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Dallas PDC, My recap

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So, I have absolutely no writing/publishing experience, so I presume this article will read as if a 12 year old wrote it. So here we go.
With a quick last minute decision, and some help from Stuart Shulman, I decided to drive up from Austin to attend the Dallas PDC at Doc's comics in Frisco. Simply put, an absolute AMAZING experience. Originally I had intended not to go, as I did not want to show up just to coinflip between bard or vicious struggle teams, and believe it or not, it was anything but! I initially want to send a shout out to Stuart for being so accomidating(at docs, and offering a place for me to crash), as well as his entire community there, probably one of the friendliest group of competitive players I have seen in my life. Also a huge hats off to Doc's Comics, they went out of their way to not only accomidate the tournament(as it was a large tourney for their capacity and other gaming that day), but embraced, and even bought into the game after seeing the event. It was wonderful living Vicariously thru the owner seeing him open his first packs and get "The itch."

Not only was it good to see the Docs crew again, but in a long overdue scenario, I finally did NOT have to play Remington Morris, and DID get to play Philip Campbell. It was every bit of glorious as it sounds(we will get into that in the recap). Its true Arrowstar and I have butt heads a few times, but when ya actually get down to it, I enjoy seeing them everytime. They are genuine individuals I am glad to call my friends.

Alright, so now, time for the recap(as I can remember best)
I decided to run kind of a mashup of all the answers/teams. With he help of Isaac, Tommy, and Stuart on Hangouts, I settled on a team. After playtesting going second, it seemed to deal with current meta teams with ease(granted not much playtesting was done) but enough to know purchase order. My team is as follows.

Vibranium Shield One of a Kind (1 die )
Captain America The first Avenger (2 Dice)
Oracle Master investigator (2 dice)
Venom Angelo Fortunato (2 dice)
Black Widow Mistress of pain (3 dice)
Constantine Hellblazer (4 dice)
Dwarf Wizard Paragon Zhentarim (3 dice)
Half-Elf Bard Master lords Alliance (3 dice)

As you noticed, I did not take Professor X, the reasoning was, the team functioned well without it, and any time I would need to be faster it would be against a team that requires PXG, so then I could utilize theirs and not use a spot on my team. As far as the rest of my team, its pretty much straight forward, Shield and Cap for Vicious Struggle, Venom/Black widow for front line/gobby/bard/sidekick teams, oracle for anything with paralax or PXG, then DWiz, Constantine and bard for obvious reasons.

As far as my actions go I chose Ressurection(so I would at least have SOME ramp in a non PXG game), which I had quickly found out in my last game should have been Blink transmutate as originally intended. As well as Polymorph(and yes, I know you say why polymorph and venom with no pxg) Again, if I needed to poly a venom in, it would only be against a team that would require PXG on their team(except for bard buzzsaw w/o PXG). Poly definately proved useful in my games that day.

FIRST MATCH: (WON) vs. Andrew Jones, running a variant of Footninja sidekicks with an added Gobby and paralax.
First words out of my mouth when sitting down was "why are you running distraction with footninja?" he said "youll see." (in a friendly tone of course, this was a fun but quick game) My first turn purchase was polymorph, and resurrection. With no PXG on the field I really needed to work to a Venom. Turn 2 I purchased constantine, resurrected, and used his Ring global to move a die in used to sidekick and field it, leaving up a shield(mainly because I didnt have anything to spend it on, but also for vibranium shield global to at least save me 1 life from whatever reason. his turn 3 he was sitting on 2 sidekicks(Ring global and white tiger) and 2 gobbys in his bag that he purchased on turn 1 and 2. Rolling 1 gobby and 4 sidekick dice was not a good turn but instead of it being mellow, he rolled the level 2 gobby, 2 sidekicks a shield and another energy I didnt remeber to write down :P he fields the 2 sidekicks, resurrects, fields the gobby and gets me for 3(negated 1 with shield global) Now the moment of truth as his field is building quickly, I pull constantine and 3 sidekicks :P so I field constantine and buy a DWiz. nothing special, the next couple turns I simply named gobby each time as all he bought was 3 gobbys and 1 foot ninja. Turn 6 I have a poly die, constantine and 2 sidekicks from my bag, with a constantine in prep that I used to block a big gobby. Rolled average, but was enough to solidify the round by rolling double shield on 1 constantine, level 1 on the other constantine, along with bolt and fist. I field one constantine, use his blue eyes and my remaining energy for a venom, poly in my venom. He simply stated "welll, I guess thats that, I guess Ill start buying my prismatic sprays(already having one in his bag I was worried about) Next turn I miraculously pulled poly and the other constantine again from my bag, with. by the end of the turn I poly'd in a bard, used ring for sidekick, had venom out, as well as another constantine so easily swung for game in an OTK.

SECOND MATCH: (WON) vs. Craig Marshal a weird variant of PXG-less bard with ronin spray and Scarecrow OP
This match was straight up tick for tat. Craig is an awesome player and really genuinely great guy in general. basically he bought theif, i bought constantine, he got tsarina, I bought dwiz, and it keeps going like that. After numerous turns of horrible rolls on both sides of the table, I was finally able to DWiz his tsarina and keep naming thief with constantine. in the end, just ended up being a bard v bard game eventually, I got it in there.

THIRD MATCH: vs. (LOST) Philip Campbell running a fairly odd, yet amazingly functional Big entrance Gobby/Thief team.
Not much to this tale, and you will be able to watch the match on stream, but all in all an amazing game. Having to actually purchase Red dragon, it came down to him at 5 me at 4, then he took his last turn. Watch it on video to see

FOURTH MATCH: (WON) vs Kyle... I cant remember his last name. Running typical bard team from worlds but swapped in something for clay golem(cant remember what)
In the end he purchased a cloudkill, wiping my board but not getting lethal, so I did the same, purchased a cloudkill and made HIS action die become his own demise. Swinging in for a total of 90 unblocked damage, 2 bards were among a field of constantines DWiz's and black widows.

FIFTH MATCH vs. Miles Guerra. I dont know what he was running, We ID'd into top 8.

TOP 8 ROUND ONE: vs. Andrew R Krouse(OF COURSE) the only team I am worried about because its the only one I had to face with a taunt, which is why I wished I had blink. Andrew R Krouse made quick work of me, between going first, a horrible first roll for me being 2 fists and 2 sidekicks, it quickly became a 3 turn game. Second game, getting to go first, it wasnt much better, he got me easily on turn 7 or 8 after repeatedly taunting in my oracle, constantine, and venom, respectively on turn 4, 5, and 6. Between absolute horrible rolls. and Andrew being an amazing player and an even better personality to play around. It was still a fun match(even if it did only last 10 minutes)

All in all, it was a great day. Dallas PDC was super fun for me. Between hanging with Stuart and Pat, seeing the great crew at Doc's comics again, as well as seeing the great staff and wonderful store that is known as Doc's comics, it couldnt have gone any better unless I actually won. If you are ever in the Dallas/Frisco area, I strongly suggest looking up Stuart, as well as Doc's comics. It's great company to keep and I assure you it will be a great day of throwing dice.

Well, if ya made it this far, thanks for reading along and sharing this awesome experience with me thru words.
Kelly Davies
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  1. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
    Totally does not read as a 12 year old wrote it. Great recap! Thanks for sharing it with us and congrats on making top 8! :3
  2. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Awesome write-up friend. I love that the team was almost 100% meta ready-that darn taunt!

    Sounds like the area is awesome and the players as well!
  3. andkrous's Avatar
    My dearest Kelly...

    I had a great time hanging out with you and getting to meet all of the other DM addicts in the area. This community truly is something special when my son and I can travel so far and still find a group of people that immediately take us in.

    Hopefully we will see each other at some events in the near future.
  4. TheConductr's Avatar
    Thanks for the props, Kelly! Always a great time when you are around. See you soon!