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Top List! DDK's Top 10 Mask Characters

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Greetings Fellow Dice Masters!

I've been wanting to do 'Top List' articles for a while, but I haven't felt inspired to do any. This week, The Reserve Pool's podcast episode is a Top 10 Mask Character list (based off of the episode description). I haven't listened to it, because I don't want any subconscious influences on my list. Being that I admire TRP so much, it would be hard to make my own list without thinking of theirs. I also wanted to add the lists of two other players, just to see how other folks ranked cards. You can find them toward the end of the article.

I started the process by writing down all the Mask Characters that I liked and ended up with a list of twenty characters. I looked over the list and tried to find the best way to break it down. I ended up with my top ten cards, and five honorable mentions. The cards I chose are cards that are either very important to the major competitive meta, cards that make for extremely fun combos, or cards that help to shape the game.

Honorable Mentions

I've decided to kick this list off with my honorable mentions before doing the countdown to my number one - top Mask Character.

These cards either have great Globals or very useful abilities and maybe are not used as much as they should be. Here are my honorable mentions:

~ Lyssa Drak, Future Sight
~ Parallax, Source of Terror
~ Raven, Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
~ Scarecrow, Legion of Doom
~ Storm, Wind Rider

And because I haven't listened to the Podcast, I was unsure if they included Non-Basic Actions in their lists. I felt that two deserve to be mentioned:

~ Cerebro, Supercomputer
~ Ring of Magnetism, Action Attraction

DDK's Top 10 Mask Characters

Number 10

Black Cat, Party Hardy
The Amazing Spider-Man, Super Rare

Black Cat squeaked into my tenth place spot, just beating out Storm. I know that Storm does damage, but Black Cat can potentially clear an entire wall from the Field Zone. Black Cat does not target characters either, like Storm does, she targets the opponent. This is also an interesting mechanic that you don't see much - targeting an opponent for effect as opposed to targeting for damage. That's why she made the cut and Storm only made it to honorable mentions. Black Cat has decent stats on level one and two for the fielding cost, while her level three fielding cost is mediocre. She can pack a punch on an opponent that doesn't have any blockers and if you're using Blue-Eyes White Dragon, she can be practically devastating.

Number 9

Loki, Gem-Keeper
Avengers vs X-Men, Rare

Loki has been a favorite of mine since the early days of AvX. He's one of the earliest versions of direct control and he's got a super beefy defense. Back in AvX days, he was very difficult to buy, like all characters with a cost of five of more, but now we have shenanigans to help with that. Characters that have high defense stats are usually difficult to get around through damaging him. If you're facing off against a Loki, you almost need a Kryptonite or Prismatic Spray to get around him. He's not a character you want to see across the table from you. I love using this card even though I haven't used him in a while. I like playing aggressive control teams, but I'm usually lacking in the defense department, and he brings that defensive side too.

Number 8

Dick Grayson, Brand New Bat
World's Finest, Rare

I love my Bat-Bomb team so much, but it's about to go under construction. It's so much fun to play, but it can sometimes crash and burn. I've written a CCW about this card before, because there are so many facets to the mechanics of his ability. He can literally KO your opponent with one attack, by himself - if you build a team around him. He takes my number eight spot because of how unique and unusual his ability is, but also because of how powerful he can be when paired with the right cards. He also has a Global that works well with many other cards in the World's Finest set.

Number 7

Venom, Symbiotic Organism
Civil War, Uncommon

This Venom is totally going on my Sidekick/Ally team with Foot Ninja and Falcon. This card is brutal! Not only do you have a little control on this card, but you have that 'burn' or direct damage on it too. This card is right perfect for my play style and I'm personally shocked that I haven't built a team with him yet. I will most definitely remedy that soon! I know his purchase cost is five and folks cringe at that, but his stats and fielding costs are great! You don't normally see control paired with direct damage on the same card like this, and since Allies count as Sidekicks when in the Field Zone, they will trigger his ability. I can't wait to put this team together.

Number 6

Two-Face, Double Deal
World's Finest, Uncommon

This card... oh my goodness! Block him if you want to, but he's hitting you too! I currently use this card on my Villain team and I also featured him in a CCW. But just imagine this guy having Overcrush and pumping his attack up. His fielding costs and stats seem good, especially for his ability. Using a Global, like the one on Polymorph, can help you level him up for maximum damage. There are so many things you can do with this card, and he's not limited to a team of only Villains, but he works well with other Villains.

Number 5

Beholder, Lesser Aberration
Fearūn Under Siege, Common

Who doesn't like free stuff? This character's ability is so good. When you field him, you get two different Globals for free. This helps you get around that pesky Jinzo and Oracle too - free is free. The only thing is, you have to use two different cards. You can't use your Professor X two times, but you could use yours and your opponent's because they're two 'different' cards. He's great fodder for Blue-Eyes too because of his fielding costs. Not only does he have some of the best fielding costs, but his he has stats that are amazing too!

Number 4

Morphing Jar, Canopic Jar
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Common

This card took my fourth place spot because it was a minor game changing card when it released. This was the first card with a purchase cost of one. It's also a Mask character... so when Yu-Gi-Oh! released and we pulled our first Morphing Jar, we were stunned. We couldn't believe there was a one cost Mask Character. We realized just how fast the game was going to speed up at that point - mainly because you could buy them quickly and use them for PXG. This card doesn't need text, primarily because of it's purchase cost. It's okay if you don't roll energy with this die because the stats are pretty good and the fielding costs are great!

Number 3

Oracle, Master Investigator
World's Finest (Starter), Common

I've loved this character since the first time I actually used her. I love control stuff, like I mentioned earlier and Oracle is very much a control card. She taxes your opponent an energy when they try to use a Global, which doesn't seem like much, but it makes you change the way you play. Instead of spending an energy for a Polymorph Global, you gotta save it so you can PXG. She's very difficult to play around if you're not prepared! She a four cost character that also provides a decent defense, but you don't have to worry about her getting KO'd. Why is that, you ask? Her fielding costs on all sides are zero - that's right - 0, 0, 0. What more could you want?

Number 2

Elf Thief, Lesser Harper
Faerūn Under Siege, Common

This is probably one of the most devastating cards that can be easily manipulated. You only need Parallax's Global and some lucky rolls and your opponent will not have any energy left in their Reserve Pool. As long as you have an energy in your Reserve Pool, you can field the Elf Thief for free - yay free stuff! You could use the energy you steal to use Parallax's Global and then reroll that Elf Thief again. While Parallax is used to help this card become such a force of nature, this card can stand on it's own. That's why it's so high on my list and why Parallax only made an honorable mention. This card makes for perfect Blue-Eyes fodder too. You do not want to see this card across from you, because it's hard to play around - more so than Oracle. You really need a backup plan in place on your team, just in case you come across this card, which is likely since it's a common.

Number 1

Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants
Uncanny X-Men, Common

And here it is - my number one pick on Mask characters! I know that many folks like the rare version, Professor X, Trainer, over the common, but I prefer the common. I could see myself using the common to more advantage than just being able to give a static buff to my Sidekicks - that is, if I had to purchase him. But that's not why either of them would have made this top spot. The reason I picked Professor X as my top Mask character is because of his Global. PXG literally changed the game, and it has shaped the game since the release of Uncanny X-Men in October of 2014. We really only had Beast, Mutate #666 and Gambit, Ace in the Hole for ramp and churn, so when we saw this Global, we all knew this card would be a complete game changer. This card is a staple on almost every team and if you can build a team that can function on a high level of play without PXG, then you have something special! We saw that it can be done with the rise of the Bard Blitz team. I hate to think of what the game would be like without this Global, but at least it won't be as bad as it was in AvX days.

Breakdown of rarity on my list:

Super Rare = 1
Rare = 2
Uncommon = 2
Common/Starter = 5

Travis and Aaron's Top Ten Lists

Travis is my husband and can play almost any team you put in his hands. He's very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to competitive teams. I hope that he'll write guest articles for for blog someday! Also - his list is based off of cards he actually plays, wants to play, or cards he really likes. He didn't pick cards just because they're in the major competitive meta.

Travis's List:

10. Morphing Jar, Canopic Jar
9. The Penguin, Bully
8. Two-Face, Double Deal
7. Wasp, Fashionista
6. Loki, Gem-Keeper
5. Batman, Cowardly and Superstitious
4. Dick Grayson, Brand New Bat
3. Scarecrow, Legion of Doom
2. Oracle, Master Investigator
1. Professor X, Trainer

Aaron is the son of our FLGS's owner. He's got the skill to be competitive, but prefers to play different teams with quirky mechanics, or teams that aren't what you'd expect. He's practically grown up in the store and played just about every collectible game out there.

Aaron's List:

10. Lyssa Drak, Future Sight
9. Storm, Wind Rider
8. Black Cat, Party Hardy
7. Beholder, Lesser Aberration
6. Elf Thief, Lesser Harper
5. Ronin, Between Employers
4. Scarecrow, Legion of Doom
3. Oracle, Master Investigator
2. Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants
1. Morphing Jar, Canopic Jar

Thanks for checking out our lists!

Is my list close to yours?
What are some cards on your Top List?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!
You can also find my articles on WordPress!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


  1. Nafohw1's Avatar
    Thanks for the awesome list! Love your stuff!

    I just had a question about the Beholder Lesser Aberration (FUS).

    Number 5

    Beholder, Lesser Aberration
    Fearūn Under Siege, Common

    Who doesn't like free stuff? This character's ability is so good. When you field him, you get two different Globals for free. This helps you get around that pesky Jinzo and Oracle too - free is free. The only thing is, you have to use two different cards. You can't use your Professor X two times, but you could use yours and your opponent's because they're two 'different' cards. He's great fodder for Blue-Eyes too because of his fielding costs. Not only does he have some of the best fielding costs, but his he has stats that are amazing too!
    Would he really get around Jinzo and Oracle? I ask because there were these discussions earlier here on TRP.

    Also, I was wondering about being able to use the same global twice (as long as your using your version and then your opponent's). I understand that the game sees them as two separate instances of the card, but isn't it the same global? Therefore, wouldn't that contradict what the Beholder card says, that it must be 2 different globals?

    Anyway, not trying to kick the hornets' nest. I agree with your assessment that the character is amazing.

    Thanks again for the blogs!

  2. pk2317's Avatar
    @Nafohw1 . :

    It was ruled at Origins that "free" trumped everything. Waiting on WKRF confirmation.

    As to "different" Globals, it's been true since the FAQ that your card's Globals and your opponent's Globals are "different". So even if you have a "once per turn" Global, you could use yours and your opponent's for a total of twice per turn.
  3. Jwannabe's Avatar
    As mentioned, multiple copies of a global in play is devastating with beholder. Dice Dice Kitty uses blue eyes often. If the opponent brings blue eyes also, then a fielded beholder can make a 6 cost purchase be reduced to 2 or a 7 to 3.

    That is game changing on turn 3, when you can still have energy leftover to ramp and purchase a huge character.

    Great article once again!
  4. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Thanks folks for all the kind words!

    And sorry, I've been away from my computer for a few days. Jwannabe is the person that showed me just how amazing the Beholder really is. We played at the Owensboro WKO2 - twice - once in Swiss and then again in Top 8.

    I've always been on the 'free is free' side of the Beholder discussion. I can see both sides, but I would be surprised if they ruled it differently.

    Thanks everyone for reading! :3