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Marvel Age of Ultron Box Art

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Left to right, top to bottom, my money says...

Black Widow
Captain America
Iron Man

Anyone still want to dispute that we are seeing new dice for existing characters? Give your thoughts below!
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  1. Chris imported's Avatar
    I love the way the Thor dice look - love 'em! The logo is pretty similar, but I love the gold.
  2. Chris imported's Avatar
    Just realized we even have new values. Check out the two Thor dice. We see a 1 cost 4/5 whereas AvX Thor is a 1 cost 5/6 in comparison. We don't know what level that is, but the 3 cost is 6/8 whereas AvX Thor is a 3 cost 8/8
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    I do not think that the purple target die is Hawkeye. I may very well be wrong, but for some reason it just doesn't seem right. Sure it isn't Bullseye? I don't believe the guy who looks like Vision is Vision. I think it is actually Drax the Destroyer from the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  4. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    Nah, that's definitely not Drax. It would seem that they're going for the film logos instead of the comics logos. That's likely why the images (and subsequent stats) are different.
  5. Andy imported's Avatar
    Those dice look really good!
  6. Colin Middleton imported's Avatar
    Like new logos for old Heroes. As mentioned by, Chris above the stats are different. This might be a recurring theme, new Icons with each stat block.
  7. Horatio imported's Avatar
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Interesting color choice for Black Widow. I would've liked to have seen Gray/Red color scheme. Between Spider-Man and Deadpool...did we really need another Red/Black die?
  9. Lars Emil Larsen imported's Avatar
    I'm sad to see so many recurring characters and even more so with different dice/logos and stats. I'd much more prefer to just have new characters with the new stats. One of the things I enjoy most about this game is figuring out which characters to bring. Not I have to not only think of which cards but also which dice: If I really want to play with Thor for his AvX stats but I really want to play with one of the new cards I can't and that's frustring. They should have just made new characters!

    So a few years down the line are we gonna have 8 versions of Captain America dice and corresponding cards?! That's not fun! I don't mind a few recurring characters here and there (though I'd much prefer it, if they didn't come in consecutive sets) but so many?!

    I say "back to the drawing board, WizKids!"
  10. James Rowe imported's Avatar
    Where did you find this artwork anyway?
  11. Emmanuel Padilla imported's Avatar
    I think you are forgetting that without new stats, you can't change the buy costs of cards. Right now every character, with a 8/7 stat or higher costs 6 or more to purchase. So if you wanted to make a 5 costs Thor, you can't unless you change the stats on the die.

    This opens more plausibility for future characters, not less.

    I don't really buy into the knowing what dice to bring. You've always had to bring the dice from the correct set regardless of which card you chose to use. You can't mix Angel dice between AvX and UXM for example.

    To follow up with the confusion on characters and what stats they will have, I think we can easily look at Magic: The Gathering and see that this really is not an issue. Jace for example has 5 different versions, all with different abilities and costs. Garruk is even worse in variability and yet there has never been any confusion about which is which.
  12. Randy imported's Avatar
    I completely agree, Emmanuel. From just a purely gaming standpoint, the name on the card doesn't matter. It's just a series of stats, costs, and abilities. If we had a brand new character instead of Thor, you would still need to bring that new character's card and dice.

    In a perfect world, yea, I'd like to see some d-list characters instead of a 3rd version of Iron Man in as many sets. But this is by far not the worst thing Wizkids could do.
  13. Randy imported's Avatar
    It was posted on the game's page over at Board Game Geek
  14. Lars Emil Larsen imported's Avatar
    But I play for the characters, not their stats!

    I play dice masters because of the cool characters and the cool dice. Not to win games by rolling dice with stat numbers on them.