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Top List! DDK's Top 10 Shield Characters

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Greetings Fellow Dice Masters!

I'm back this week with an article similar to TRP's recent Podcast with my Top 10 Shield Character List. Travis and Aaron have also contributed again this week with their lists.

The cards I chose are cards that are either very important to the major competitive meta, cards that make for extremely fun combos, or cards that help to shape the game.

Honorable Mentions

I've decided to kick this list off with my honorable mentions before doing the countdown to my number one - top Shield Character. These cards either have great Globals or very useful abilities and maybe are not used as much as they should be. Here are my honorable mentions:

~ Lord of D., Dragon Protector
~ April, Channel 6 Reporter
~ Angel, Inspiring
~ Songbird, Sonic Constructs

DDK's Top 10 Shield Characters

Number 10

Constantine, Antihero
Justice League, Common

The reason Antihero squeaked into my list at number ten is because of how popular a few Continuous Action Dice are, like Lantern Ring, Limited Only By Imagination. His purchase cost is not expensive and if you can't use his ability, he makes for an inexpensive chump blocker. If Continuous Action Dice weren't as prevalent in the meta, this card would not have made it onto my list. He was used against me several times at the WKO2 I played in, but luckily I was able roll my Lantern Ring on an Action Side almost every time.

Number 9

Groot, We Are Groot
Age of Ultron, Super Rare

I love how versatile this card is. You don't have to run a single affiliation to get his defense bonus, and if that's what you're lacking on your team, check this guy out! He is kinda pricey, but there are plenty of cost reducers and his benefits definitely outweigh the con of his purchase cost. His level one side is very weak, but his other sides have great stats. He only needs to be active to give your characters the defense bonus.

Number 8

Giant Spider, Greater Beast
Faerūn Under Siege, Uncommon

This character has a Global that elevates him to my number eight spot. His ability is great and his purchase cost is fantastic, but it really is the Global that makes this card that much better. He helps you get around a nuisance character because you can force that character to block, then attack with only one character that has the power to take it out. There are plenty of attack pumping Globals to help increase your attackers damage as well.

Number 7

Ring, Lesser Gear
Faerūn Under Siege, Common

This card is a big part of several teams and this card's Global is the reason it's made it to number seven on my list. If not for this Global, this card would not have even made it to my honorable mentions. Using this Global to bring a Sidekick die into your Reserve Pool on any side you want is extremely good! This could make or break a turn for some teams, and luckily, it doesn't have to be paid with an energy from a Sidekick die.

Number 6

Alfred Pennyworth, Mi-5
World's Finest, Uncommon

Alfred is a key component to most Bat-Bomb teams, but he's useful to other teams as well. His overall usefulness is why he made it all the way to my number six spot. He makes for a great blocker as well, because he could just come right back without you having to reroll him. He's a great card for beginners too and that's one thing I take into consideration. He makes for a fantastic draft pick if you're lucky enough to grab one.

Number 5

Constantine, Hellblazer
Justice League, Super Rare

There is not much need for explanation on this card or why he's at number five on my list. He's cheap to buy, he's easy to field, and his ability is amazing. He's a very popular card and used by many players, but he's not one that is why he's not a little higher on my list.

Number 4

Nick Fury, Patch
Avengers vs X-Men, Rare

I love Avengers teams and Patch is a character that every Avengers team should consider adding. He allows your unblocked Avengers to deal their attack damage to your opponent twice. With Patch active, if you're able to get an unblocked Avenger with an attack of ten through to your opponent, that's 20 damage. Even an attack of four can be very painful because Patch makes it eight damage instead. Patch is almost a must have for Avengers and they can be devastating if the team is built well.

Number 3

Jinzo, Trap Destroyer
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rare

Jinzo is such a pain to players that use lots of Globals or use a particular Global a lot. He slowly kills your opponent while you're setting up for the finishing blow. The only reason he's not higher on my list is because of his purchase cost. You can reduce his cost with one of the cost reducers, but you need him active as early as possible. He's usually the biggest target in the Field Zone for cards like Dwarf Wizard, Prismatic Spray, and Kryptonite. He's still a really good character and he's used a lot.

Number 2

The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime
Justice League, Uncommon

I love control cards - as most of you know. Clown Prince is probably one of my favorite control cards, aside from Oracle. He keeps your opponent from fielding that nuisance character as long as Joker is active. I haven't used him as much as I should because there are other local players that used him and I don't like using the same cards as other locals. He hasn't seen much activity in our local scene lately so I may have to build a new control team with him. I like to pair him with Oracle and Cerebro, Supercomputer and a heavy hitter for win condition.

Number 1

Half-Elf Bard, Master Lords' Alliance
Faerūn Under Siege (Starter), Common

I'm not sure this comes as a surprise to anyone, but Bard is my number one pick. He's not number one because I like him or play him, he's number one because he's shaped the current meta. He's got such an amazing ability, and it's too good. I personally feel that this card is one that needs an errata or a ban, because there aren't many answers that work well enough to stop or slow this card. Bard comes from the Faerūn Under Siege starter, which is so great for newer players.

Breakdown of rarity on my list:

Super Rare = 2
Rare = 2
Uncommon = 3
Common/Starter = 3

Travis and Aaron's Top Ten Lists

Travis is my husband and can play almost any team you put in his hands. He's very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to competitive teams. His list is based off of cards he actually plays, wants to play, or cards he really likes. He didn't pick cards just because they're in the major competitive meta.

Travis's List:

10. Half-Elf Bard, Master Lords' Alliance
9. Nick Fury, Patch
8. Sangan, Zealous Supporter
7. The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime
6. Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark
5. Jinzo, Trap Destroyer
4. Human Paladin, Lesser Emerald Enclave
3. Captain America, Natural Leader
2. Constantine, Hellblazer
1. Constantine, Antihero

Aaron is the son of our FLGS's owner. He's got the skill to be competitive, but prefers to play different teams with quirky mechanics, or teams that aren't what you'd expect. He's practically grown up in the store and played just about every collectible game out there.

Aaron's List:

10. Songbird, Sonic Constructs
9. Angel, Inspiring
8. Lord of D., Dragon Protector
7. Aquaman, Orin
6. Giant Spider, Greater Beast
5. Jinzo, Trap Destroyer
4. Millennium Puzzle, The Eternal Dungeon
3. Constantine, Antihero
2. Alfred Pennyworth, MI-5
1. Half-Elf Bard, Master Lords' Alliance

Thanks for checking out our lists!

Is my list close to yours?
What are some cards on your Top List?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!
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Roll on, Dice Masters!


  1. Necromanticer's Avatar
    I call shenanigans!

    Ring is not a character and should not be a list of the "Top 10 Shield Characters"
  2. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Well, it takes up a character slot... lol
  3. SarkhanMad's Avatar
  4. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    I like Umber Hulk, but I don't use him. My list is mostly based off cards I use or see used in our local meta. I do not deny that he's a great card, but I don't have room for all the cards I like. XD