when resolving the total damage. I've seen cases where both players missed this (in one game I was judging, it resulted in an apparent win for the attacking player that had to be adjusted). Also another reason not to bring Magic Missile if you're running a team with this card.

    Keep posting these articles, they're great to read.