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Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Post - Special Guest Blog: Paul & Seth Fullwood Pt 2

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Hi folks,

Here's the second part of my Special Guest Bloggers, Paul & Seth, on my little Wordpress blog.

I hope you reading enjoy the second part as much as I did.

As always - feedback & comments welcome.



  1. Jwannabe's Avatar
    Super fun read. I hope I'm lucky enough to have my son play with me some day too.
  2. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    I agree - Paul's written a fab post. He sends me great e-mails with a tremendous sense of humour. Seth is a charming & polite young man too and I enjoyed playing him in a draft recently too.

    How old's your son @Jwannabe ? My daughter is 5 and I'm just getting her into some basic, entry level stuff like Dobble, Zombie Dice (with a slightly modified explanation of what the zombies are up to) and Loony Quest.
  3. Jwannabe's Avatar
    3. It will be a little while, but he does like the dice! He playes Animal upon Animal with me now though.
  4. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    Ha! My youngest is three and he likes the dice too. He pilfered them and hoards them around the house!