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Top List! DDK's Top 10 Fist Characters

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Greetings Fellow Dice Masters!

I'm back again with the next Top List installment, Top 10 Fist Characters! Travis and Aaron have been kind enough to contribute their lists once again.

The cards I chose are cards that are either very important to the major competitive meta, cards that make for extremely fun combos, or cards that help to shape the game.

Honorable Mentions

I've decided to kick this list off with my honorable mentions before doing the countdown to my number one - top Fist Character.

These cards either have great Globals or very useful abilities and maybe are not used as much as they should be. Here are my honorable mentions:

~ Bruce Wayne, International Playboy
~ Gamora, Raised by Thanos
~ Obelisk the Tormentor, Intimidator
~ She-Hulk, Sensational
~ Venom, Angelo Fortunato
~ White Tiger, Mystical Amulet

DDK's Top 10 Fist Characters

Number 10

Iron Fist, The Immortal
Rainbow Draft Weekend, Organized Play Card

When you pair this card with the Global on Human Paladin, sdkfj, he's amazing! He's really hard to get though, and that's the main reason he's only in the tenth spot on my list. If he were more easily accessible to all players or more reasonably priced, he would have probably been in my top five. Accessibility is something that I take into consideration on my lists and this card is definitely not easy to get. Iron Fist has seen major meta play and I expect him to still see some play - barring any rotations or bans.

Number 9

Hulk, Green Goliath
Avengers vs X-Men, Uncommon

This is the original Field wiper. He used to be paired with Human Torch, Johnny Storm and they were an amazing combo. They still see some play, but most of the time, Magic Missile is used instead. Hulk's purchase cost is expensive, but you'd expect no less! Hulk should have a high purchase cost and an amazing ability - which he does. Hulk is one of the key components on Poly-Hulk control teams, so he's still meta, even though he's not tier one.

Number 8

Doomcaliber Knight, Fiendish Fighter
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Uncommon

This card's Global is awesome! As long as you have a Fist energy to pay for his Global, your characters can't be targeted by your opponent. This prevents them from using the Distraction Global on your big attackers. The only downside is that your opponent can use this Global against you, so you have to be careful how you build your team when you plan to use him. That's the main reason he's only at number eight. If your opponent being able to use this Global wasn't a big deal, he'd be higher up.

Number 7

Falcon, Recon
Uncanny X-Men, Uncommon

Falcon is a key component for any Flying Sidekick team. You can almost use any Ally characters you want or other characters that help you obtain Sidekicks but you need Falcon. He makes all your Sidekicks unblockable and that's the way you get in and KO your opponent. He's not expensive to purchase and he's easy to field as well, so he's a huge threat with Sidekicks. But he's a team specific card, so that's why he's not higher on my list.

Number 6

Spider-Man, Webslinger
Avengers vs X-Men (Starter), Common

This card's ability is so good! You only need a Fist energy, and since it's not a Global, your opponent can't use it (even though they'd need a Spider-Man). He can fit on practically any team and benefit any team with his ability. He has decent stats as well, but he doesn't need good stats for his ability. I used this character so much that I got tired of using him, so I don't have him on many teams now. But he's a great card and I would love to see him make a comeback!

Number 5

Colossus, Piotr Rasputin
Avengers vs X-Men, Rare

This is the key card on my Ghandi team. I love this card so much and this team is so much fun, even though it's slower. But it's a card that kills your opponent without attacking them and that's what makes this card unique. There are cards that can easily spin dice, which help this card out. His stats are hard for your opponent to deal with, which is good for you if you're using him!

Number 4

Stirge, Epic Beast
Battle for Faerūn, Super Rare

I have a Swarm team that uses this card to great affect. The only reason he's not higher on my list is because he costs three to purchase. I know, that's not expensive, but when you're trying to Swarm, you want the cheapest purchase cost. I still use max dice for Stirge and I usually end up buying all four of them in a game. He can't be blocked if he attacks alone, and I use Anger Issues to pump his attack up. I love using this card with my Kobolds!

Number 3

Kobold, Greater Humanoid
Battle for Faerūn, Uncommon

Speaking of Kobolds, here he is! Why is he higher than Stirge? Because he only cost one energy to purchase and he has Swarm. You only need one of him in the Field, and the rest can roll energy for your Anger Issues or to help you buy your Stirge dice. Lots of folks think I want to attack with multiple Kobolds and they don't see the Stirge coming until it's too late. He stats are not the best, but he's a Kobold... you shouldn't expect much in the way of stats. He's the perfect Swarm character though!

Number 2

Guy Gardner, Blinding Rage
War of Light (Starter), Common

There is no surprise that Guy Gardner is this high on my list. He's from the War of Light starter, and that helps new players when they're building their first team. Guy Gardner is one of the iconic meta cards, and he did help shape the meta at one point in time with the Guy Rush teams. He's not necessarily tier one right now, bu he's still someone viable if you can race the Bard teams. He's down, but not out!

Number 1

Black Widow, Tsarina
Avengers vs X-Men, Super Rare

Some may be surprised by my number one pick, and some may not. The reason that I chose her is for her ability and because she's got a special place in my heart. She was the second Super Rare that we pulled back in AvX days, and I used her a lot. I can't say that I used her effectively though - we have a love/hate relationship. I love to hate her dice. Her dice never roll character faces for me... I always get a double fist side. Tsarina is a really good card and I really like to use her, when she rolls for me!

Breakdown of rarity on my list:

OP Card = 1
Super Rare = 2
Rare = 1
Uncommon = 4
Common/Starter = 2

Travis and Aaron's Top Ten Lists

Travis is my husband and can play almost any team you put in his hands. He's very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to competitive teams. His list is based off of cards he actually plays, wants to play, or cards he really likes. He didn't pick cards just because they're in the major competitive meta.

Travis's List:

10. Colossus, Phoenix Force
9. Colossus, Piotr Rasputin
8. Falcon, Recon
7. Guy Gardner, Blinding Rage
6. Hulk, Green Goliath
5. Minsc and Boo, "Go for the Eyes, Boo!"
4. She-Hulk, Sensational
3. Venom, Angelo Fortunato
2. Captain America, The First Avenger
1. Squirrel Girl, Kick Butts, Eat Nuts

Aaron is the son of our FLGS's owner. He's got the skill to be competitive, but prefers to play different teams with quirky mechanics, or teams that aren't what you'd expect. He's practically grown up in the store and played just about every collectible game out there.

Aaron's List:

10. Ant-Man, The Insect World
9. Wolverine, Canucklehead
8. Injection Fairy Lily, Forced Injection
7. Kobold, Greater Humanoid
6. Stirge, Epic Beast
5. Guy Gardner, Blinding Rage
4. Black Widow, Tsarina
3. Hulk, Green Goliath
2. Doomcaliber Knight, Fiendish Knight
1. Clay Golem, Lesser Construct

Thanks for checking out our lists!

Is my list close to yours?
What are some cards on your Top List?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!