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Bust A Meta Blog Update

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Hello fellow Dice Masters!

Been a while since I've shared an update on what I've been writing over at my blog, Time to fix that.

I try to think about my recent losing streak and come up with some solutions in I'm a Loser, Baby.

I'm Mastering Every Task with Taskmaster as I plot how I might use this very fun and potentially very mean card .

Nick's Furious over in Age of Ultron and he isn't going to let the paler, older version of himself from AvX overshadow him anymore.

Finally, this week, in anticipation of an upcoming DC Rainbow Draft, I've been writing a series of article about War of Light. I identify what I think are the Eight Most Important Cards in WOL, The Four Best Affiliations, and I build a Rainbow of Light Draft Team that runs counter to tribalism.

Thanks for checking in.

Have a great day!
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