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Cube Drafting


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I generally try to keep my cubes as in-set as I can. Here are the out-of-set cards that were added.

Copper Dragon:

I was looking for ways to help the Superman Family. So I checked out the Top 10 Shields podcast, and Shadow dropped this little gem.
Use with Kal-L global:

Elf Thief:

I wanted some more mask characters for Nightwing:

Hal Jordan:

After our first few games (when it was just a pile of commons and uncommons), the Villain affiliation seemed really good. So Hal went in.

Iron Fist:
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I added this card to counter Villain direct damage:

But it also works against these:

Lyssa Drak:

Another cheap mask for Nightwing. Also combos with Brainiac:

Link to all my cubes:

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