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Confusing Card of the Week #48 - Gnome Ranger, Master Lords' Alliance

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I don't get many requests for specific cards, but when I do, I feature them as soon as possible. Today, we're going to take a look at Gnome Ranger, Master Lords' Alliance from the Dungeons and Dragons Faerūn Under Siege Starter Set.

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Ruling - Experience Ability

Gnome Ranger has the Experience keyword. Experience is a While Active ability, which only works if you have at least one of that character's dice in the Field Zone. Experience allows the character(s) with the keyword to gain an Experience Token if at least one opposing Monster (represented by the black Monster Flag) was KO'd during your turn. You can use almost any type of gaming token to represent Experience Tokens. I use a regular die (D6 or D8 usually) but some folks like to use glass beads.

Each Experience Token on a character's card grants the character dice a +1A and +1D.

KO'ing your own Monsters or Monsters KO'd during your opponent's turn will not grant you an Experience Token.

You cannot gain more than one Experience Token on any one character card each turn, but multiple characters can each gain an Experience Token.

A character that leaves the Field Zone does not lose their Experience Tokens. Experience Tokens are not removed unless a card or game effect would remove them.

Characters with Experience do not need to be the character that KO's a Monster; they only need to be active in the Field to see the Monster get KO'd.

Experience Tokens are placed on the characters at the end of turn, so if a character with Experience is KO'd or unbloked, they are no longer active at the end of turn to receive an Experience Token.

Characters with Experience are typically considered Adventurers - though there are several exceptions. Those characters state that they are not Adventurers on their card.

Ruling - Ability

Aside from Experience, Gnome Ranger has another ability. It says that as your Gnome Ranger is active, your other attacking character dice gain +1A until end of turn. While Active abilities work like a light switch - they are either on, or off. It does not matter how many Gnome Ranger dice you have in the Field Zone, your other attacking character dice will only gain +1A until end of turn.

This ability only works while your other character dice are attacking. Your character dice will not get a bonus from Gnome Ranger if they're blocking or just sitting in the Field Zone.

Your Gnome Ranger dice do not need to be attacking to give your other attacking character dice the +1A until end of turn. The attack bonus does not get applied to the attackers until after they are assigned to attack.

Official Sources

There are not any official rulings for this specific card.
You can find some information on Experience here.

Competitive Play Rating

I like this card, and if it wasn't for Bard being such a huge meta card, I think this card would see a little more competitive play. It's so nice to have a character that can sit back in the Field Zone and buff your attackers, unlike the Bard that gives the buffs while it attacks. The Gnome Ranger could have problems if you come across Scarecrow, Legion of Doom and you're using low base attack characters. It's level three fielding cost is not ideal for how low it's defense is. With Bard so prevalent in the meta, the Gnome Ranger won't see higher than a two star rating from me for competitive play. It's a good card, just not good enough to make it's way into the major competitive meta.

Gnome Ranger, Master Lords' Alliance gets a competitive play rating of two out of five stars.

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Casual Play Rating

Now, for casual settings, this card has the best opportunity to shine. Its buff ability is not overly complicated, but does require strategy at times. This card has the potential to be a great teaching tool about attacking since it does need to be attacking to buff the other dice. It's also a very inexpensive die to purchase and can be a heavy hitter on it's level three side. This is a wonderful card for any beginner and it's even great for the more advanced casual player. I would absolutely recommend this card to any casual player of any skill level. Gnome Ranger can definitely find its way onto some casual teams.

Gnome Ranger, Master Lords' Alliance gets a casual play rating of four out of five stars.

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  1. msteele999's Avatar

    I love your CCotW's - very helpful to newer players - 'you answer the questions we have not gotten around to asking' TM
  2. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by msteele999

    I love your CCotW's - very helpful to newer players - 'you answer the questions we have not gotten around to asking' TM
    Thanks so much for your kind words. I try to cover ever aspect that I can think of. I don't always find everything but I try. If anything in my articles help at least one person, then I've accomplished my goal. Thanks for reading!
  3. Son of 'L's's Avatar
    Thanks for doing this, and especially for doing it so promptly.

    (Thought I posted a thank you a week ago, but when I saw it wasn't here I checked and discovered I somehow posted it as a reply to someone else's blog post. Oops.)