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The Beginning of the Beginning

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This is my first blog post on TRP - so please be kind.

My son Michael and I have been playing Dice Masters for a little under three months now.

It all started with a single YuGiOh foil that I found buried in the back of a cardboard box at Walmart. The foil was tucked behind the baseball cards in the card games section - you know the spot - right by the self checkout with fifteen security cameras pointed at it - affectionately knows as the 'child entrapment zone'. The aisle appears to be designed to entice five year old children to innocently tear open YuGiOh, MtG, Pokemon and other CCG packages and then force their parents to purchase them with the threat of 'we have you on tape!'

I have a penchant for anything collectible, which is not always (meaning rarely) a good thing. Recently I weened myself off of The Walking Dead Chibis' only to stumble at the feet of The Walking Dead Tokenz. So when I saw the single, solitary foil of YuGiOh Dice Masters I thought, 'It's only one." But that's how it starts, that's how it always starts.

We now have every starter set, have gone thru three gravity feeds, cleaned out our local Target and WalMart of YuGiOh, Civil War and Amazing Spiderman foils (I heard that snicker). We created our own playmats, which eventually gave way to 'real' playmats. We have a dozen plastic tackle boxes holding dice and have started binders for our collection vs. tradable cards. We played in our first OP event two weeks ago and now we're in the process of getting a local scene together (but that's a different blog post).

I can't wait to see where we are in a year!
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  1. Captainbritton's Avatar
    Man, other than your some of the deets of your origin story, this could be my post! I also got into this with my 11-year old son (and now 8-year old daughter) about three-four months ago (Started in with X-MEN, and into the DC stuff...). We have made some awesome custom mats too!
    Glad you dudes are enjoying this game (and the Amazing Spider-man set, I think it's a blast myself- respect).
  2. Son of 'L's's Avatar
    That was fast.

    Thanks for doing it.
  3. Jwannabe's Avatar
    Welcome to the club!