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Transition Clarification

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WizKids clarified what some initially saw as a conflict in the rules regarding the transition zone by responding to my question on their rules forum.

The official word?

So fear not, the transition rule works exactly as described in the update of 9/22 when it was first introduced. The dice in transition are out of play until the end of THE turn, not YOUR turn.

My opinion? I'm fine with this. It would be too easy to accidentally "deck" yourself if it was the way that it seemed. The problem was the inclusion of "your turn" in the early versions of the rules we saw.
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  1. Gene Seichter imported's Avatar
    Just for my own clarification as I have wondered if I am playing this right. In regards to using energy on your opponents turn, there is no purgatory step for dice spent as the non active player?

    I.e. You can professor X Global dice you just spent, say on a previous PXG?
  2. Jared Wood imported's Avatar
    Correct - dice will go straight to used during your opponent's turn. Keep in mind that when you use PXG, you cannot move the sidekick die that's paying for that specific instance. You'll always end up with 1 mask in your used pile, no matter how many times you use the ability.
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    I think this post is a bit misleading. For the active player, "the" turn and "your" turn are the same thing, so nothing has changed. Frankly, there hasn't been a lot of confusion about how things work as the active player. But for the inactive player, having to wait for EITHER of those things, "the" turn or "your" turn, to get your dice back would have been a big change. But as Jared correctly points out, there's no waiting for the end of anything if you're the inactive player. And that's what the confusion was really all about. Did the inactive player have an "out of play" area or not? And the answer Wizkids has given is unfortunately they do not. The inactive player can still daisy chain together 6 or 7 PXGs as long as they've got 1 SK die in the used pile to start off. Which is a really gamey, dumb thing to allow in this game. PXG is already very useful without allowing someone to basically shift over their entire pile of SKs to prep on every single turn.

    Just a fun fact, the "out of play / transit" rule was ALWAYS intended as a part of the game from the very beginning. Having come from Quarriors, both Eric and Mike realized that a lot of shenanigans were possible if paid dice could go in and out of used on the same turn - thus paid dice are "out of play". It was just that the WizKids rules editors (game designers generally do NOT write rulebooks) messed it up because they didn't understand the game. So you'll understand if I STILL think they don't have it as the designers intended.