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Review! DC Green Arrow and The Flash Gravity Feed

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

It's nice to have so much excitement over the set after all the chaos from yesterday! But everything has been straightened out with the release dates (as far as I know), and folks are getting their product.

This new set does not have a starter or collector's box. It only has a gravity feed. There are new affiliations and new abilities that I will cover in this article. Here's my review and pull list from the new DC Dice Masters Green Arrow and The Flash set!

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Name:	01 Box.jpg 
Views:	302 
Size:	164.0 KB 
ID:	5781

Promo Card and Pack Insert

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Name:	01 Promo.jpg 
Views:	296 
Size:	70.7 KB 
ID:	5782

WizKids has been really awesome and given out promo cards with starter pre-orders lately. This set doesn't have a starter, but they have offered these blank sketch variants of Barry Allen, Super-Sonic Punch with each sealed gravity feed. I really like that they're offering an incentive for sealed product purchases. I made the comment earlier that Barry was so fast, they didn't even get picture of him for the promo.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	02 Insert Card.jpg 
Views:	86 
Size:	77.3 KB 
ID:	5783

I'm really impressed that WizKids decided to put this insert in the packs instead of the WIN promotional card. This was a great move and it's handy!

Gravity Feed


We pulled 112 common cards; 9 of our commons were foil. We didn't get any duplicate foil commons. I highlighted the ones we pulled a foil version of in red text, and the total includes the foil version.

x3 #01 Amanda Waller
x4 #02 Barry Allen
x3 #03 Batgirl
x2 #04 Black Adam
x3 #05 Black Canary
x3 #06 Captain Cold
x3 #07 Captain Cold's Cold Gun
x3 #08 Clay Face
x2 #09 Cosmic Treadmill
x3 #10 Cyborg
x2 #11 Deadshot
x4 #12 Deathstroke
x2 #13 Diggle
x4 #14 Doctor Light
x4 #15 Felicity Smoak
x3 #16 Firestorm
x3 #17 Giganta
x3 #18 Gorilla Grodd
x3 #19 Green Arrow
x3 #20 Hal Jordan
x3 #21 Huntress
x3 #22 Jay Garrick
x3 #23 Katana
x4 #24 Killer Frost
x2 #25 King Shark
x1 #26 Martian Manhunter
x3 #27 Merlyn
x3 #28 Power Ring
x2 #29 Professor Zoom
x3 #30 Ra's Al Ghul
x2 #31 Rip Hunter's Chalkboard
x3 #32 Roy Harper
x3 #33 S.T.A.R. Labs
x3 #34 Speedy
x3 #35 Static
x1 #36 Superman
x2 #37 The Atom
x3 #38 Weather Wizard
x3 #39 Wonder Girl
x2 #40 Zatanna


We pulled 50 uncommon cards; 9 of our uncommon were foil. We pulled all but two of the uncommons and no of our foils were duplicate.

x1 #41 Amanda Waller
x1 #42 Barry Allen
x2 #43 Batgirl
x2 #44 Black Adam
x1 #45 Black Canary
x1 #46 Captain Cold
x1 #47 Captain Cold's Cold Gun
x1 #48 Clayface
x2 #49 Cosmic Treadmill
x0 #50 Cyborg
x1 #51 Deadshot
x1 #52 Deathstroke
x2 #53 Diggle
x1 #54 Doctor Light
x1 #55 Felicity Smoak
x0 #56 Firestorm
x1 #57 Giganta
x1 #58 Gorilla Grodd
x2 #59 Green Arrow
x1 #60 Hal Jordan
x1 #61 Huntress
x2 #62 Jay Garrick
x2 #63 Katana
x1 #64 Killer Frost
x2 #65 King Shark
x1 #66 Martian Manhunter
x1 #67 Merlyn
x2 #68 Power Ring
x2 #69 Professor Zoom
x1 #70 Ra's Al Ghul
x1 #71 Rip Hunter's Chalkboard
x2 #72 Roy Harper
x1 #73 S.T.A.R. Labs
x1 #74 Speedy
x2 #75 Static
x1 #76 Superman
x1 #77 The Atom
x1 #78 Weather Wizard
x1 #79 Wonder Girl
x1 #80 Zatanna

Rares and Super Rares

You won't get all the rares in one feed, but you get a decent amount of them. We pulled 16 rares and none of them were duplicates; 4 of our rares were foil. We also pulled two Super Rares, which are both foil.

#81 Amanda Waller
#82 Batgirl
#83 Black Adam
#84 Black Canary
#85 Captain Cold
#86 Captain Cold's Cold Gun
#90 Deadshot
#91 Deathstroke
#94 Felicity Smoak
#97 Gorilla Grodd
#103 Martian Manhunter
#107 Ra's Al Ghul
#111 Speedy
#114 The Atom
#115 Weather Wizard
#116 Wonder Girl

#118 Green Arrow (Super Rare)
#119 Katana (Super Rare)

New Ability Keywords

Crossover - Crossover characters have two or more types of energy. To purchase them you'll need to spend at least one of each type of energy they require. You won't be able to reduce their cost to avoid paying each type of energy to purchase their dice. They count as every type of energy you must spend to purchase their dice.

I love the idea of Crossover characters. I can't wait to try some out. If a Crossover character has all four energy symbols in the cost, you must spend at least one of each to purchase that character's die. Most of the Crossover characters I've seen are only two types. A point I wanted to mention about the Crossover characters is that Lantern Ring, Limited Only By Imagination will count the character as whatever types are in its cost. So let's say you have Hal Jordan, Green Lantern's Light and a Lantern Ring in the Field Zone. When you attack, Lantern Ring is going to look for both Bolt and Mask energy and count them both for Hal Jordan.

Crossover dice have special energy sides as well. You can choose to spend one of the energy types on a double energy face and spin the die down, but which ever one you don't spend will become a generic.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	02 Crossover Dice Sides.jpg 
Views:	88 
Size:	43.3 KB 
ID:	5784

In the picture above, the top is Captain Cold's Cold Gun which is a non-basic action and the bottom is Green Arrow which is a character. You could use a Bolt on on Captain Cold's Cold Gun and spin the die down to the generic side. It can no longer be spent as a Fist. Same for Green Arrow - if you spend a Shield energy and spin the die down, you lose the Mask energy as it would become one generic energy. There are ways to spend energy collectively so that you don't have to spin the die down, but it all depends on how you want to play out your turn and what you can do with the energy you have!

Impulse - When you purchase a character die with Impulse, you may immediately use their Impulse ability.

I love these new abilities! Impulse is really interesting on some of the cards. Black Canary, Volatile says "Impulse - Target Crossover character die gets +2A and +2D (until end of turn)." When you buy a Black Canary die, you get to use her Impulse ability and give one of your Crossover characters (like Green Arrow or Hal Jordan) an a bonus to attack an defense. There isn't anything written on the card or the Impulse description to indicate that you can only do it once each turn. I would assume that if you have enough energy to purchase two Black Canary dice, you would get to use her Impulse ability twice.

Synergy - While a character with Synergy is active, you can pay the cost of their Synergy ability to use it. Synergy abilities can be used while the character is active, any time you could use a Global Ability.

Synergy reminds me of a Global Ability, but one that only you can use. Venom, Abandoned the Stinger is a character from a previous set that I assume to have Synergy. They may not have had a name for this type of ability at the time Venom was set loose on the Dice Masters community. The reason I think this is because of the wording on Synergy characters. Barry Allen, Super-Sonic Punch says, "Synergy - While Barry Allen is active, you may pay Bolt Fist to give a Barry Allen character dice +2A and +4D (until end of turn)." If you have three Barry Allen dice in your Field Zone, you can pay one Bolt and one Fist and one of your Barry Allen dice will get +2A and +4D. You could even wait until after blockers are declared in the Attack Step and then use his Synergy ability because it can be used any time you could use a Global Ability. I'm so glad they put a name to this type of ability!

Crosspulse - Crosspulse is a special version of Impulse found only on Crossover Characters. When you only spend the matching type of energy to purchase them, you get to use heir Crosspulse ability.

Crosspulse is just like Impulse, but you must use only the character's energy types when purchasing the dice to gain the Crosspulse ability. Like Impulse, I assume you can use this multiple times in a turn, so long as you can purchase more than one of the Crossover character's dice using only their energy type. Zatanna, Hex Appeal says "Crosspulse - When you purchase this die, add up to two Sidekicks from your Used Pile to your Prep Area." She cost four energy to purchase and she's a Fist and Mask character. If you purchase her using three Fist and a Mask, you get to use her ability. The same is true for using three Mask and one Fist or two Mask and two Fist. So long as you only use her energy type to purchase her, you get to add up to Sidekick dice to your Prep Area from your Used Pile. Some Crosspulse abilities grant active characters Fast or KO all opposing Sidekicks, so those Crosspulse abilities may not be beneficial to use more than once in a turn.

New Affiliations

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	03 Team Arrow.jpg 
Views:	98 
Size:	38.9 KB 
ID:	5785
Team Arrow

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	03 Suicide Squad.jpg 
Views:	92 
Size:	50.3 KB 
ID:	5786
Suicide Squad

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Name:	03 White Lantern Corps.jpg 
Views:	96 
Size:	40.5 KB 
ID:	5787
White Lantern Corps

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	03 Team Mystic.jpg 
Views:	97 
Size:	76.6 KB 
ID:	5788
This one is a bit more 'mysterious' as it's not on the rules insert. The community that's a little more familiar with comics and Heroclix has been calling it Mystic or Mystics. I've asked WizKids if they can give us the official name for the affiliation. If they reply or announce the affiliation's name, I will update the article.


WizKids responded to me on Twitter and confirmed that this is the Mystics affiliation. Thanks to WizKids for the response - it's super appreciated!


I can't possibly show you all the cards I like, because I like tons of them. But I can show you some and talk a little about why I like them.

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Name:	04 Favorites 0.jpg 
Views:	114 
Size:	180.3 KB 
ID:	5789
Deadshot, Villains United (left) - The reason I like Deadshot is for his Villain cost reduction - every little bit helps! He only cost four energy to purchase and his fielding cost isn't horrible. He's got a terrible defense though, but if you're only using him the one time on your turn. Then you can feed him to Blue-Eyes or use him for a Golem's fabricate. I'm not impressed with the Suicide Squad cards overall, and this version of Deadshot doesn't have the affiliation at all - he's only a Villain. But I love Villains and cost reduction, so it's possible that he could make his way onto one of my Villain teams.

Jay Garrick, Leadfoot (center) - What can I say about this card that it doesn't say on its own. This is a great ability, but it requires you keep specific energy, which can be stolen by Elf Thieves. Being able to stop your opponent from using a Global is HUGE! This ability won't stop Synergy though, just Global Abilities. I think this card has a potential to find itself a spot in the meta, but only time and testing will tell!

Rip Hunter's Chalkboard, "Only Zatara Can Reach The POINT" (right) - I feel like this Global is going to either speed up some teams that desperately need it - and/or - break an already broken meta. I'm not looking forward to Vicious Struggle teams using the Chalkboard because that just helps them get damage in faster. I like the ability on the card but I highly doubt folks would use it solely for the ability. The Global is just too good. I really like this card for casual play though and can't wait to try it out on my teams.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	04 Favorites 1.jpg 
Views:	95 
Size:	181.8 KB 
ID:	5790
Felicity Smoak, Hacker For Hire (left) - Felicity is super handy for changing those pesky Sidekicks to energy that you can utilize. She's a cheap character and her fielding cost is perfect! She also makes for a great blocker and she's not an Ally, so she doesn't get the negative side effects that plague Sidekicks from time to time.

Zatanna, Hex Appeal (center) - Despite the potential difficulty in using this ability multiple times in a turn, I still really like her. I see great potential with this card, but not sure she'll make a showing in the current meta. She's got decent fielding costs and she makes for a great blocker. She also has the Crossover double energy which gives her great diversity in being a utility die for purchasing other dice.

S.T.A.R. Labs, Advanced Research (right) - I absolutely love this Global! Sure, it costs a Shield and a Bolt, but you can get a Sidekick die in your Prep Area and a Sidekick character into the Field Zone. I see great potential with this Global and each version of this card has the Global on it. I have plans to test this card on several teams, including some more competitive team builds.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	04 Favorites 2.jpg 
Views:	102 
Size:	174.5 KB 
ID:	5791
Captain Cold's Cold Gun, Frozen "Firearm" (left) - This non-basic action die only cost three to purchase and even though it's a Crossover die, it's not a big deal. The Cold Gun is a Continuous Action Die, so you can use it and it will stay in the Field Zone. At anytime you could use a Global, you can send it to the Used Pile to deal three damage to a character. If the die is on any burst side, you can ignore the character's text until end of turn. This helps against Bard - but only against one die, unless you have enough Cold Guns for each of the Bard dice. You can use it on your turn to get around those annoying Oracles too!

Captain Cold's Cold Gun, Beautifully Designed (center) - I don't normally pick two of the same named cards for my favorite list, but I couldn't pass up this version or the rare. This is another great example of a card that can shut down big attackers or attackers that have abilities like Bard. You just need it on one of the burst sides.

Doctor Light, Blinding Bright (right) - Such a great character to help you get around those Sidekick walls. I don't think I need to say much about this character as she speaks for herself! She's only a four cost character, she has great fielding costs, and he attacks aren't horrible. If you have a way to increase her attack, she's even better.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	04 Favorites 3.jpg 
Views:	113 
Size:	168.6 KB 
ID:	5792
Katana, Bushi (left) - There isn't one thing I don't like about this card. She's going straight to my Girl Power! team. I like that I can purchase her for three energy and then field her for free at level one. All I need to do that is have a Wild to purchase her with. She's a nasty addition to any aggro team as well because of how quick you can get her in the Field Zone. There are plenty of ways to spin her up but not sure it would be all that beneficial for the one point of damage. She's such a great card and I fully expect to see her in the meta at some point - especially on Ring Teams.

Black Adam, Ruler of Khandaq (center) - This was in the first pack I opened. I read this card and then saw his purchase cost. Normally cards with abilities like this have a cost of five or six and are not even good to consider for competitive play. I could see this card finding his way onto a few meta teams that use Golems - as PK pointed out to me, he's perfect for Golems and potentially endless Fabricating. I've got some great ideas for him and he's one of the first cards I'll be trying to build with.

Batgirl, Eidetic Memory (right) - Oh my goodness - I love this card!!! I can use her and use Blink or Distraction and not have to worry about my opponent using it against me! I've got several casual team ideas and hopefully I can get around to trying all of them. Not only do I love the card, but I love the dice too - they're so pretty! I like the art they chose as well.

Final Thoughts

I'm really digging this set, and for the first time since Battle for Faerūn, I feel like buying more than one or even two gravity feeds would be super beneficial. I'm super excited to chase the foil versions of cards, especially since the Super Rares appear to be only foil - which is the best decision ever! Thanks so much for that WizKids! I love the character choices and I'm always happy to see the color swirl dice. Another die that caught my eye is Killer Frost. This picture doesn't do it justice at all, but if you can see it - there are rainbow sparkles in the transparent (frosty) blue die.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	02 Dice.jpg 
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Size:	72.0 KB 
ID:	5793

Every card in this set has a foil version, which is really cool for collector's like me! This is the first set to feature foil cards in the booster packs. I also love that the foils have a watermark in the text box and each one depicts the symbol on the card's dice. I really love that bit of creativity added to the foil cards. Also, it's worth noting that every Super Rare I've seen pulled (in person or via video) has been foil. Until someone comes forward or WizKids confirms by messaging me back, I'm going to assume that the Super Rares in this set are only foil.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Black Canary, Like Mother, Like Daughter.jpg 
Views:	89 
Size:	201.3 KB 
ID:	5794

I think that a few cards have the potential to shake up the meta and some are probably going to make a few cards worse to deal with than they already are. I don't think the meta will change much, as far as top teams go. Rip Hunter's Chalkboard is going to make several fast teams even faster and it will also make some lethal teams more lethal. As for the casual and local metas, I think this set has a lot of interesting things to offer players and I look forward to drafting this set! I think this has the potential to be one of the most fun and entertaining sets to draft with.

What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
How do you think the meta will shift, if at all?
What cards are you excited to try in a casual setting?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

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